Japan No.1 Mass Skincare Brand – AQUALABEL Exclusive Private Preview


AQUALABEL, the #1 Mass Skincare Brand from Japan has finally arrived in Singapore! AQUALABEL, a quality skincare that is made in Japan, is created by whitening pioneer Shiseido with 100 years of whitening experience. It focuses on Asian women and it is the #1 Whitening and Anti-aging brand in the self-select category (under 2,000¥) in Japan. Launched in Japan in Feb 2006 and it is currently available in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.



Recently, I was one of the 10 lucky effluencers/bloggers to be exclusively invited for an one to one preview workshop and also to indulge in a 45min AQUALABEL facial. Due to heavy workload, I have to forgo the facial and only attended the private preview.



A petite exclusively gift box was presented to me at the end of the workshop. It contains a White Up Lotion R (20ml), White Up Emulsion R (20ml) and Aqua Enhancer WT (20ml). Plus a privilege card that allows – 2x personalised skin-check consultation, 2x 3-pc AQUALABEL sample kit, 2x 45min AQUALABEL signature facial (worth $45), complimentary full-sized products of my choice, access to exclusive workshops/events plus first-hand news on new arrivals and promotions. :-)


AQUALABEL, philosophy ‘Sink x Saturate x Seal’, deeply infuses and locks in high amounts of moisture in skin. Shiseido has uniquely developed an ingredient which blends easily with both water and oil that powerfully forces moisture and effective ingredients into the skin while softening the skin at the same time. AQUALABEL’s four powerful ingredients, Moisture Membrane, Double Hyaluronic Acid, Biocompatible Hydrating Liquid and Aqua Synergy, help to plump up the skin by infusing it with moisture, locking moisture in it, replenishes it with its natural moisture, and penetrates ingredients into skin effectively.



There are some similarities between the recently launched Hada Labo (June 2010) and Aqualabel. Both brands contains hydrating and whitening ranges. Both are self-select products that are made in Japan. Both contain hyaluronic acid. Both are popular in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Both target to working woman in their 20s to 40s who in need of products with high moisturizing efficacies and likely to have pigmentation and aging issues. Both are only exclusively available at Watsons.

AQUALABEL will be officially launched in July 2010 and is available at SELECTED Watsons outlets. You can have the first glimpse of the products at the soft launch at Tampines Mall Atrium from 21st to 27th June 2010.




A powerful and holistic range of whitening products that focuses on repairing and preventing targeted problems such as pigmentations and brightening skin’s overall clarity.


Key ingredients in AQUALABEL Whitening Range

Unlike Hada Labo’s whitening range which contains Arbutin, AQUALABEL contains M-tranexamic Acid, a Shiseido’s patent effective whitening ingredient.

M-tranexamic Acid is able to target the root of pigmentation problems by inhibiting melanocytes from producing over-active melanin and soothes inflammation of spots. Other whitening ingredients like Saxifrage Extract and Peony Extract help to improve overall facial clarity to a brighter and fairer complexion. Not forgetting the hydrating benefit, AQUALABEL Whitening range also contains Aqua Synergy and four exclusive ingredients (Moist Aqua Keeping Base) that forces moisture and effective ingredients into the skin, and plump up skin and keep the skin hydrating all day long.

Prices range from S$16.90 for White Clear Foam (130g) to S$35.50 for Bright White Ex (45ml).


Recommended as best-to-use product at popular Taiwanese Beauty Variety Show ‘Nu Ren Wo Zui Da’


Comes in 2 shades – white (cool tone) and natural (warm tone).


Super-charge your skin with Aqua Enhancer (a powerful ‘infusion’ skincare step) with a simple “Pat Pat” motion!




A quality range of moisturising products that replenishes skin with sufficient amounts of moisture to achieve youthful and supple skin.


Key ingredients in AQUALABEL Moisturising Range

Other than the Aqua Synergy and four powerful ingredients (Moist Aqua Keeping Base), AQUALABEL Moisturising range also contains Collagen Glycerin and Apricot Extract that keeps skin looking young and supply by plumping up with collagen and promoting production of natural moisturising factors.
Prices range from S$15.90 for Milky Mousse Foam (130g) to S$29.90 for Moist Net Essence (26g).

With blending, the gel (from Creamy Oil Cleansing) will transform into fluid oil. This allows the oil to spread deeper into pores.


A blogger created foam using Milky Mousse Foam.


Conceal your pores with this Moist Coat Essence while keeping the skin moisturized.


Some of the products come with label in S or R to target for different skin types. S which means Supple is suitable for normal to combination/oily skin. R for Rich is catered for normal to dry/dehydrated skin.


AQUALABEL Anti-acne Whitening Care

An effective range of anti-acne whitening products that promises smooth skin complexion by preventing acne and acne scars.

Key ingredients in AQUALABEL Anti-acne Whitening Range

It contains some hydrating ingredients like Winter Begonia, Glycerin, Aqua Synergy, Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen. And Glycyrrhizin acid to soothes inflammation of acne and Vitamin C Derivatives to inhibits melanin accumulation and lightens pigmentations and scars.

Prices range from S$26.90 for White AC Lotion to S$29.90 for White AC Emulsion and Essence.






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154 Comments on "Japan No.1 Mass Skincare Brand – AQUALABEL Exclusive Private Preview"

  1. may says:

    im wondering if u cud help me on how o use shiseido whitening range..what are the steps of getting a younger & whiter skin..i mean after washing whats the product should i use next? should i use a toner an emulsion? how would i use those products in whitening range coz im really serious in getting a whiter & younger skin..by the way im 30 yrs old now..tanx. wish u could help me.

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi May,

    I believe you are refering to Shiseido White Lucent.

    Here are the steps :
    washing > toner/softener > serum > moisturizer (emulsion) > sunblock (a must for day!!)

  3. may says:

    tanx shirleen.yeah im referring to shiseido aqualabel whitening range. that would help a lot. right now, im using perfect protect milk UV & white up cream both form whitening range..im just confused of using their other products like they have the emulsion, the lotion & others.lol.i dont know how & when to use it.but your idea would sure be a lot of help.tanx & God Bless to you!

  4. Shirleen says:

    Hi May,

    White Up Cream is a night moisturizer and you can use this at night. For day, use White Up Emulsion which is lighter in texture than the night cream.

    Perfect Protect Milk UV is a sunblock in SPF50++, use this in the day after your emulsion (moisturizer) or enhancer if you are using one.

    For Aqualabel Whitening products, here are the steps :

    Deep Clear Cleansing Oil (makeup remover) >>
    White Clear Foam (double cleanse) >>
    White Up Lotion (toner) >>
    Bright White Ex Essence (serum) >>
    White Up Emulsion (for day) / Cream (for night) >>
    Aqua Enhancer WT (enhancer) >>
    White / Perfect Protect Milk UV (both are sunblocks, use it only on daytime)

  5. may says:

    tanx so muchfor your help shirleen! Now i have an idea how to achieve a whiter & youthful skin. MOre power to you & God Bless!

  6. Yin says:

    Hi Shirleen, I was wondering where are you located? I’m trying to find the new line of Aqua Label White Up lotion Toner (R) here in New York. I can only find the older version. Thanks!

  7. Shirleen says:

    Hi Yin,

    I’m located in Singapore. :-)

  8. Joan says:

    Hi Shirleen, so can you tell me that you like ‘Hada Labo’ or ‘Aqualabel’ better? I am 45yrs old and i have combination skin and i am just about to order the Hada Labo on internet then i found you also talked about the ‘Aqualabel’. I am kind of don’t know what to buy now..haha. Hey by the way i have tried the massage my face after i watched your video. It really work. Thanks and please make more video. Have a great day!!

  9. Shirleen says:

    Hi Joan,

    Oh that’s great, I love the massage too!

    Hada Labo or Aqualabel – which is better? A tough question though. It depends on which product you are referring to.

    I’m now using both Hada Labo Lotion and Aqualabel Lotion at the same time and I love both of them. Although both are lotions, I will use them differently. After cleansing, I will first apply the Aqualabel lotion with a cotton pad to remove the residue on my face and follow with dips some Hada Labo Lotion on my palm and pat on my skin for hydration.

    For emulsion, both brands are equally good. Hada Labo carries limited products whilst Aqualabel carries more and interesting products.

    Some Aqualabel products that you cannot find in Hada Labo are cleansing oil, night cream, enhancer, sunscreen, makeup base and foundation.

  10. Joan says:

    Thanks for the fast replied :) I am sure you heard about the ‘Cure Japan Natural Aqua’ What you think about that?
    Shirleen, can you please advice me…is it the date and night cream from the Aqualabel will good enough for my age? I am 45 but i have no clue how many stuffs that i should put on my face is enough. I heard so many nice people on youtube to recommends all kind of skin care but it’s not easy to know what to get. Please help!!

  11. Shirleen says:

    Hi Joan,

    I never heard of anything about the ‘Cure Japan Natural Aqua’ before. Can’t comment on that though.

    For your age at 45, the day and night cream which are both moisturizers may not be enough for you. They both will only help to seal up the moisture but they will not improve your skin tone. You should look for serums which contains potent ingredients like antioxidants, retinols, vitamin C, AHA or hyaluronic acid. These are only a few potent ingredients and there are more. SkinCeuticals carry a few good serums, check them out.

    One of the most important serum you should look out for is the antioxidant serum. Antioxidants will help to combat free radicals and thereby slow down skin aging. AHA (at least 8%) is another excellent ingredient which will help to exfoliate your dead skin cells and rejuvenate and hydrate your skin. Vitamin C (5% of higher) will boost collagen production and brighten up your skin.

    Check out my reviews on these products :




  12. may says:

    hey shirleen, im kinda confused on what product to use to help remove my dark spots on my face or the so called pigmentation. right now im using aqualabel whitening range, facial wash, moisturizer , toner & sunblock. do you aqualabel can help me remove my pigmentation or shall i try another product? somebody told me that haku by shiseido is the best for my problem.what can you recommend?thanks.

  13. Nicole says:

    Hi I’m 18 years old I would NOT recommend Aqualabel’s whitening range to people with combination skin as it really makes my skin much much greasier and oilier after application. To make matters worst, Sg’s humid climate makes it even worst. So i guess its only recommended for adults with extremely dry and dehydrated skin.

  14. Shirleen says:

    Hi May,

    In fact both Shiseido Aqualabel whitening range and Shiseido Haku contain patent effective whitening ingredient M-tranexamic Acid. You wouldn’t be able to get Haku in Singapore anyway and it is only available in Japan at the meantime. There is similar Taiwan’s version of Haku but comes in a different product name.

    You probably want to try the Bright White Ex Essence, it is a serum and I believe it contains a higher concentration of the active ingredients.

    Do note that OTC products are only able to lighten the pigmentation and brighten up the skin but they are not able to remove the pigmentation. To prevent further pigmentation, do remember to wear your sunscreen indoor and outdoor between 10am to 3pm daily. :-)

  15. Shirleen says:

    Hi Nicole,

    May I know what Aqualabel whitening products have you been using?

  16. Macy says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    I am in my 30s, have combi skin, a bit dehydrated cheeks from the elements.

    I started using Aqualabel White Up Range 2 months ago, except for the oil cleanser. Am finishing my Kose Seisikho Perfect Cleansing Oil.

    I have since developed some bumps under my skin on my cheeks. Can feel them when i wash my face. Some can be extracted, some are just trapped under the skin. Would you have any advice for me?

  17. Shirleen says:

    Hi Macy,

    Before I make any suggestion, may I know what are the White Up products you have been using? And how do you use them, eg the procedure? Other than White Up range of products, are you using other products at the same time too?

    These may help me to identify the problem on your skin. :-)

  18. Macy says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    Thanks for your respond. As a matter of fact, I am using a few other products not from the Aqualabel range as I am trying to finish them. This is what I do :

    1) Remove makeup with Kose oil cleanser
    2) Double cleanse with White up foam
    3) Tone with White up toner S
    4) Apply Fancl Refining Essence
    5) Apply Dr Wu’s Extra Hydrating Lotion
    6) Pat on White Up Aqua Enhancer WT

    I use Kiehl’s Deep Pore Cleanser Masque & Cure Aqua gel twice a week.

    What would you recommend i use to get rid of these bumps or should i just go for a facial?

  19. Shirleen says:

    Hi Macy,

    The bumps under your skin on cheek are caused by sebaceous products that get stuck under the skin. Since they have nowhere to go, they form bumps.

    The products that you are using seem fine to me. Both Aqualabel products White Up Toner and Enhancer are safe to use and they will not clog pores or develop bumps.

    Usually thick cream will cause bumps but since you are using Dr Wu Lotion, hence it should not be the culprit.

    As I have never use Kose Oil Cleanser before, I’m not too sure if this is the culprit. The oil may likely clog your pores and therefore create bumps.

    The things you should do now is to exfoliate your skin and clear your pores. Exfoliation will help to remove the dead skin cells on the surface.

    You can either use an 8% AHA(normal to dry skin) or 2% BHA (normal to oily skin) product from Paula’s Choice. These AHA and BHA are excellent exfoliation ingredients. As for treatment, you can go for a monthly Microdermabrasion.

    I realized you are using Kiehl’s Deep Pore Cleanser Masque, I’m not too sure if that can help exfoliate the skin properly. Another cheap way is to use a soft facial cloth to clean your face daily or use a gentle 2% AHA cleanser (Neutrogena). Both are very gentle and they will not able to remove the bumps immediately. But they are good for daily maintenance. :-)

  20. macy says:

    Thank you for your suggestions. I will give them a try. Will send you my good report!

  21. Victoria says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    I saw that you mentioned in one of your post that sunblock is a must for day. I’ve tried putting on sunblock before but it always gives me pimples. Do you have any advice for me?


  22. Shirleen says:

    Hi Macy, hope to hear good news from you soon. :-)

    Hi Victoria,

    Probably the sunblock you are using is too oily. May I know which sunblock has you been using? It is a must to wear a sunblock. Trust me, if you don’t have proper sun protection now, you will be seeing aging signs pretty soon.

  23. Victoria says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    I used Neutrogenan SPF Moisturizer, Nivea visage SPF moisturizer and Quick And Clean Oil Free Sun Cream SPF35 PA++ from faceshop. But I’ll have 1 or 2 red spots. a bit itchy. So i stopped using any kind of sunblock. What sunblock would you recommend i use?

  24. Shirleen says:

    Hi Victoria,

    There are many reasons for the red spots, it can be due to inflammation, bacteria, clogged pores or skin irritant ingredients that contain in the products.

    Since both Neutrogena and Nivea are moisturizers with SPF, (not too sure if Faceshop Sun Cream is a moisturizer too?) I reckon either the moisturizers are too oily for your skin and thereby clogging your pores or they contain ingredients that irritate your skin.

    Have you tried Aqualabel Emulsion and sunblock? They are extremely lightweight and easily aborbed into the skin. If not you can try Kiehl’s Ultra Light SPF 50 sunscreen which I’m using now and it’s very suitable for my sensitive skin.

  25. Victoria says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    Thanks for the advice. I’ll try the aqualabel sunblock. Is the emulsion with spf also? the faceshop sun cream is a sunblock. Does watsons sell Kiehl products?

  26. Shirleen says:

    Hi Victoria,

    No the Aqualabel Emulsion does not have SPF.

    You can get Kiehl’s products at :
    Robinsons Raffles City 6338 3457 | Vivo City #01-11/12 6376 9017 | Tangs Orchard 6732 5394 | Tampines Mall #02-16A 6785 7610 | Takashimaya S.C. 6732 9695 | ION Orchard #B3-54 | Plaza Singapura #01-29 6454 3457

  27. Victoria says:

    Thank you for your suggestions. I will give them a try.

  28. Tory says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    Is it alright for me to use the Moisturising Range even if i’m 21 years old?

  29. Shirleen says:

    Hi Tory,

    Yes of course! I’m glad that you are taking care of your skin at a young age. A good start, keep it up! :-)

  30. Tory says:

    Ok. Thanks!!!

  31. Sandy lee says:

    I am 30s and is a housewife. Skin type: combination and oily skin with acne in T-zone. I don’t use any emulsion and sunblock because my face will get more bumps after applying them. Any suggestion? Thanks.

  32. Shirleen says:

    Hi Sandy,

    The skin bumpiness is caused by sebaceous products that get stuck under the skin. Since they have nowhere to go, they form bumps.

    Since you have combination / oily skin with acne on T-zone, you can skip the emulsion on the day but you must wear sunscreen no matter what. At least, try applying the sunscreen in a thin layer on the oily areas instead.

    Alternatively, you can either apply a makeup base or foundation with SPF in it to help protect your skin with UV protection. :-)

  33. Sandylee says:

    Thanks shirlee. These are my daily facial treatment:-
    Day care
    1.Biore deep free cleansing foam
    2.Vichy normaderm acne prone skin purifying astringent toner
    3. Kose sekkisei lotion
    4. Vichy Normaderm anti-imperfection hydrating care
    For the night care I will use Vichy Normaderm Purifying Cleansing Gel before Biore cleansing foam for my double cleansing work.
    Is there any mistake of my day care treatment? Or what else I need to add on to make the whole procedures more complete?
    And any brand of the sunscreen, foundation and makeup base products you may suggest to me which is no oil and greasy when apply on my face? I did use Vichy Normaderm Non-Stop Matte Effect Hydrating Care (according to the promoter, it is a sunscreen with SPF 15++), but I felt it was very greasy on my face.

  34. Shirleen says:

    Hi Sandy,

    How oily is your skin? How serious is your acne problem? Just wondering on why you are using two toner/lotion on the day? What missing is the sunscreen in the day.

    Let me know the first 2 answers before I provide further suggestion, thanks. :-)

  35. carine says:


    would like to chk on yr experience of using the aqualabel pdts.

    which range, whitening/moisturising is more effective and which of their pdts would u recommend for a first-timer?

    for the enhancer, understd it’s after all the skincare, but before the sunblock right?

    thks in advance =)

  36. Shirleen says:

    Hi Carine,

    Do you have any particular skin concern? Eg : pigmentation, fine lines, dry skin etc….

    Both whitening and moisturizing are equally good. It depends on what is your skin concern in order to choose the ideal range.

    Yes, use the enhancer after emulsion/cream and before sunblock.

  37. carine says:

    HI Shirleen

    I don’t have any major skin concerns, prob slight dehydrated skin….

    i am thinking of adding an anti-aging pdt to my skincare regime… not sure if aqualabel range has anything tht suits my need? =)

  38. Jen says:

    Hi Shirleen! Thanks so much for the info :)

    Do you know which selected Watson’s outlets carry AQUALABEL? Thanks!

  39. Shirleen says:

    Hi Carine,

    Since you have a slight dehydrated skin, I will recommend you to start with the Moisturizing range. In fact, hydrating your skin is one of the most basic important regime for a good-looking skin.

    When skin is moisture, the fine lines and wrinkles will look less obvious, allows smooth application of makeup, moist and velvety texture, springy to the touch and clarity look.

    Skin hydration is considered part of anti-aging regime. All products are somewhat important, but if you are thinking to start out with 2-3 of the Aqualabel products, then you should try the mask, essence and the enhancer. :-)

  40. Shirleen says:

    Hi Jen,

    If I’m not wrong, it should be these Watsons outlets :

    Pearl Center, Parkmall, Parklane, Towner Road, Junction 8, Bukit Merah, Killiney, Braddel, Anchorpoint, Harbourfront, Tampines St 81, Tanglin Mall, Hong Leong and The Plaza, Golden Shoe, City Plaza, Geylang, Jurong West, Lorong Ah Soo, Thomson Plaza, Bishan St 22, Toa Payoh Central, Holland Village, Beauty World, Bukit Batok, Bukit Gombak, Yew Tee, Bedok South, Jurong East Central, Forum, Esplanade, Telok Ayer St, Kalang Leisure Park, Tampines Central, Khatib, Serangoon Central, Serangoon Garden, Clementi, Toa Payoh Hub, Singapore Post, Sun Plaza, Hougang Green Mall, Hougang Mall, Hougang St 21, Hougang Point, Funan, Marina Square, WhiteSands, Ang Mo Kio Hub, EastPoint, Bt Panjang, Amara Hotel, Tampines Mart, Rivervale Mall, Punggol Plaza, Chinatown Point, China Square, People’s Park Complex, City Square, Tiong Bahru Plaza, International Plaza & Great World City!

  41. Carine says:

    Thks Shirleen!

    I am prone to oil glands under the eye.. As a result I haven’t been using any eye cream…
    Any recommendations for eye pdts and is there some skincare pdts i should avoid?

  42. Shirleen says:

    Hi Carine,

    You can use the Aqualabel emulsion for your whole face including the eye area too.

    The oil glands are caused by the oily products that get stuck under the skin. Avoid anything that is too oily and avoid layering the delicate area with too many products. But lotion, essence and emulsion are fine.

    You may want to exfoliate your skin to clear up your pores and that may help to reduce the oil glands.

  43. carine says:

    thanks Shirleen!

    so eyecream shld be avoided? or do u know of any eyegel that is suitable for me?

    i understd tht exfoliation can’t be done everyday.
    or is there one that i can do daily?

  44. Shirleen says:

    Hi Carine,

    Eye cream in lightweight texture is fine. In fact, it is not really necessary to specially buy an eye product, you can use the emulsion for your eye area and for the whole face too.

    I have tried the Kinerase Under Eye Rescue which I have bought at Dr Woffles Wu’s clinic. The texture is very lightweight and it should be suitable for you. Can’t remember the price though. You don’t have to buy from Dr Wu as his charges are higher.

    Daily exfoliation is not good unless you are using scrub to exfoliate the dead skin surface. For daily use, you can try the Paula’s Choice 8% AHA Gel. AHA is a potent ingredient that is proven to help exfoliate the dead skin cells effectively.

  45. Carine says:

    Thks for sharing shirleen!

    Have a good weekend ahead :)

  46. Jev says:

    hi, i’v Jev..and i’m 20 years old.
    I’m wondering which aqualabel range is suitable for me. whitening or moisturising? And which products should i use?

    My skin does not really have any problem like acne but it is not smooth either. I do get acne only one in a while. Maybe because of my skin is dry and i can feel roughness in my cheek area, not bumps though. And i have few dark spots because of old acne scar.

    Thanks in advance. ^^

  47. Shirleen says:

    Hi Jev,

    Go for Whitening range as it have both whitening and hydrating benefits. It can treat your dry skin and dark spots at the same time.

    To start, for the basic products, you can try the White Up Lotion R (R = rich for dry skin), Bright White EX serum, emulsion and sunblock. Lotion helps to exfoliate your dead skin surface and soften your skin at the same time. (Dry skin is sometimes due to dead skin cells on the surface of the skin) Serum helps to lighten the dark spots (the result may not be immediate). Emulsion to seal up the moisture and sunblock to prevent further pigmentation development on your skin.

  48. Jev says:

    Thanks so much Shirleen…
    I’ll give it a try ASAP…^__^

  49. Sue says:

    Hi Shirleen, would like to seek your advice on whether i should get the hado labo or auqalabel mosituring range. Firstly, i have combination skin, but more towards the dry side. Which emulsion is better? My skin is quite sensitive to various products, hence the worry.

  50. Shirleen says:

    Hi Sue,

    I will prefer Hada Labo moisturizing range especially the lotion. I’ve been using it everyday.

    As for emulsion, both Aqualabel and Hada Labo are equally good. I have sensitive and dry skin too, and I have no problem of using Hada Labo products at all.

  51. Telly says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    Is the white up lotion and the aqua enhancer suitable for the eye area? Thanks!

  52. Shirleen says:

    Hi Telly,

    Both white up lotion and aqua enhancer are suitable for eye area.

  53. Carrie says:

    Hi Shirleen,
    I m carrie and I m 24 years old. My friends recommed me to use Shiseido aqualabel anti-acne emulsion & essence vc for my acnes skin. This is the 2nd day I am using and I realized that I have some tiny pimples appearing on my chin. Please advice is it whether I applied too much or I am unsuitable to use these products?

  54. Shirleen says:

    Hi Carrie,

    Very likely it is due to overuse on the emulsion especially. You may want to cut down the amount and see if the problem still persists. If it does, then I reckon the products may not be suitable for you.

    Do these tiny pimples get red or itchy?

  55. Carrie says:

    thanks for the reply.
    the pimples are not itchy just normal pimples but it will appear after I used the products.
    Ok I shall try cutting down the amout to use today and will get back to you soon. (^.^) if the product does not suit me is that means I cannot use the other series as well?

  56. Ting says:


    I have sensitive skin. Can I use Aqua Label products? I cannot anyhow use pdts, if not will appear red spots like pimples.

  57. Ting says:

    And also, Hada Labo does not have sunscreen lotion?

  58. Shirleen says:

    Hi Ting,

    I have sensitive skin too and so far there is no irritation from the products I have used. The red spots may be due to dehydration in fact. In some cases, sensitive skin is caused by dehydration. So if the product contains drying ingredient, your skin will get inflammation.

    Yes, Hado Labo does not have sunscreen lotion.

  59. Ting says:

    Thanks for your reply. What are some of the dehydration ingredients?

    Does it help if I use more moisturizer?

  60. Shirleen says:

    Hi Ting,

    Some of the common drying ingredients are alcohol, lemon, detergent, Benzoyl Peroxide and many more…

    No, using more moisturizer doesn’t help at all.

  61. Val says:

    Hello:)If I have oily skin can I still use Shiseido cleansing foam (whitening range)?

  62. Shirleen says:

    Hi Val,

    Yes you can use Shiseido whitening cleansing foam on your oily skin.

  63. Val says:

    Thanks for the reply:)

  64. Kai Wei says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    As you know,the Shiseido whitening cleansing foam contains little solid substances that can help remove dead skin and I was just wondering if removing too much dead skin will be harmful to the face because I use it twice a day.

  65. Shirleen says:

    Hi Kai Wei,

    If you use it not more than twice a day, I reckon it should be alright. The minuscule amounts of white clay powder and granules ingredients will not remove too much dead skin cells from the skin.

    Removing too much dead skin may not necessary be harmful to your skin and in fact, it is quite impossible to over exfoliate your skin. What harmful to the skin is the super coarse texture from some of the scrubs actually.

  66. Kai Wei says:

    Thanks a lot.

  67. Erica says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    May I seek your opinion on the purpose and effectiveness of the Aqualabel Enhancer. Would you recommend the whitening or the moist type?

    I am 23 and have combination skin. I do not have major skin concerns, but my skin is a little dry at the cheeck areas at times.

    Would the enhancer be beneficial for me?

  68. Shirleen says:

    Hi Erica,

    The purpose of Enhancer is to help force essential ingredients into deep layers of the skin. As this enhancer is used after moisturizer as the last step of skincare routine, therefore it is claimed to help the earlier skincare ingredients to effectively and maximally absorb.

    Since you do not have any major skin concern and there is slight dryness on the cheek area, I will recommend you to go for hydrating series.

    I reckon the enhancer will be beneficial to you.

  69. Erica says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    I do not use a moisturiser on my face, except for my neck.

    My skin care regime after cleansing consists of the Haba Labo Lotion, an exfoliating gel (with a blend of AHA and BHA) and a series of serums. 3 in total : 1 is a serum containing antioxidants, antoher containing retinol, and the last serum is the estee lauder advanced night repair. I then finish off with the estee lauder idealist and sunblock (but the last 2 items are only used in the day. I stop at the advanced repair serum at night time.

    I am indeed looking for a product that can allow better penetration of my skin care products to ensure better efficiency.

    However, given that I am already using quite a number of products, is it still advisable to use the aqualabel enhancer? If so, at what point should I apply it? After my serums but before the idealist? In my opinion, the estee lauder idealist works as an excellent case. So I feel that it might prevent absorption of any product once it has been applied as it forms sort of a “barrier”.

    Could I just check with you whether the enhancer contains any ingredients that could cause pimples or allergic reactions?

    By the way, I am already using the aqua label moist charge mask and I like it. Would you recommend the whitening mask too? I don’t have any pigmentation now, but I don’t mind getting the mask to add some brightening effect to my face.

  70. Shirleen says:

    Hi Erica,

    I’m really amazed at the age of 23, you are already taking good care of your skin. You do the right thing, keep it up the good work! ;-)

    I reckon the 3 serums that you’re using, are somewhat similar, all with antioxidant benefits except retinol with additional benefits (help to reduce fine lines and even up skin tone). But the effectiveness will greatly depend on the amount of retinol contains in the product.

    Antioxidants are great ingredients that will delay and combat signs of aging. You will definitely age slower than your peers who are not using any antioxidant serums. You may want to cut down to 2 antioxidant serums and introduce a hydrating serum instead.

    I’m believe the Estee Lauder Idealist that you are using is a serum too. I strongly advise you should add a moisturizer on your day and night skincare regimen. Moisturizer will help to seal up the moisture of your skin. It is important to ensure your skin hydration is sufficient in order for the serums to work better. Just like a pot of plant, if the soil is too dry, the water (aka serums) will not be able to absorb properly into the soil. But if the soil is moisture, the water will able to penetrate the soil easily. Go for a lightweight moisturizer if you are worried of getting your pores clog.

    I reckon enhancer will not cause allergic reactions. In fact the whitening mask does contain hydrating ingredients too, so I will go for the whitening mask as it provides 2 benefits.

  71. Erica says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    Oh yes, now that you mentioned it, I do have a hydrating serum (intensite hydrating complex that I purchased from a dematologist, together with the antioxidant and retionol serum), on top of the advanced night repair which is suppose to have hydrating properties due the hyaluronic acid that it contains.

    As you can see, I have quite a number of serums, since the idealist also qualifies as a serum. Thus, I am afraid of overloading my skin and doing it more harm than good.

    Do you have any recommendations of a light weight moisturiser that will not clog my pores? I am currently using the Bliss – Triple Oxygen Moisturising Cream which the SA at Sephora strongly recommended, but I feel it is only so so, and not worth its price tag.

    And yeah, back to the original question, in your opinion, is it worth adding the aqualabel enhancer to my skincare routine, if I throw in the moisturiser after my serums?

  72. Shirleen says:

    Hi Erica,

    I think you are overloading too many products on your skin and some products may have similar benefits. Ideal number of serums per regimen will be 2 and 3 is the max. “More is less, less is more”.

    For lightweight moisturizer, you can try Sana Natural Resource Emulsion (from SASA), Hada Labo Emulsion or Aqualabel Emulsion. I feel that Sana is the lightest of all. You can use it for day and night.

    For me, I wouldn’t invest on enhancer and I prefer to spend more on good serums and a simple moisturizer. That’s my opinion and I believe many will think otherwise. Frankly, I have only tried out a small sample on the enhancer, can’t really tell the result.

  73. bella says:

    hi,im 17 and have oily skin at the t-zone.. my mom bought me a set of moisture range so i have to use it. im wondering if it will make my oily t-zone worst or not.

  74. Shirleen says:

    Hi Bella,

    For the emulsion, you can skip the t-zone area or just apply a little if you want. Since you have a young skin, you can still afford to do that but I will not advise that for the mature skin though.

  75. Kit says:

    Hey Shirleen, I am sorry about this but i have a very stupid question, not entirely related to aqualabel i’m afraid. Do you happen to know what and where can i get the cloth that the lady was using in vid no 2 to produce so much foam?
    I try to search in google but in vain so resorted to ask u.

    Hope u dont mind telling me if u know.

  76. Shirleen says:

    Hi Kit,

    Not sure though, you may wanna check out SaSa outlet. ;-)

  77. nikki says:

    Hi Shirleen, :)

    I want to share with you about my experience with Hada Labo.

    I had very dehydrated skin after spending a winter in Europe and I didn’t know how to handle my skin in the cold weather. (I had angry acne breakouts yet very dry skin!) When I came back to Sg, my usually combination skin became severely dehydrated.

    I came across your blog, and after seeing your videos and reviews on Hada Labo I decided to give it a try. I bought the Hydrating Face Wash, Lotion and Serum. My favourite product is the Face Wash, as it feels very luxurious, soft and gentle on my skin, yet it cleanses effectively. I love it!

    After the Wash, the Lotion feels very refreshing on my skin, together these 2 products work like a dream.
    The Serum feels bit sticky, but it is very good for giving my parched skin a moisture boost. My skin(and even my lips) becomes plumped up and lifted.

    Now after reading your reviews on Aqualabel, I want to try it too! The products seem similar to Hada Labo.
    My skin is fair overall but I am having problems with pigmentation freckles from past sun exposure and old acne scars, I’m wondering if the Aqualabel whitening range can help but I’m not sure if i should use whitening products as I’m already very fair.
    Also I’m afraid to overload my skin with different brands of products and using too many chemicals on my skin. I’m in my mid 30s and my skin is quite sensitive now.
    Would you have some advice for me?

  78. Shirleen says:

    Hi Nikki,

    I’m glad you have made a right choice of using Hada Labo products. You may not be aware that combination or oily skin can be due to skin dehydration.

    Yes Hada Labo is somewhat similar to Aqualabel.

    Frankly, I haven’t tried the Aqualabel whitening serum yet, hence I’m not too sure if it is effective. Btw, Hada Labo also contains whitening range too, which contains arbutin.

    Recently I have tested a small sample of the NEW Lancome Blanc Expert Melanolyser Spot Eraser, my pigmentation has seem to be lighter. Quite amazing! This product is higher recommended by Niu Er from 女人我最大.

    In fact, whitening products doesn’t make your skin fairer. It doesn’t bleach. What they do is to brighten up your skin, reduce pigmentation and even up skin tone.

    Since you have done a great job of providing hydration to your skin daily, you may just want to incorporate a whitening serum to your regimen. Don’t worry about mixing the brands, it’s definitely alright. I have been doing that for a long time. Btw, I do have sensitive skin too. Sometimes when your skin is dehydrated, your skin will get sensitized too. Provide more moisture to your skin and it will be fine. ;-)

  79. nikki says:

    Dear Shirleen,

    Thanks alot for your reply.

    Actually i did try the Hada Labo mask from their whitening range but i didn’t find it had any real effect on the problem spots besides giving overall moisture.
    In fact, when my overall skin tone looks brighter, the pigmentation spots seem to look more obvious than when my overall skin tone was dull.

    Thanks for your tip on the Lancome Spot Eraser, I’ll go check it out. :)
    As for Aqualabel, maybe I’ll try their sunblock. :)

  80. Shirleen says:

    Hi Nikki,

    Yes, Aqualabel sunscreen is pretty good I heard, yet to try it too. ;-)

  81. LiNg says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    I’ve got oily skin and lots of acne scar. My makeup will fade off easily. Was wondering whether the aqualabel green series essence suitable for mi? And I just bought aqualabel moist coat, the promotor told mi with this product my makeup won’t fade off easily. May I know how to use this moist coat? Is it after bb cream?

  82. Stacy says:

    Hi shirleen, i like the whitening range and simple moisturizer. Tried using the blue emulsion s but find it my skin becomes oily after using it. Is the serum any better?

  83. Shirleen says:

    Hi Stacy,

    There is another way to apply emulsion that may probably help to reduce oiliness. Pour a little emulsion on your clean & dry palm, press both palms together to ensure both palms have equal amount of emulsion and gently press your palms on your face.

    Although the serum is slightly less emollient but somewhat it will still make your skin slight oily too.

  84. hi shirleen,

    thanks for the good review but i need your advise very badly. i am a simple type of lady who washes her face using ginvera whitening complete cleanser then applies olay total effects anti-ageing cream at night. i am 36 yrs has some fine lines and has a normal to oily skin combo. after reading good reviews abt hada labo, i decided to purchase it. i bought the aha/bha exfoliating wash and the super hyaluronic acid hydrating milk. i used the exfoliating wash followed by the hydrating milk. after a few minutes, my face produces more oil than usual and noticed some red splotch on my cheek. i discontinued the use. am i allergic to the product or did i do something wrong? most of the reviews says that hada labo is good on their skin, then how come i experienced this. pls advise me on the best cleanser, moiturizer, pore refiner and anti ageing cream suitable for my skin type. many thanks in advance for your help!

  85. Shirleen says:

    Hi Honey,

    I reckon the aha/bha exfoliating wash may not be suitable for your skin. Although aha/bha ingredient is a great exfoliant but not everyone is suitable using aha/bha product. You may want to cut down on using it such as once per week.

    If red splotch still appears even after you stop using the aha/bha cleanser, then the irritation may be caused by the hydrating milk which I believe it is very unlikely.

    I believe your skin is sensitive now and that may be caused by lack of moisture. Hence whatever products you use now have to be gentle. Do aware when skin is lack of moisture, skin will get oily too.

    For the meantime, go for something gentle with a mild moisturizer & cleanser such as Physiogel moisturizer and Catephil cleanser.

  86. vivi says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    I am 28 yr old and have combination -dry skin with dark spots/ scars caused by past acne. Which range should I use? At the moment the only aqua label product is the sunscreen.

    Also I am using SKII miracle water, at which step of the skin care routine should I be using it?

  87. Shirleen says:

    Hi Vivi,

    You can try the whitening range, it may help to even up skin tone. But don’t expect the result to be obvious though.

    You can use the SKII miracle water after your toner/lotion and before your usual serum.

  88. Vivi says:

    Thanks for your advice!

    Yah not hoping for miracle because I am quite fair so the pimple scars are very obvious! Will get the whitening range this week.

  89. Susan says:

    Hi Shirleen
    My question will be a bit silly. :) I would like to know if there are natural disasters or like nuclear power plant explosion occurred in Japan, will it be save to use beauty products that manufactured in there at this moment? No offense but couldn’t release that thought :( .

  90. Shirleen says:

    Hi Susan,

    I guess it should be safe. In fact, I’m currently using a few Japanese skincare products and I’ve also bought a couple of them when I was in Japan just a week ago.

    Not all cosmetics are manufactured near the disaster areas except probably one which is Shu Uemura.

    All imported Japanese products that are sold in Singapore are considered safe.

  91. Susan says:

    Hi Shirleen,
    Thank you very much! I recently bought Aqualabel Moisturizing Range, now I can use it without any doubt :P

  92. heidy says:

    Hai Shirleen…
    I love to read your blog. your advice will help me so much.

    Now I’m 24 years old but my skin type is oily, maybe normal-oily.so many pimples, and scars.

    Now I’m still using shiseido pureness range (actually it’s suitable for teenage), because If I use shiseido the skin care night cream, is so oily, and when I wake up in the morning, I always find white little pimples.
    I ever use white lucent cleansing foam too, but my face getting very oily.
    Actually I want to reduce my scars too. I’m a little bit confused to using whitening product

    Is it Hada Labo arbutin suitable for my skin?
    Or do you have advice for me?
    ˚˚°â—¦Å¦Ñ›Î±Ð¸Ñœ φ¶Ñ†â—¦°ËšËšî›¹ so muchh

  93. Shirleen says:

    Hi Heidy,

    I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog. ;-)

    For your normal-oily skin, you may wanna use a moisturizer with gel refreshing texture eg Dr. Cilabo Aqua-Collagen-Gel Super Sensitive or with lightweight creamy texture eg Hada Labo emulsion or Aqualabel emulsion.

    I’m not too sure if your skin oiliness is due to dehydration. If yes, whatever products that contain drying ingredients will in fact make your skin even oilier. I’m not too sure if white lucent cleansing foam do contain any drying detergent ingredients that may cause your skin getting oilier.

    I have never tried Hada Labo arbutin and I’m not too sure if it works.

  94. Tempest says:

    Hi Shirleen,
    Thank you so much for providing us with so much information. I really appreciate it and I am a fan of your blog!

    I’m not using much right now, only water and a wash cloth, because my face is doing better than when I was using products.
    I am 18 years old and I wanted to ask what you would recommend for very sensitive and combination skin to significantly lighten my many acne scars (I have a severe pimple picking addiction that I just quit). My skin also breaks out with under the skin pimples and my face is always itchy. Skin crisis!

    Could you also recommend a good sunscreen as well?

    Your advice would help me so much. Thank you!

  95. Shirleen says:

    Hi Tempest,

    I’m delighted that you enjoy reading my blog and thanks for being my royal fan! ;-)

    It sounds like you are suffering from constant inflammation. Before the old pimples heal, the new ones surface. For now, I will advise you to go gentle with your skin and use mild products especially cleanser such as Cetaphil for now. It also means go gentle when you are washing your face with a wash cloth. You may not want to aggravate your skin problem by rubbing too hard.

    You mentioned your skin is always itchy, I reckon it is due to dehydration. Dehydration will also cause your skin to become sensitive too. What you need is to provide moisture to your skin. Use a lightweight moisturizer as your last product in your regimen. Get one which is free of alcohol or fragrance.

    For sunscreen, I’m now alternatively using Clarins and Kiehl’s sunscreen. Both are equally good. ;-)

  96. Sherine says:

    Hi, may I know what is the difference between Aqualabel and Aquamoist? I could not find Aquamoist product in Singapore. I got the essence from Japan though. And, what is the difference for the Aqualabel Moisture Emulsion in pink and blue? As what I understand from the brochure I have obtained from Watsons, it seems that the pink was indicated for night and blue for day.

  97. Shirleen says:

    Hi Sherine,

    Aquamoist I believe is similar to Aqualabel Moisturising range (red packing). The difference between Aqualabel moisture emulsion in red/pink and blue is that red/pink is for moisturising/hydrating whilst blue is for whitening/brightening.

  98. Headache mom says:

    Hi my daughter is 13 yrs old n have lots of acne on her forehead. Is Aqualabel’s Anti-acne range suitable for her? If not, kindly advise what products she can try. Thank you.

  99. Shirleen says:

    Hi headache mom,

    I’m not too sure if Aqualabel Anti-acne range will be suitable for your daughter but I guess not harm trying it.

    You may consider of bringing her to consult a skin doctor such as NIKS clinic to treat the acne. Does she keep fringe? If yes, that may likely cause severe acne on her forehead.

    Vitamin A (prescription) may help to treat acne.

  100. Sue says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    I’m 23 year old and my skin type is oily and some blemishes and pimple often appear on my cheek and nose area. I couldn’t decide to get the blue range or the anti-acne range. Any recommendation?

  101. Shirleen says:

    Hi Sue,

    Blue range is for whitening and I believe that is not what you are looking for. For blemishes and pimples, go for the anti-acne range instead.

  102. Headache mom says:

    Hi Shirleen
    Thank u for the suggestion. I will try them. :-)

  103. Rebekah says:

    Can the AquaLabel (BLUE) Whitening Lotion act as a toner and what exactly is the purpose of the lotion? Is it to close up the pore?

  104. Shirleen says:

    Hi Rebekah,

    The Aqualabel Whitening Lotion is designed to help soften the skin and also acts as a second step of cleansing (it helps to remove the dirt that the cleanser missed).

    Lotion and toner are somewhat similar except most toners in the market contain ingredients that are claimed to close up the pores. But beware that these ingredients may do more harm than good in a long run.

    If you wanna close up the pores, look for proven exfoliating ingredients such as BHA or AHA to help eliminate the dead skin cells on the skin surface instead.

  105. Cindy Lian says:

    I like to know how to use the enhancer.
    Is it suppose to be the last step to apply?
    1. Before or after sunblock ?
    2. Before or after sleeping mask ?

  106. Shirleen says:

    Hi Cindy,

    The enhancer should be used before the sunblock, after day moisturizer.

    Not too sure on the correct answer for the second question. But for me I guess I will use the enhancer before the sleeping mask.

  107. Rebekah says:


  108. welli says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    I’m 25 yrs young (haha) but recently i’ve notice very light brown spots on my cheek.I’m considering to use Aqualabel products (whitening range) and happen to visit your blog.

    Aqualabel offers whitening and moisturing line. I’m wondering if i can use their moisture line as well cos my skin isn’t radiant.

    It looks like i’ve got a lot to buy (-_-), is it advisable to use skin products this way?

  109. Shirleen says:

    Hi Welli,

    You can mix both whitening and moisturising products in one regimen. In fact, the whitening range which has whitening and hydrating benefits, may help to improve skin radiant.

    Since you have noticed light brown spots on your cheek area, you may want to use the cleanser, lotion and serum under whitening range and emulsion under moisturising range.

  110. welli says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    Sounds good!
    Thank u!

  111. Luci Latte says:

    Hello! I’ve been using the whitening series for 3 weeks now and I am extremely happy with it! I live in a dry country and silly as it sounds most of the products here do not offer deep level moisturising, unless you spend hundreds of dollars and the results are sometimes too oily (no absorption). I came across this at Kawaii in Chinatown and thought I’d try it our because Shiseido is reliable and the price was really reasonable.

    So far, moisturised and supple skin, with very gradual but definite whitening is mine to love, finally!

  112. nikki says:

    Hi Shirleen
    This is nikki again :)

    After using Hada Labo for some time, I went on to try the Aqualabel series.
    I’ve been using the White up lotion R, Emulsion R and the White up Aqua Enhancer for some time now. I’m almost finishing up the bottles.
    For overall and long term effect, I find that the Aqualabel range works better for me than Hada Labo.
    Hada Labo seems to work only temporarily, but it doesn’t do any long term repair job.

    After using Aqualabel, my skin gradually becomes more radiant, stabilised and even toned. My mom also commented that my skin looks great! ( She used to tell me that I have bad skin.) Even on days when I just wash my face and not use any skin care after, my skin still feels “normal”, not dehydrated.
    I also like that the texture is light and like water, unlike the stickiness of Hada Labo, and I can feel moisture sinking into my skin.
    I’m so happy with it, I want to try the moist range after this.
    Aqualabel range is more pleasurable to use as well.

    The only problem is that I’ll be returning to Europe again and there is no Aqualabel there!! :( and my skin doesn’t like European skin care brands at all.
    I dunno what to do :(

  113. Shirleen says:

    Hi Nikki,

    It’s great to hear from you again. I’m glad that Aqualabel works on your skin.

    Trying to help source for online shopping for Aqualabel products that ship to Europe but in vain. You probably have to buy loads of them before you travel back to Europe.

  114. Hi there!

    Quick qn, is the Aqualabel Cleansing Foam (with white clay powder) suitable for combination skin? Is it an exfoliator or a cleansing wash suitable for daily usage?


  115. Shirleen says:

    Hi Whenpenmeetspaper,

    It is actually a cleansing wash with exfoliating benefit. The white clay powder is great for the oily areas but I’m not too sure will it be too drying for normal/dry areas in a long run. Refrain from washing your face with cleansing wash too often per day as it may strip off your natural moisture on your skin. Twice per day should be fine.

  116. Priscilla says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    need a little help from you since im so confused by what both hada labo and aqualabel offers.

    Im 21 this year (am not sure if this info is useful) and i have sensitive skin, breaking out now and then. I have combination skin, and usually oily in the T zone.

    im thinking of changing to hada labo or aqualabel, which would you recommend ? (:


  117. Shirleen says:

    Hi Priscilla,

    Since your skin breaks out occasionally and is oily on T-zone area, Hada Labo AHA/BHA Exfoliating Care may help to remove dead skin cells and improve your skin condition.

    After which, you can incorporate the Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion or Aqualabel Emulsion to seal up moisture on skin.

  118. Priscilla says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    Thanks for the advice !


  119. Bopha says:

    Hi Shirleen !
    Please recommend me . I have oily skin . Can I still use Aqualabel moisture emulsion S (shiseido) ? Does it can produce my face to have Acne ? If I still can use it , when it has more effect ( morning or night ) ?
    Thanks for your recommendation !

  120. Shirleen says:

    Hi Bopha,

    The answers will really depend on the cause of your oily skin whether if it’s due to internal factors, excessive sebum production or skin dehydration. And if your oily skin is due to skin dehydration then I believe this Aqualabel Emulsion S will probably improve your skin condition.

    And if your oily skin is due to excessive sebum production, then it may likely cause acne on your skin.

  121. Bopha says:

    Hi !
    thanks for your help . It ‘s good for me to use it at night ?

  122. Shirleen says:

    Hi Bopha,

    It depends on your skin condition, I guess it should be alright.

  123. Clarice says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    Chanced upon your website. I will like to know the correct sequence of applying serum / lotion / emulsion?..

    I am currently using Loreal serum + Hada Labo lotion & emulsion in the day and night..

    I bought the Aqualabel Moisturizing emulsion to apply at work since my work environment is very dry and I didn’t really want to wash my face too frequently in case I strip the moisture out of my face.. However, I realised that the Aqualabel Moisturizing emulsion doesn’t seem to provide the moisturizing effect as my skin still feel dry.. Do you have any suggestions?


  124. Shirleen says:

    Hi Clarice,

    Here’s the correct sequence :
    Hada Labo Lotion >> Loreal serum >> Aqualabel Emulsion

    Not too sure if the Moisturizing Cream will be more ideal for your dry skin. You may want to consider incorporate the moisturizing serum or mask into your regimen.

  125. Clarice says:

    Thanks Shirleen,

    do you have any good recommendations on brands for moisturizing serum?

    I do have adult acne issue, though it is not very serious, just occassion small outbreaks of acne at forehead or cheeks.. So I am always worried if the products I used on my face will cause more outbreaks..


  126. Shirleen says:

    Hi Clarice,

    You can check out the Aqualabel Moisturizing Serum, Hada Labo HA Serum or Clarins HydraQuench Serum.

    Not too sure on which is better for your occasional outbreak skin, I personally prefer Clarins.

  127. susanwin says:

    can i get some advice from u regarding my skincare? it has always been a big problem since teenage and now i end up with scars, enlarged pores and rough skin. i don’t know what to do anymore as i have tried all the big brands.? i would like to lighten my scars. which one do u think would be better,clarin or paula choice?? any idea how to nourish my dehyrdated skin without causing outbreaks?? i spent so much money on decleor and ended up with more scars. please help :(

  128. Shirleen says:

    Hi Susanwin,

    I probably think that Paula’s Choice will be better. To effectively nourish your dehydrated skin, you will need to remove the surface dead dry skin in order for the nutrients to penetrate into the deeper layer of the skin.

  129. momohippo says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    I just read your blog recently, and i like your blog.
    I’m 23 y.o and have so oily skin, with many small whiteheads. I’ve try many acne products like from bodyshop, clarins, face shop and skin food, But all of them cant help my acne problem.

    Can you give me recommendation, which product should i use. Actually, want to try aqualabel acne series. Which one should i buy first? Emulsion/lotion/essence? I want to try maybe 1 or 2 products first, to see, if it suitable for my skin. And can you give me recommendation for facial wash too, which one should i buy, cause aqualabel acne series dont have facial wash in it. I’ve been wondering, about neutrogena facial wash too, seems like its good for acne..

    thank u so muchh for your help..

  130. Shirleen says:

    Hi Momohippo,

    You probably want to try using products that contains AHA or BHA that help to exfoliate the dead skin cells. Check out the Paula’s Choice products.

    For your 1st Aqualabel acne product, you may want to go for essence. For facial wash, go for something soap-free such as Simple Cleansing Gel.

  131. momohippo says:

    Thank u Shirleen for your reply..

    Too bad, Paula’s Choice in my country dont have too many option for acne prone like CLEAR series. But i’m gonna try it.

    If u dont mind, do you have any brand recommendation, for good acne Simple Cleansing Gel?

    Thankk u Shirleen..

  132. Shirleen says:

    Hi Momohippo,

    You may consider Pro-Activ, Cetaphil or Simple brand.

  133. momohippo says:

    Thankk u Shirleen,

    I’m gonna try one of ur reccomendatioon…


  134. Lindy says:

    Hi Shirleen,
    I like your blog and thank you for sharing so generously your knowledge of skincare.

    I am in my early 40s. Been trying almost all my life to lighten my freckles. I tried many products and even did IPL but the pigmentation did not improve. I used dr secret before. It worked by after 2 yrs, I think the effects wore off.

    right now I am using a the usual cleanser, toner, whitening essence, moisturiser, sunblock works. I dont have any bad outbreak of acne but the pigmentation is still a bother to me. Can you recommend a good and effective pigment or spot remover? or a series of products that I can use? I understand that with OTC i cannot totally have the pigmentation removed but lighten them. But just lightening them will boost my confidence.

    Thank you for your patient attention.

  135. Shirleen says:

    Hi Lindy,

    It’s my pleasure. ;-)

    I do have stubborn pigmentation too and I have tried a number of non-invasive treatments. IPL does superficial help in a way but the result is not very significant, pigment laser was a disaster cos it causes the spots become darker eventually (due to insufficient sun protection) and the rest do not help at all.

    After all these years of trials and errors, I reckon the safest and effective way is to use a well-formulated AHA product to help lighten my sun spots and most importantly to apply a good broad spectrum sunscreen to protect skin from further sun damage.

    For spot eraser, I’m now using the Lancome NEW Blanc Expert Melanolyserâ„. I would say it’s pretty good cos after 3 months of usage, the spots seem lighter now. I hope to do a review on this spot eraser soon. For a series of whitening products, I would go for Clarins White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched Whitening Night Cream, Renewing Gentle Exfoliator & Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel. Here’s my review link :

    Last but not least, always remember to apply a good broad spectrum sunscreen everyday indoor and outdoor from 9am to 4pm. SkinCeuticals carry good sunscreen. :-)

  136. Val says:

    Hi Shirleen,
    I would like to know the sequence of applying moisturizer, bb cream and concealer.

  137. Val says:

    Hi Shirleen,
    I would like to know the sequence of applying moisturizer,foundation, bb cream and concealer.

  138. Val says:

    Hi Shirleen,
    I would also like to know the difference between bb cream and foundation?

  139. Shirleen says:

    Hi Val,

    Although many BB creams are claimed to be formulated with skincare properties such as whitening, anti-wrinkle or anti-acne that won’t clog pores…and they are also claimed to be lighter in texture than foundation. It is not true as there are also many foundations that are super lightweight too.

    Nowadays many new improved foundations have been launched that are also formulated with firming, brightening properties too. Therefore I personally don’t really see much differences between a BB cream and a foundation as both provide good coverage.

    Since BB cream and foundation are somewhat similar, you only need to use either one.

    moisturizer >> foundation/bb cream >> concealer

  140. Val says:

    Thanks. Also, do you know of any toner that can make the pores smaller?

  141. Shirleen says:

    Hi Val,

    Unfortunately, I can’t find any good toner that can make pores size smaller.

  142. Jessica says:

    Hi shirleen,
    I absolutely loved your review on these aqualabel products as i heard from a lot of people that it is good.
    I am 19 years old and currently using DHC deep cleansing oil products, but im reconsidering using this Aqualabel range.
    Can you please tell me which is good for me?
    I have combination/oily skin type. I dont have any severe skin problens just the occasional small pimples that appear on my forehead since i have a fringe. And also i have some acne scars that i want to remove. If i use the anti-acne range which cleanser should i use since i cant find any cleanser in that range??
    Should i use the whitening range cleanser? Im just scared if the cleanser wouldnt be proper for my skin and make more pimples appear since i have sensitive skin.

    Thank you so much in advanced! :)

  143. Shirleen says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Since you have acne scars, maybe whitening range or whitening cleanser will be more ideal for you.

  144. suhaila says:

    Hi shirley,

    Im at early 30′s.currently looking at suitable skincare product.My skin is combination, oily on T-Zone & small pimples can easily grow on T Zone area.I’m looking for product that anti-aging,anti-wrinkle,firming,anti-pigmentation,can reduce uneven skin,dark spot,minimize pores,reduce white head & blackhead & at the same time works on my skin type.Which product that you suggest?
    Btw,I love your blog.very informative!

  145. Shirleen says:

    Hi Suhaila,

    You may want to check out Paula’s Choice RESIST Daily Smoothing Treatment with 5% Alpha Hydroxy Acid and here’s the product link for your reference : http://www.paulaschoice.com/product/resist-daily-smoothing-treatment-with-five-percent-aha/anti-aging-resist#SOURCES

    And here’s my review : http://womenlovebeauty.com/product-review/anti-aging-moisturizer/13751

  146. Rose says:


    How to use Shiseido aqualabel white up emulsion R and shiseido aqualabel perfect protect milk UV spf 50+ PA+++ I just bought the products here in thailand with thai sticker and inside is japanese language..

  147. Shirleen says:

    Hi Rose,

    Use the White Up Emulsion R and follow with Perfect Protect Milk UV SPF 50+++.

  148. Kaori says:

    Hi :) I recently moved to japan. I’m 16 years old and I was wondering which shiseido product is better, should I give it a try to shiseido aqualabel or Shiseido white lucent? Which has better whitening properties? Thank you very much :)
    happy new year by the way!

  149. Shirleen says:

    Hi Kaori,

    I don’t think you can find White Lucent in Japan. You may wanna check out Shiseido Haku, a whitening serum which is only available in Japan.

  150. claren says:

    can i use aqualabel anti acne for my whitehead probem? i had tries so many products and all of them did not work on me..

  151. Shirleen says:

    Hi Claren,

    Not really, the Aqualabel Anti Acne will not help much on the whitehead problem.

  152. Zoe says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    I live in Japan now, and where I am it’s SUPER dry (really cold and snowy all winter long), so my face is really dry.

    I just bought a pack of Aqualabel Moisture and don’t know if I’m supposed to use them all at once or one at a time or at different times.

    They are:
    Creamy Oil Cleansing
    Milky Mousse Foam
    Moisture Lotion R
    Moisture Emulsion R

    Will these help me with my dry face? Should I put them on all at once? In what order? Thank you so much, this blog post was really helpful!

  153. Shirleen says:

    Hi Zoe,

    You can use all these products in the same regimen and what you have stated above is in the right order.

    You may want to pamper your skin with the Moisture mask once or twice per week to provide intense hydration to your dry skin.

  154. Nurfarahinofa says:

    I would like to ask, if i have oily skin and post acne scars, can i still use the Aqualabel Red series? Thanks

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