I Lose 2kg In 3 Weeks By Eating Egg White For Breakfast!



I have to confess, I love to eat. I’m one who live to eat and not eat to live! I love carbo food and sweet stuff. But I managed to maintain my slim figure (weighting 48kg) during my early 30s. I hardly exercise too. Almost everyday, immediately after lunch, I will indulge myself with a cheese cake. Without it I feel lethargic for the rest of the day.

But when I start to reach my mid 30s, I realized I can’t eat the same way I used to. I will gain weight easily by just eating an extra bun and fats will easily get saturated around the waistline. Even if I eat very little, I will find it extremely hard to lose those extra fats.

Now at 42, weighing at 53kg, I am very determined to flatten my flabby tummy and to lose a few kilograms if possible. But before I embark to a slimming centre for a quick result, I decided to do some research and find a solution myself.


Insulin? What Is That?

One of the serious consequences of eating a diet high in refined sugar and other carbohydrates has to do with insulin. In midlife, we lose some of the insulin receptor sites on the cells, as well as the sensitive feedback mechanism that regulates the insulin and glucose connection, and develop some insulin resistance.

The problem begins if insulin levels go abnormally high during the course of the day. The function of insulin is to usher the glucose out of the blood as quickly as possible and into the cells. Each cell has receptor and for insulin, much like trapdoors, through which the hormone enters. As we age, we lose more and more of these trapdoors, we have fewer and fewer insulin receptors on cells. This means that we need to produce more and more insulin to find the fewer and fewer entryways into the cells.

During the times when the insulin level is high, the body is adding fat onto the waistline and raising the blood pressure. Insulin also increases triglycerides, the tiny particles that comprise the body fat and are predictive of heart disease. And excess insulin makes us tired all the time, in part because the cells aren’t getting all the fuel we need.  Poor peripheral circulation is one of the fastest ways to a decline of the elasticity, resilience, and radiance of the skin.

Then, to top it all off, insulin’s extended presence makes it nearly impossible to take off fat. Whenever we eat some carbohydrates, our body has to call in an army of insulin to do a small cleanup job quickly because of the lack of receptor sites.


My Slimming Solution

The key is to keep my insulin levels at bay for as many hours of the day as possible. I would try to achieve that by consuming the minimum of carbohydrates and sugars, so as not to wake up insulin.

So in order not to wake up insulin, I eat egg white in the morning.

So if I take protein meal for my breakfast, there is no event. Nothing will happen. The insulin will not even bother to come out of its cage in the pancreas. So I bought myself a few baseline low-insulin hours (insulin is never at zero) without feeling hungry. On the other hand, if I have bread with my meal, or a sugary dessert, insulin would be all over my blood, churning out cholesterol, triglycerides, increasing my blood pressure, and putting fat around my waistline for the next three to five hours, or longer.

Insulin, in the right amounts, is life-sustaining.  But too much of it is disastrous. And unfortunately, as we grow older, its level rises for nearly all of us.


Sugar Rush

I can’t stop myself for not drinking tea in the morning. Tea with milk and sugar is a wake-up beverage for me. Without it, I will feel sleepy and tired. I can’t explain why, I just need it. But even though I have 3 teaspoons of sugar in the morning, I’m still able to lose weight by just changing my usual bread to egg white.

With this simple switch, I have less craving for food especially during tea break and supper time. I don’t easily get hungry and it is said that when insulin level is high, the insulin will trigger your brain by telling you are hungry but actually you are not. That is why before I make this change, I have this uncontrollable craving for snacks during tea break and carbo food during supper.


Why egg white?

While egg white, a good protein food, is full of nutrients that provides energy. In fact, protein diet has been popular in the 90s, many celebrities like Jennifer Anisten swears by it.

Every morning (Monday to Friday), I will buy 2 sunny setup eggs at the bee hoon store near my house. I only eat the egg white and I discard the egg yolk. The egg white is full of nutrients whilst egg yolk is high in cholesterol.

The purpose of eating egg white in the morning is not to wake up the insulin for as long as I can.

After three weeks, my weight has reduced from 53kg to 51kg!

Having such a small change can actually affect my weight and this is fascinating! I still eat the same for the rest of my meals and nothing change except ‘this switch’. As usual, once in a while, I even pamper myself with chocolates and cakes.

Gaining weight can be avoided through the choices you make – not only of what you eat, but also when you eat. :-)


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4 Comments on "I Lose 2kg In 3 Weeks By Eating Egg White For Breakfast!"

  1. sherra says:


    its amazing! can i check again, meaning you only ate 2 egg white and 1 cup of tea for bfast? if i eat like that, by 10am, i will be hungry again :( .

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Sherra,

    Yes yes…. hee hee…… I only eat 2 egg white and a cup of tea for breakfast from Mon to Fri.

    In fact, although egg white is quite light on my stomach but the amazing thing is that I do not really feel that hungry during lunch break. I do not have that feeling of hunger I used to have. Now, I take my lunch not because I’m hungry but to eat and enjoy my lunch break.

    Most importantly, this ‘little’ food gives me the energy I need. :-)

  3. Pooh says:

    Anyone has tried this eye yolk breadfast and works? I want to get rid 2kg to 3kg in a month urgently. My clothes cannot fit in for the special occation :-( sob sob

  4. Shirleen says:

    Hi Pooh,

    I hope you are not taking egg yolk, it wouldn’t work, it should be egg white. :-)

    Do have sufficient sleep too as it is proven that lack of sleep will make you fat too.

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