My 45-Minute Heart-Stopping Moment – Eye Bag Removal Surgery


Finally, I have decided to go with Dr Woffles Wu for my eye bag removal surgery. It was a 45-minute heart-stopping and frightening moment! This 45-minutes seems forever and longer than what it actually was. I was really tense and second half of my body was shivering vigorously. With each eye half opened at each time (it was extremely swollen due to numerous general anesthesia injections), I can see the needle, scalpel and thread on my eyelid area. I was balling my fists and occasionally I have to hold my breathe whenever Dr Wu was doing the cutting and stitching.

My eyes are heavily bruised and swollen now. I have to take different type of medication three times per day (for a week) that includes for bruising and swelling reduction, anti-inflammtory, antibiotic, strong pain-killer and sleeping pills (only when necessary). I have to put two types of eye-drops every hour on the first day and every two hours on second day onwards. Now my lower eyelid areas are heavily plastered and I can’t fully open my eyes. That really makes me sleepy most of the time.

Hold your breathe, I will be doing a full review soon! Hee hee…… [-)


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2 Comments on "My 45-Minute Heart-Stopping Moment – Eye Bag Removal Surgery"

  1. sssyen says:

    pls put a review soon :) i am planning to go for surgery too

  2. Shirleen says:

    Yes I will. Met up with Dr Wu today, I have my first review done this morning. He claimed I will see better result in a month’s time. I will post Part-1 review soon. :-)

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