Vote For Me – Should I Remove My Eye Bag At Woffles Wu’s Clinic?


When comes to plastic surgery, I believe most of us will know who is Woffles Wu. Although his charges are much much higher than other plastic surgeons here, he’s not worry to lose potential customers because of that. His good testimonials and reviews have earned him a fair share with the riches. His royal customers are mostly tai tais, celebrities and foreign customers who love to visit him for instant rejuvenation and facelift.

I have finally gotten up close and personal with Woffles Wu this afternoon. I was at his clinic to consult on how I should remove the eye bag on my right eye. His consultation charge is $150 excluding GST. After analysing my right eye, he suggested that instead of cutting the skin on the outer lower eyelid (he claimed other surgeons will do that), he will make a small hole on the INNER lower eyelid and suck the fat out from there. The whole procedure will only take half an hour.

For this half an hour treatment, he quoted me $4950 for the eye bag removal and $350 for the anesthesia. That doesn’t include GST and medicine. So the total cost for all will round up around $6000.

It’s very expensive and I’m confused but I really want so much to remove the eye bag. Should I go to him for eye bag removal or should I explore on other plastic surgeon instead?


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4 Comments on "Vote For Me – Should I Remove My Eye Bag At Woffles Wu’s Clinic?"

  1. Carol says:

    I think u shld ask around for better quotes. My cousin is also interested in getting her eye bags removed and she’s also checking prices from more than one PS…

  2. Shirleen says:

    In fact what tempted me for going to Woffles Wu is that instead of surgical remove the fat from the outer lower eyelid (which he claimed will leave a scar and most doctors using this method), he will make a hole from the inner lower eyelid to suck the fat out which leave no scar at all.

    Unless I can find an alternative doctor who can perform the same method as him. And this doctor must have good testimonials on his plate.

  3. Dudey says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    I just did a $20+k (GST/meds all included) for a nose job (16+k) and dermal filler ($3.4k)and I can tell you I will only allow Dr Woffles Wu to do anything to my face, esp structurally ones. Yes, his prices are incredibly freaking steep, I mean for 20+k, I could have done a nose job, lipo, IPl, Laser, skin peel all by at once by other local surgeons. But I am telling you, it is worth every single cent. He did my nose a decade ago, and it was still straight until my 2nd nose job with him now (wanted a higher nose). Before him, I had nose jobs done by another local surgeon who used to be president of plastic surgery society years ago (based in gleneagles), my nose implant went crooked TWICE within a year and he was really an irresponsible and mean surgeon.

    It was Dr Woffles Wu who changed my life so much with my chin and nose job that I firmly stand by him even after a decade. I will be doing my eyebags with him soon, so I encourage you to just go ahead with him and rest assured you will be in VERY GOOD HANDS. I have personally experienced his magic touch, and Ill assure u on this.
    Only one con though: be prepared to WAIT even when you have a time slot (both for consultation or surgery) cos his clinic is always jam-packed with some ridiculous people just turning up without appts with friends asking to be botoxed cos its urgent (experienced before :) ). But well, then again, it’s all WORTH the wait, just go to him!

  4. Shirleen says:

    Hi Dudey,

    Thanks for your generous feedback! Yes I have actually decided to go with him and so far I’m quite happy with the result. Yes I totally agree with you, he is extremely expensive but I believe it’s worth it!

    I’m thinking of saving up money for the firming treatment (gold-threading) by him. Have you tried that? He quoted me abt $10k+. Maybe I should try out in Korea or Malaysia instead, because it’s cheaper there I guess. :-)

    Here’s my review on the eye bag surgery :

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