Healthy-looking skin? Drink more water


To me, water is one of the most important receipt for my healthy-looking skin. I remembered when I were younger, I used to hate drinking water as I find it tasteless and awkward. Not until when I reached my twenties, I began to realize the important of it.

This healthy habit has helped to hydrate, smooth and plump up my skin. The way to keep my skin hydrated is to keep my internal water levels where they should be. I have a friend who hydrate her skin by spraying water onto her face. I believe it can help the skin feels refreshed, but water can only work from the inside out. 

To cleanse my body, I will drink a glass of water every morning before heading to the washroom. In fact, I have already shared this receipt to many of my friends, most feedback to me that they actually see some improvement on their skin. It works for me and I guess it works for you too.

My recommendation : 6-8 cups of water per day is ideal


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