The Possible Cause Of Losing Memory


I can’t remember things! Why?

I used to have a memory like an elephant in my 20s. I could remember trivia things and every single details of an event that happened many years ago. I could even remember exactly what a person has said to me after months later. Even my ex-boyfriend was so afraid to lie as he knew very well that I was able to recall every little things he has said or done.

But as I gradually age, I begin to lose the elephant’s memory and start to forget trivia things that even happened just few minutes ago. I make a search to find out what is the possible cause and a cure if possible.


This is what I have found :

High Fat Diet May Harm Brain Performance

High fat diets seem to affect cognition in both the short and long term. In a study of lab rats, after only 4 days on a high fat diet, the rats were less able to work their way through a maze.

Each rat was required to find 8 treats in a maze by relying on memory and without retracing its steps at any point. When on a 7.5% fat diet, the rats averaged 6 or 7 treats. When half the rats were placed on a 55% fat diet for a few days, they only found 5 of the treats for which they’d previously known the locations. This short-term cognitive impairment might be due to insulin resistance contributing to an inability to utilize blood sugar, but further study is needed to understand the causes.

The takeaway? Think twice about high fat diets because while we’re already certain that these diets negatively impact our weight and cholesterol, there’s a growing body of evidence that high fat diets may harm our memories as well!


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