Debbie’s Dermatics Skin Care Products

A friend of mine, Debbie, has so far spent almost $10,000 on beautician’s skin care products and facial treatments. When she asked for my advice on the skin care products, I almost freaked out. That’s ridiculous!!! I’m quite turn-off on how some beauticians have conned customers on parting such a huge amount of cash!

Yes although you may defense that I shouldn’t push all the blame to the beautician and the customer (my friend) should bear part of the responsibility of trusting people easily. It is natural for consumers to put their trust to the beauticians and believe in them, as they (the beauticians) are skilled and trained in this trade.

On her first purchase, she has bought :

  • {2} Dermatics C-Cleanse – Clarifying Wash Step 1 @S$98*
  • {3} Dermatics Soothing Splash Toner Step 2 @S$98*
  • {10} Dermatics PureLight Brightener Step 3 @S$140*
  • {6} Dermatics Sun Protection Complex Z-Cole @S$90*
  • {14} Dermatics NightLight Essence @S$140*
  • {13} Dermatics SunLight Essence @S$140

Then, on her second purchase…….

  • {11} Dermatics LifeOff Exfoliant Step 4 @S$140*
  • {15} Dermatics Eye Cream Essence S$98

….. follow by third purchase……

  • {12} Dermatics Color Corrective Tinted Complex with SPF 24 @S$90
  • {16} Renue Skin Corrector Enhanced with Vitamin A, C & E Moisturizer @S$98

………………………. fourth purchase…….

  • {4} Dermatics C5+E High Potency Vitamin C + E Serum @S$130*
  • {5} Dermatics Revita Plus Brightener – Moisture Binder with Spot Brightener @S$130*

……. and then fifth purchase……………….

  • {18} Dermatics C10+E High Potency Vitamin C + E Serum @S$126
  • {17} Dermatics Wrinkle Diffuser @S$140*

……………………. sixth purchase……………………….

  • {8} Dermatics Oxygen Therapy Cream – Hydrating & Detoxifying Moisturizer @S$120
  • {1} Dermatics Cucumber Gel Masque @S$98
  • {7} Dermatics Ultra Skin Revitalizer Age Defying Cream @S$140

…………… and finally the last purchase!

  • {19} Aesthetic Dermal Bonta 568 Daily Care – Serum Anti Aging @S$125
  • {9} Dermatics Sun Protection Complex SPF 50 @S$90

* Esimated price

Persistent sales tactic

Even though Debbie has already bought 19 items from her, she (the beautician) has never given up and is still trying to find ‘reasons’ to convince Debbie to buy other new products. I can only conclude that she’s a good sales woman, very persistent.

Aiyo, enough enough, no more new purchase, I have all the necessities I need!

When should we stop

If only Debbie is aware on what are the limited potent ingredients that she should look out for, their benefits and most importantly to find out what are the ingredients that contains in the products. With these knowledge, she probably would not spend her hard earned money on those similar or un-relevant ingredients/products.

I’ve realized among the products which Debbie has purchased, a few share the same benefits or with similar active ingredients. See below for some examples!

C10+E High Potency Vitamin C + E Serum (10% L-ascorbic) | C5+E High Potency Vitamin C + E Serum (5% L-ascorbic)

Evita Plus Brightener – Moisture Binder with Spot Brightener | PureLight Brightener Step 3 (both with kojic acid – a whitening ingredient)

They are moisturizer, moisturizer, moisturizer and moisturizer!!

Feeling Lost

With these copious products, Debbie is confused on how and what she should use during day and night. She even try to use 2 moisturizers every night as the product names have mislead her in a way. Although the beautician has earlier advised on the regimen on the first 2 purchases. But due to her continuous new purchases, Debbie seems to lose track on the correct regimen and afraid to get advise from the beautician worrying she will be pressured for new purchase again.

Here’s a guide for her to finish up all her products! (include other brands too)


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35 Comments on "Debbie’s Dermatics Skin Care Products"

  1. siqi says:

    im amazed that ur frd could so easily bought so many products! does she need so much???

  2. Shirleen says:

    Ya exactly, I did ask her too on why she has bought so many products and she claimed she was desperately buying ‘HOPE’ and thinking (& trusting) the beautician can help make her wish come true. She couldn’t control herself and when she realized it, it was too late.

    In fact, most of the products are barely used, they look almost new. YES you are right, she doesn’t need so much. There are so many similar/duplicate products which she doesn’t need to buy at all. I feel so painful for her.

  3. gin says:

    I have been asked to buy the same brand at a sale from my beautician! Just checked the net and reviews are good. But how on earth did Debbie part with her money???!!! I have never bot anything from mine apart from a serum at $50 for 10 yrs now! Haha…but I am tempted to part with $500 now for a set of dermatics cos of my pigmentation. And nano treatment for reducing inches at $600….Pl advise!!!

  4. Shirleen says:

    Hi Gin,

    If you intend to treat your pigmentation with Dermatics products, I reckon Dermatics PureLight Brightener and Dermatics LifeOff Exfoliant may help you.

    First start with Dermatics LifeOff Exfoliant, it may help to exfoliate your dead skin cells and thereby help better penetration of lightening agents. After that, follow with Dermatics PureLight Brightener which contains kojic acid (a proven lightening ingredient) to lighten the pigmentation. You need to aware that it will only lighten but it would not totally eliminate pigmentation.

    These two products are considered expensive treatment products, hence I would not recommend you to spend further on similar brand moisturizer. You can buy a good and cheap moisturizer like Olay. A moisturizer, the last important regimen, is necessary in order to seal up the moisture on the skin. :-)

  5. Shirleen says:

    And most importantly, these treatment products will increase your skin sun sensitivity. So to prevent further pigmentation, I strongly recommend you to apply sunscreen with at least SPF30 everyday indoor and outdoor. And avoid sun exposure as much as possible between 10am to 3pm.

  6. gin says:

    Oh thks for the info but it comes in a package at $500. I shall return and ask for those two items and see how much they cost. Then again, I wanna get new cleanser and toner…They come together…or do you have any recommendations for that? i am currently using Brightening cleanser and cucumber toner from Keihl’s. My face is slightly brighter and toner doesnt redden my face but thot of trying sthg else. Thks again for the tip:)

  7. Shirleen says:

    Hi Gin,

    What is the $500 package consists of? What I understand from Debbie is that she finds the cleanser and toner are reasonably okie.

    If the package allows you to take a Dermatics C-Cleanse – Clarifying Wash, Soothing Splash Toner, LifeOff Exfoliant, PureLight Brightener and probably a moisturizer, then I would say go for that. For moisturizer, you can pick one with hydrating benefit or with loads of antioxidants in it. Antioxidants help to combat free radicals and thereby delay aging process.

    As regards to cleanser and toner recommendation, I’m still searching for a really good one for my own use too. Have tried a few brands but still not fully satisfied. But here is some tips for your searching, for cleanser, make sure it doesn’t leave a greasy feel after wash and for toner, make sure it doesn’t contains alcohol. Alcohol will cause serious skin irritation and is definitely harmful to your sensitive skin. For your reference, I’m now using Lancome Gentle Clarifying Fuild Face and Eyes (cleanser) and Simple facial toner. :-)

  8. tan says:


    Came acroos your web and need your advise actually.

    I tin i am one of those that recently just bought the set of MD Dermatics. Am trying it now. I bought it from a beautician too at S$712 for the whole set that consist of Dermatics C-Cleanse – Clarifying Wash, Soothing Splash Toner, PureLight Brightener, NightLight and SunLight with free sunblock and hydrator.

    Am actually quite afraid to go back to that place again for her hard selling. She was mentioning to go back to her after 2 weeks, and after which she will teach me how to use the exfoliant and the hydrator. After searching in the web, am quite reluctant to go back now.
    I was reading the web and the brochure, and wondering if we can continue to use the cleanser and toner even if we do not want to continue what they mention skin maintenance program?
    2) what about the other products? can we continue to use even after 12 weeks to 36 weeks or something? Cos i found thru the web that stop usage after 12 weeks and get into skin maintenance program..
    Thanks for your advise in advance..


  9. Shirleen says:

    Hi Tan,

    You definitely can continue using cleanser and toner even if you stop using the skin maintenance program. Cleanser and toner are necessities (basic skin care regimen) and the others are optional as they are treatment products. Don’t worry about mixing different brands on your regimen and it is not necessary to use the same brand for your whole regimen to see results.

    Not too sure your second para questions – ‘continue to use after 12 wks to 36 wks’ & ‘stop usage after 12 weeks and get into skin maintenance program’? You may want to elaborate more? :-)

  10. tan says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    Sorry to reply late. I was looking at their brochure actually. They have a diagram that says the following,
    Treatment Beings i.e 6 to 9 weeks under Skin Renewal Program, afterwhich,. it will proceed to skin maintenance program once skin is healthy. This process is for those who want to upkeep their healthy skin. Then after this, it will proceed to skin revistalisatiopn program after 12 weeks, this is whereby for those who need to refresh and revitalise their skin. Then after 2 weeks again, switch back to skin maintenance program.
    Thats what I meant for Para 2.
    I believe this would mean to spend some more money on their product, i guess… :)

  11. Shirleen says:

    WAHHH!!!! Sounds so complicated!

    Skin Renewal >> skin maintenance >> skin revitalization >> back to skin maintenance

    Wasay!! My interpretation from these programs are :

    Skin renewal – exfoliation
    Skin maintenance – moisturizing
    Skin revitalisation – skin booster

    I’m not surprised my friend Debbie has ended up buying so many repetitive products due these programs.

    I find that to separate those programs are so unnecessary. For me, I will exfoliate, boost and moisturize my skin every night without fail.

    There are only handful of beneficial ingredients in the market, so you need to use the correct skincare ingredients for different benefits and functions. :-)

  12. Zai says:

    2 yrs ago, i started my fac coz my fave looked dull n with pigmentation.. I went to a less popular n small beauty parlour..after my 1st treatment i feel great wa recomended MD Dermatics no 3 (pure light n No 5. Night Light. it was great!. my beautician tols me its already enough together with the product im presently using. so i keep my routine n I am very satisfied with the outcome..I only have to buy those products every 3 to 6 months n im sticking to it like glue! COS been buying other popular products in the upscale shopping str but its not working. I believe that a these products have to be closely monitored by our beautician to c the results.

  13. Dear Shirleen,

    I happened to chance upon this article while doing my routine web check on the products and reviews done by our customers.

    I understand your friend purchased quite a number of the products upon recommendation by the dealer in question. I am curious as well as to why the dealer recommended overlapping or competing products to your friend. This is one thing I have to apologise to your friend for, as the Dealer’s enthusiasm for sales might have gotten the better of her.

    Although I do notice the purchase of $10,000 over might have been done over a period of 15 -20 months ? as certain products are rather old while some were newly launched.

    But regardless, I would love if your friend get in touch with me, we will then be able to take steps to prevent such things from happening in the future. I would really like to speak with the offending dealer about this incident.

    I am also keen to introduce my products personally to yourself and your friend and probably prepare some samples for both of you to experience first hand.

    MD Dermatics pride ourselves in the efficacy and training of our dealers. MD Dermatics was previously a Physician only brand, but upon setting up shop in Singapore the past 8 years, we have been included aesthetic salons as another channel to reach our customers.

    Our main hotline 6836 8260 and our customer email hotline is open to all customers who are in doubt. We also have a MSN chat for customers who wish to discuss with us their skin condition. Our MSN chat address is

    I look forward to your reply shirleen.

    Ken Kanaoka Chan
    Regional Marketing Director for Asia Pacific

  14. Shirleen says:

    Hi Ken,

    I’m glad you have chanced upon my site and found me. I will be contacting my friend to get in touch with you.

    I’m pleased to know that that MD Dermatics pride themselves in the efficacy and training of their dealers. And with the hotline number and msn chat provided, I believe the customers who have read this post will be able to know where to contact if there’s doubt.

    Yes, I’m keen to try the samples and probably review them. :-)

  15. Debbie says:

    Hi Ken,

    I had been informed by Shirleen about your post and queries. I will be glad to get in contact with you over the inquiry in question, and appreciate the gesture of offer.

    My email is I will however reply more over the weekend as I have a heavy agenda week ahead.

    Once again thank you.


  16. Tracy says:

    Hi shirleen,

    Happen to chance upon ur comments on md dermatics. I’m also quite pissed off with my current beauty salon. They just keep pressing me to buy the products every time I visited them, so I do understand how ur friend debbie feels. And each visit, they will intro about 200 dollars products and my visit to them is once every 3 weeks. And when I didn’t visit them on time, they call me everyday. I feel like I’m the fish on their chopping board. May I know where did ur friend bought the product from.

  17. Shirleen says:

    Hi Tracy,

    Why once every 3 weeks, that is too often! Do you have any skin problem? Seems like they are trying to “gatok” you.

    I think my friend bought her products at Ucara.

  18. Jane Wo says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    My face was still red after using for 2-month, although the pigmentation has been lightened. I have stopped for 1 month because I found my face was so dry and irritated. Pimples and more pigmentation came out. Now, I want to start it again, may I know are there any steps to avoid the face being turned red if I want to lighten the pigmentation?

    Night :
    C-Cleanse Clarifying Wash (1)
    Soothing Splash Toner (2)
    Pure Light Skin Lightener (3)
    NightLight Skin Lightener (5) + Renewal Cream (forgot the name)

    Day :
    C-Cleanse Clarifying Wash (1)
    Soothing Splash Toner (2)
    Pure Light Skin Lightener (3)
    LiftOff Exfoliant (4)
    SunLight Essence with SPF15 (6)


  19. Shirleen says:

    Hi Jane,

    I realize you didn’t apply any moisturizer in the day. If I will you, I will stop using any of their products cause you wouldn’t know which is/are the products that cause irritation. Since the products also cause more pimples and pigmentation, I will advise you to think twice before using any of the products again.

    I’m not too if any of the products contain irritant ingredients that will aggravate the skin problems further.

    Btw, I guess you shouldn’t use both Pure Light Skin Lightener and Night Light Skin Lightener at the same time. Not too sure what are the differences. Both similar I guess and I think is too much to use both at the same regimen.

    For the day regimen, try not to use exfoliant in the day as it will make your skin hyper sensitive to the sun. It will cause more pigmentation if insufficient sun protection is given. But anyway, exfoliant should come first before lightener.

  20. Rbuvanaa says:

    Hello There,

    I want to get the Dermactics product, how can i go abot, please advise. Thank you


  21. Aileen says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    I have bought dermatics to lighten my pigmentation, but my consultant recommended me to buy

    C-Cleanse Clarifying Wash (1)
    Soothing Splash Toner (2)
    Pure Light Skin Lightener (3)
    NightLight Skin Lightener (5)
    Sun Protection Complex SP

    she asked me to use the products like following;

    Day :
    C-Cleanse Clarifying Wash (1)
    Soothing Splash Toner (2)
    Pure Light Skin Lightener (3)
    SunLight Essence with SPF15 (6)

    Night :
    C-Cleanse Clarifying Wash (1)
    Soothing Splash Toner (2)
    Pure Light Skin Lightener (3)
    NightLight Skin Lightener (5)

    And i noticed there are no moisturizer,is that ok? pls advise on the steps as well.


  22. Shirleen says:

    Hi Aileen,

    The day regimen seems alright but I don’t understand why you are asked to use both Pure light skin lightener and nightlight skin lightener on the same night regimen.

    Moisturizer is very important, you should incorporate it into the regimen.

  23. Meltina says:

    Hi shirleen,

    I recently bought full set of md dermatics rebirth system product..cleanser, toner, pure brightening, lift exflionant and sunlight..n just yesterday I added revita plus brightening..since I saw in ur post above dat it’s the same function with pure brightening, should I stop using it?

  24. Shirleen says:

    Hi Meltina,

    You will only need to use one pure brightening or similar product on each regimen.

    • Helen says:

      Hi Shirleen,

      I bought the exact same package as Aileen and my beautician just told me to add #4 Lift Off. Renue & Day Calm. Are those necessary as well? She said that it was useless without those 3 other products.

      I am trying to lighten my melasma pigmentation. She also said that I should go back to her shop to do a moisture mask every week. Is that necessary as well or can I just do my own masks at home? Also, These products do not list an expiration date. Any ideas how long they can last?


      • Shirleen says:

        Hi Helen,

        I can’t comment on the products as I don’t understand what your beautician has said “that it was useless without those 3 products”. I don’t get it.

        I don’t see a connection between a moisture mask and pigmentation. How will moisture booster help to lighten the pigmentation? I don’t get it again.

        I have no idea on the duration of their products but usually once a skincare product is opened, it is best to finish it within a year. However, some products may have already expired (after 3 years example) even if it is kept unopened for too long too.

  25. Helen says:

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly Shirleen. I haven’t heard from Ken Chan (Regional Marketing Director for Asia Pacific) after sending him an email to give me a phone number to call to talk to a customer service rep. on how to use their products.

    Anyways, these are the products that I bought online :

    C-Cleanse Clarifying Wash (1)
    Soothing Splash Toner (2)
    Pure Light Skin Lightener (3)
    NightLight Skin Lightener (5)
    Sun Protection Complex SP 36

    I think because I ordered these online and not through my beautician, she tried to tell me that they are useless w/o buying the other 3 from her.

    So, this would be the complete set for my melasma pigmentaion right? I can just use my own moisture mask and cream without purchasing theirs? Should I be using these on a daily basis since it’s a peeling process? My beautician also won’t tell me how to use it unless I buy a facial course from them. Please help.


    • Shirleen says:

      Hi Helen,

      Seriously, stop wasting your money on them. You don’t have to buy any more products from them anymore. All you need is a moisturizer that can be used in the day and night. In fact both Pure Light Skin Lightener and Night Light Skin Lightener have the same benefits.

      Here’s the order :
      Wash >> Toner >> Pure Light Skin Lightener (day) / Night Light Skin Lightener (night) > moisturizer > Sun Protection Complex (day)

    • Didi says:


      Just read that u bought dermatics online, may I know if its cheaper and which website u went ? Cuz I am worried the authenticity ?

  26. Didi says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    Need yr advice on dermatics prdts, if my concern is to fade acne scars n to have a radiant complexion, what should I buy, i can only spend minimum $


  27. Pamela says:

    Shirleen, do the Dermatics products contain hydroquinone which is a banned substance in many countries? Is this ingredient unsafe? I had been using their products for almost 5 years now with amazing results. However recently chanced upon information about the adverse side effects of hydroquinone.

  28. Candice says:

    i dont know why ppl fell into trap to buy this product.
    Yes, it contains HYDROQUINONE , it may cause cancer ( u can do some research ).
    Also, it said MADE in USA. I was wondering of made in USA why can I find here and I m been searching everywhere to see where is manufacture? Do they actually have patent? But neither of them show…I even contacted their district in NEw York. No phone provide, only email. Such as big company why phone number not provide? Why consumers contact and they never got back…for some points made me think. They are not made in USA. So my friend sells those products, but she can’t convince me since I know this product isn’t safe or trust to buy.

    If you guys think it works, then buy, but remember in the long term, you won’t know you will have skin cancer due to Hydroquinone indregredient.

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