Thanks LUX For The Great Gift Box!



I am so delighted to receive this HUGE gift box from Lux and am one of the fortunate bloggers to receive it. I love you guys!! 

It contains some Lux soap bars, some Lux liquid bodywash plus a few Lux shower puffs for use with the liquid bodywash. I reckon I do not have to shop for any body soap bars (for me) and bodywash (for my hubby) for probably a year. Hehehee…


LuxBehaveBeautiful Challenge

Btw, has anyone submitted your video for LuxBehaveBeautiful Challenge? If you haven’t, here’s a gentle reminder to do so. 


Express Your Beauty

All you need is to make a video of yourself behaving beautiful. Send the video to and you may be the lucky 5 to receive an exclusive Lux beauty pack.




To know more about

Lux and Priyanka,

please click here.



Once all the videos are received, Priyanka Chopra will be reviewing them and picks her favourite. You can browse to and be inspired by Priyanka’s latest Lux performance.


Here’s my rendition of behaving beautiful. I beg you please do not faint after watching them. (grins)


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