Madonna : Does Photoshop Or Plastic Surgery Make Her Looks 25 Years Younger?


Although Madonna is in her 50s, she looks nothing like her age. With all these new technologies like photoshop and plastic surgery, one can reverse her age up to 25 years younger.

Although many fans defend that she didn’t have any procedure done but there is a recent rumour that she has obtained a new cosmetic procedure named the ‘ribbon lift’, which lifts up her sagging skin and reportedly took years off her face… It is reported to be available at Beverly Hills clinics for around US$6000. A dissolvable ribbon implant is used to lift neck tissues through a short incision around the earlobe. This 30-minute treatment takes around 2 months for the ribbon to be absorbed. The recovery time is maximum a week and results last from 3 to 5 years.

Madonna not only looks younger but also looks good this year. Some reports also reviewed that she has gone through a face lift, nose job, skin resurfacing and of course Botox injections to hide possible wrinkles.

Before she has recently been photographed looking weird (her cheek looked somewhat deflated) which many people claimed that she has cheek implants that probably ‘gone wrong’. But some doctors think it is the result of ribbon lift. Whatever is the cause, only the closest will know the answer.

Plastic surgeon Alex Karidis gave a recent interview to Grazia magazine about what kind of procedures Madonna has likely gone through. He explained : ‘A tube-like device’ is tunnelled under the skin and has lots of tiny hooks that attach to the muscle and tissue. We then pull it upwards to lift the whole area. It doesn’t appear as if the ribbon has dissolved properly. However, she looks to have cleverly covered it with a loose hairstyle at the Oscars party.

Also check out this video and her wrinkle free new look.

Are they real?

This image has been circulated freely on the internet and many of us have been asking if this is real.

View the gallery to see how photoshop can transform Madonna into different characters.

Louis Vuitton – Madonna Fall Winter 2009 2010 Ad Campaign

Although Madonna is looking so much younger but the photoshop overload does make the vintage theme images portray as bad photo rendering.

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  1. Gotta be surgery with a bit of photoshop. You can see that she has had work done!

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