Lux Invites You To Express Yourself On Its New YouTube Channel


Behaving Beautiful

Lux wants you to play a starring role on its new YouTube channel. Together with Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra, Lux is calling on knowing women from around the globe to show off their most glamorous expression of beauty.  

About the initiative

Lux challenges women to capture that moment, expressing their unique interpretations of beauty on video and sharing them with others. A special channel on YouTube will be hosted by Lux for all women to share their ‘Behave Beautiful’ videos, and seek inspiration by viewing the most recent Lux films.

The women with the most compelling entries will have their moments celebrated and ‘talked about’ on YouTube by former Miss World and Bollywood actress, Priyanka Chopra. The captivating Priyanka is the new international face of Lux and the exclusive celebrity host of the ‘Behave Beautiful’ initiative.



LuxBehaveBeautiful Challenge

If you know you have what it takes and you enjoy expressing your beauty, take up the challenge. Here is how to do it:

1.     Point your browser to and be inspired by Priyanka’s latest Lux performance

2.     Film yourself enjoying and expressing your beauty

3.     Submit your video to Lux and Priyanka at

4.     Celebrate as your video becomes part of the channel

With the Lux ‘Behave Beautiful’ initiative, women everywhere will have a platform to celebrate and express their beauty to an international audience

Be the first five readers to make a video of yourselves behaving beautiful and send it in to us on will get an exclusive Lux beauty packs to say thanks.

Once the videos are received, Lux will be uploading them onto their YouTube channel. Priyanka Chopra will be reviewing the videos to pick her favourite.



Priyanka Chopra says, ‘I have always believed that you are as beautiful as you think you are!  With this new initiative from Lux, we hope to encourage women from across the globe to celebrate and use this platform to enjoy and express their beauty! I‘m truly looking forward to viewing all the entries.’



What is ‘expressing your beauty’ and how do you do it?

‘Expressing your beauty is a term we use for women having that moment.’ Says Sze Tian-Poh, Global Vice President of Lux skin. ‘The moment when she feels on top of her game — she looks great, she’s attracting the right kind of attention and she’s reveling in her beauty.’

He continues ‘It is a positive, empowering moment for women. We know it is acted out in different ways for women in different parts of the world. Priyanka embodies that moment, her confidence, her grace, the sheer pleasure she derives from truly enjoying her beauty. The latest Lux film is a great example of thatmoment captured.’

Lux films as your muse

In film clips, movies and on TV: the Lux woman is confident, beautiful, her movements sensual and she absolutely adores pampering her skin. 

While we all play this role in the privacy of our own homes, few get to play this glamorous role publicly like Lux stars of the past have.  These stars include Judy Garland, Joan Crawford, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sarah Jessica Parker. 

The latest Lux star, Priyanka, says of her involvement in the ‘Behave Beautiful initiative, ‘I’m thrilled that the latest Lux commercial has had such an overwhelming response and we hope that the ‘Behave Beautiful’ initiative will be equally well received!’

There is also a great interview with Priyanka. Find out more.


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