See What I have Bought At Taipei


Below are some of the things I have bought at Taipei.

These 3 pairs of sandals cost at NT$200 (S$9) each.


The pink flowery shoes cost at NT$190 (S$8.50), the gold stripy sandals cost at NT$690 (S$31) and the greyish blue sandals cost at NT$590 ($26.50)


This tube dress costs at NT$300 (S$13.50)


This peach top costs at NT$300 (S$13.50)


This top costs at NT$250 (S$11)


1. Eyeliner in bronze color at NT$378 ($17), 2. Mascara in black color for white hair coverage at NT$399 ($18), 3. Mascara hair highlighter in copper color at NT$280 ($12.60), 4. Black liner with a small brush at NT$378 (S$17)



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