A Peek At Taiwan


So here I am……now at Taiwan having a bad cough. Am suffering from severe insomnia, didn’t manage to sleep at all and I guess is due to my bad coughing. So that’s why I decided to forget about sleeping at 5.30am and do my blogging. 

Just completed my 2nd day trip and wanna to share with you on some photos I have taken. Nothing on me, but just some interesting stall gimmicks and pets. 


this ‘BIG MAC’ ice-cream costs only at NT$10 (S$0.45)

peanut candy – wide variety to choose from

what a retro game stall!

a XL-size biscuit stall

man holding a handwritten banner, it reads ‘NT$100 bag offer, usual price at NT$1000′

an appetizing beef tendon

mushroom tempura

this stall sells stick of potato chips with different flavours

energy-booster drink stall

what ‘I’m good-looking?” yes, everyone says that too!

don’t disturb me, leave me alone please!


Typhoon has strike Taiwan today. All schools and offices are closed. Shops and tourist attractions are closed too. Due to heavy rain and strong wind, it is advisable to stay indoor whole day. I guess I wouldn’t be going anywhere today. Sign………….


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  1. Arsento says:

    In truth, immediately i didn’t understand the essence. But after re-reading all at once became clear.

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