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27 Comments on "Have A Question For Me?"

  1. siqi says:

    HI Shirleen

    Do u know of any asthetic doctors whom can remove moles effectively?

    I have gone to my beautician but the mole is still there.

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Siqi,

    I will recommended Dr Goh from National Skin Centre. He is the senior doctor in the hospital. He has successfully helped to remove the moles on my shoulder, near to waistline area and on my eyelid. Depending on the type of mole, for my case he cuts the skin (minimal area), remove the mole and stitch up the skin. After few years, the scars are almost invisible, he has done great jobs! :-)

  3. Mie says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    I am age 28, however, I have problem with my eyes. I do get an average sleep of 6-8 hours per night, but sometimes in between my sleep was disturbed by my 2 babies who woke up like 2 – 5 times per night.

    I noticed that my eyelid has thinned over the years. This causes my double eye lid isn’t so visible anymore.

    Apart from that, my lower eye area seems to be bluish – thus creating the dark circle effect.

    How and what do you think I can do. I’ve been using aging products to prevent lines. What product do u think is really effective for eye lifting / brigtening. Appreciate your advice alot!!!


  4. Shirleen says:

    Hi Mie,

    Here’s my suggestions :

    For eyelid thinning – causes by aging. There’s nothing much you can do about it. But if you wish to create a more defined double eyelid, you may want to try pasting the transparent sticker (meant for double eyelid) on your eyelid area. I do have the same problem recently (less visible double eyelid) and I’ve used the sticker to help create a wider eyelid and it works wonder.

    Bluish on the lower eye area – there are many causes to it. If it is due to the poor blood circulation, you can try doing ‘point massage’ on the eye area to disperse the blockage. Using your middle finger and press on the 6 points which are inner, middle and outer on your eyebrow and below the eye area.
    Although some cosmetics companies have claimed that vitamin K can help on bruises but there is no proven research done on it yet.
    But if your bluish result is due to the skin thinning (just like your eyelid), and therefore makes the bluish tone more visible. Then you may want to try using vitamin C serum (my favourite is Sisley Vitamin C serum) to help improve the thickness of the skin. Vitamin C can also help to improve collagen production and lighten pigmentation (superficially). Although you are having skin thinning problem on your eyelid, but I won’t recommend you to use the vitamin C serum on this area, just worry it’s too strong for it.

    For good anti-aging eye products, you may want to look for one that contains retinol (the non-prescripted and mildest form of vitamin A). Vitamin A is scientific proven to help exfoliate dead skin cells, reduce fine lines, increase collagen production and stimulate skin renewal. As there are many products contain retinol (mildest vitamin A) but the quantities are so fairy dusting that you may not be able to see much result.

    You may want to check out RoC Multi-Correxion Eye Treatment which contains impressive amount of retinol plus antioxidant ingredients like vitamin C and E. But unfortunately it contains fragrance which can irritate skin.

  5. rach says:

    hi shirleen, i’m 22 this year and experiencing pimple outbreaks on and off. also, i notice i have several small bumps on my face, in addition to the pimples, whenever my mens is nearing. is there any recommended acne products and regime that i can follow?

  6. Shirleen says:

    Hi Rach,

    The pimple outbreaks could be possibly due to the presence of bacterium, therefore your most important step now is to kill this bacterium.

    Benzoyl peroxide is considered the most effective topical disinfectant for the treatment. It comes in concentrations of 2.5%, 5% or 10%. You can start with the lower concentration. Some good benzoyl peroxide products in the market are Clinique Acne Solutions Emergency Gel Lotion, ProActiv Solution Advanced Blemish Treatment or Paula’s Choice Clear Extra Strength Acne Fightening Treatment 5% Benzoyl Peroxide.

    Alternative, instead of using benzoyl peroxide, you can also try using BHA or AHA to help exfoliate the pore lining. If you are having oily acne-prone skin, BHA will be a better choice. And if you having normal or dry skin, or allergic to asprin, AHA is more suitable for you. For good BHA products, check out the Cosmedicine Speedy Recovery Acne Treatment On-the-Spot Gel or Paula’s Choice 1% or 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Gel/Lotion/Liquid. And Paula’s Choice 8% AHA Gel for the AHA product.

    It all depends if the product for benzoyl peroxide or AHA/BHA is treatment or moisturizer, the correct regimen is :
    Toner > exfoliate > treatment > moisturizer > sunblock (for day)

  7. Sierra says:

    Hi shirleen,I am currently 20 this year. I have this problem of blackheads on my nose and cheek, which also makes the pores on my cheek look very big. Besides this, my skin also get oily in the tzone area easily. :( Could you please recommend suitable products for me!! Thank you!!

  8. Shirleen says:

    Hi Sierra,

    The blackheads are caused by clogged pores, most often a consequence of excess sebaceous production and lack of exfoliation. Blackheads are a mix of sebum and old dead skin and you can see them because the sebum has oxidized and turned black.

    I will recommend you to use product that contains either AHA or BHA to loosen the ‘glue’ that holds skin cells together and dissolve oily plugs (sebum). Try using Paula’s Choice 8% AHA gel or Paula’s Choice 1 or 2% BHA lotion. Since you have oily T-zone, BHA will be more suitable for you as BHA can penetrate into the oil glands.

    Don’t expect to see the result immediately. These proven exfoliating ingredients will help to improve your skin in a long run. As these ingredients can be strong for some people, I will recommend you to stop using after every three months.

    You can also used microdermabrasion cream to help exfoliate your skin every once or twice a week. Do not use the AHA or BHA product on the day you are using microdermabrasion cream or scrub cream.

  9. Sie says:

    Hi Shirleen, I would like to ask you whether I can use products that have turned runny. My bb cream have a thick texture. But now I notice that it is a bit runny whenever I squeeze out the product. is it still safe to use?

    Btw, please advise me on what kind of affordable( or mid-range) skincare I can get for my mum who is in her 50s.

    Thank you! :)

  10. Shirleen says:

    Hi Sie,

    As long as the product is less than 12 months, I reckon it is safe to use. I have experienced on some products too and especially if I have stopped using it for a week or so. What I do is that I will discard the watery bit (the first squeezing)and the 2nd or 3rd squeeze should be safe.

    You may want to check out Vichy products (they are pretty good and reasonably priced) and you can visit Guardian outlet @Tanglin Mall to do a skin analysis test and the dermatologist will help advise on the correct products to use.

  11. Jo says:

    Hi Shirleen

    Love ur blog. U dun look like ur age. Also comes to know about QUeenie and OMG, she also looks so young..

    Anywhere, want to check do u think a bad skin can ever turn good again? I am in thirties and still having pimples. Skin is very very sensitive and has scars on it.what would u recommend? I am really losing faith. Currently using avene moisturer and sunscreen.. Sometimes will put on mineral make up to hide my scars but it does not hide my redness so it looks very ugly.. Esteme is truely effected

  12. Shirleen says:

    Hi Jo,

    Thanks for your compliment. :-)

    Definitely, a bad skin can turn good again. Have you tried consulting a doctor regards to your skin problem? Don’t lose faith, I believe there will be a solution to your skin problem. I’m not an expert but I reckon I can give you some tips based on my knowledge.

    You claimed you have sensitive skin and pimples, are your skin dehydrated or oily? To be truth, no product in the market can eliminate scars and these so-called scar-removal products can only help to pump up the scars using hydrating ingredients and all these results are just temporary. Some may contain exfoliating ingredients that help to remove the dead skin cells on the surface and reduce the look of scars. You may want to try non-invasive treatment. There are a few treatments that are claimed to eliminate scars but frankly a lot of researches/studies need to be done before deciding on which is best suit for your skin.

    For the redness, are you suffering from rosacea or inflammation? You can try using a green prima before your foundation or using Benefit You’re Bluffing product. This Benefit product is good at concealing the redness on the skin.

  13. jo says:


    Used to see a doc when i was young. but they will only recommend me to eat antibiotics which i dun want. used to do peels but it makes my face worse.

    Now using avene products for moisturer and sunscreen. Never apply other things..

    Actually i hate to put make up on my face cause i feel clogged.. properly i will give the green concealer a try. thanks

  14. Shirleen says:

    Hi Jo,

    Do you want to give Vichy Normaderm a try? This Vichy range of products help to treat oiliness, redness, clogged pores and acne. You may want to do a skin check at Guardian Tanglin Mall Vichy counter. There will be a dermatologist to assist you on the products that are suitable for your skin needs.

    My Vichy challenger has used the products for 2 weeks and her skin has improved significantly.

  15. Mai says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    Sorry this is not a question but i just want to know if u have posted reviews on your Tony Moly’s purchases. I tried searching but could not find any. I’m very interested to try their products but want to see if its worth the hype. Thanks.

  16. Shirleen says:

    Hi Mai,

    So far, I have only tested the Tony Moly Makeup Eraser which I like it a lot. I have yet to use any of their complimentary skincare products.

    Hope to review one of their products soon. Am concentrating on some whitening products from other brands now.

  17. Mai says:

    Hello Shirleen,

    Thanks for your reply. Can’t wait for your review :)

    Is it OK for you to consult me if my skincare regime is acceptable? I’m turning 30 soon & i have combination skin (oily mostly on nose & chin areas). I experience breakouts sometimes at random areas but i noticed most are usually concentrated on my chins. Also there are tiny bumps on my chin that just won’t budge. I also have pigmentations issue on both my cheeks. Both problems have been there for as long as i can remember!

    I stopped wearing sunscreen about 2 years ago since i couldn’t find something that is suitable. Most are either too oily or too white for my tone. However i recently started using Beauty Credit BB Cream & so far i’m liking it except that it is a tad white.

    This is my skincare regime:

    Cleanser -> Toner -> Moisturizer with SPF 15 -> BB Cream.

    Cleanser -> Toner -> Sleeping Pack Mask.

    I use Clarisonic every night to when cleaning my face. I dont use scrubs or masks. The products that i used are all from this MLM company called 4Life.

    Please do advice me if i need more products to be incorporated in my regime. Sorry for the long post ;)

  18. Shirleen says:

    Hi Mai,

    I reckon there are two possibilities for the cause of tiny bumps. They are most likely due to the rich products you are using or the pores are clogged. You may want to exfoliate your skin to help clear up the pores with Paula’s Choice 1 or 2% BHA Gel/Lotion (your preference).

    As for pigmentation, I have recently tested the Lancome Blanc Expert Melanolyser Spot Eraser which I find it pretty good. My pigment spots have seem to be lighter. This is an intensive pigment treatment product and you will only need to apply on the problem spots. You can only try the Clarins White Plus Brightening Peel or Exfoliator. But are great exfoliants that will help remove the surface of dead cells and reduce melanin production.

    It is essential to apply sunscreen in the day because it will help protect your skin from UV damage, delay skin aging and prevent further pigmentation formation. There is no point of using whitening products if you are not protecting your skin with sunscreen.

    If oiliness and white cast are your reason for not using a sunscreen, you may wanna check out the DHC Acne Care UV Protection Milk SPF 50 PA++. It’s super lightweight and non-oily. It comes with a beigy shade that helps to even up the skin tone.

    As for your regimen, you may want to cut down on Sleeping Pack Mask and alternative it with another moisturizer. I personally do not feel comfortable of using a sleeping mask every night.

  19. Mai says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    Thanks for the recommendations.

    I will definitely try the BHA Gel. In your opinion, which works better -Lancome/Clarins/Paula’s Ligtening Lotion? Another concern : Since i’m using the Clarisonic cleansing tool, will adding an exfoliant be too much for my skin?

    I do not have any acne problem, is it still ok to use the DHC sunscreen? I was thinking of trying the Kiehl’s Ultra Light one.

    The sleeping pack mask is actually a hydrating gel that induce sleep (coz of the lavender scent). Been using it for a week now. Bought from Korean brand – Beauty Credit.

    Interested to try the Hada Labo SHA lotion. Will it be too rich for my combi skin?

  20. Nor says:

    Hi shirleen. I’m 24 years old. I have chicken pox scar marks recently and i’ve been looking for the best scar treatment cream(i’m skeptical),i found one with quite convincing reviews and testimonials,it’s Revitol Scar Treatment Cream,have you heard about it? Does it work on asian skin?

  21. Shirleen says:

    Hi Nor,

    I’m not familiar with this brand and I’ve never heard of this product before.

  22. Nor says:

    hi shirleen. Thank you for your reply. Can u recommend me any scar treatment products? I just bought Bio-oil tho, decided to give it a try,i saw it in your product review. I’m just scared if bio-oil might breakout my skin.

  23. Shirleen says:

    Hi Nor,

    In order to avoid breakout, you don’t have to apply too much. Apply on the targeted spots will do.

  24. Jaz says:

    Hey:) im 18years with african,oily,acne prone,kinda sensitive skin. I was wondering if simple kind to skin facial wash and its hydrating light moisturiser would be good for my skin type? Currently, i have acne on my forehead and nose, visible open pores on my cheeks,and a REALLY oily face,,help?

  25. Shirleen says:

    Hi Jaz,

    You may wanna check out Paula’s Choice products, they have pretty good acne products that may suit you.


  26. mei says:

    Glad 2 know u :) what the good doc 4 eyebag surgery? What the good brand 4 BB cream? Thx

  27. Shirleen says:

    Hi Mei,

    I’ve done my eyebag surgery by Dr Woffles Wu and I’m not really pleased with the result.

    For good BB cream, I will recommend Lancome. :-)

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