8 Reasons On Why I Wouldn’t Go For
A Surgical Face-lift

Most of us have at one time or another wished we could somehow change the face with which we were born, or erase the signs of aging we have developed over the years.

In the quest for ‘perfection’, many woman have decided to permanently change the way they look through plastic surgery, believing such drastic measures will improve not only their features, but also their lives.

To be true, I’m actually quite afraid of aging. When a woman hits a certain age, it’s only natural to consider some type of cosmetic surgery. Woman feels so much pressure to resist aging that they begin to look for anything possible to make them look and feel younger.

What is face-lift?

A properly done face-lift can create an elegant, beautifully restored youthful facial appearance. The face-lift tightens facial skin and removes jowls, tightens the neck and removes the platysmal bands. The brow is elevated and the cheek and the malar fat pad are restored to their youthful position over the cheek bone. The nasal-labial fold is tightened and while the nasal-labial fold line does not disappear, the middle third of the face is freshened significantly. 

What can a face-lift do?

It can restore the firmness and integrity of your youthful face, remove jowls and sagging neck, lift the cheek, lift the brow and generally tighten loose, sagging facial skin. 

What can a face-lift not do?

A face-lift can not freshen the surface of the skin, remove wrinkles and sun damage, brown spots and dry, hard skin.

The result of a face-lift can be dramatically improved by inserting a chin implant, which gives the patient a beautiful jaw line and youthful neck.

In fact, I can tell what a facelift would look like by lifting the skin by the temples. I push against my temples and move my fingers upward. By doing that, my face looks about 10 years younger.

Although surgical facelift can help to make my face look probably 10 years younger but frankly when it comes to surgery, it will be my last resort.

I will only consider surgery unless :

All non-surgery medical therapies have failed.

No medical therapies exist which can produce as effective a result or cure as surgery. 

However, my aging problems not only consists of loose, sagging facial skin but also brown spots and fine lines. Therefore, by doing surgical face-lift alone will not help all the problems.

8 reasons why I wouldn’t go under the knife :

1. There are more newer non-surgical treatments available for reversal of facial aging which are better, more effective, safer and able to treat other aging skin like dark spots and fine lines.

2. It doesn’t have the long term benefit unlike some non-invasive treatments which are able to help for the production of collagen and improve skin texture.

3. There is a risk that face-lift will make my skin look tight, pulled or unnatural. 

4. My fate lies on the surgeon’s hands and the result is not guarantee.

5. There may be possible complications which include : bleeding, infection, scarring, skin loss and hair loss.

6. There may be loss of feeling in the face and permanent paralysis of my face.

7. Asymmetry or differences in the right and left sides of the face, lumps and bumps.

8. There’s a possibility on recurrence of sagging.


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