Regain Your Youthfulness With Time Machine?


I was really amazed by what I saw on one of the The Straits Times advertisement the other day. The header reads : “Let Turn Back The Clock” & Regain Your Youthfulness. I was laughing at how stupid can this idea be. The copy reads : Stimulate your 480 face muscles at the speed of 21000 times and your youthfulness is within your reach! OH MY GOD!!! What sort of crap is that?

It is claimed as the TIME TREATMENT using the LATEST TECHNOLOGY TIME MACHINE. Although it cost cheaply at $38 per session. But how would you expect to regain your youthfulness with just $38. Please don’t fool by them with this ridiculous claim.

Skeptical marketing claims

This Time Machine is claimed to use silicone air pressure, is an ancient acupuncture therapy. Made in Paris and it is said to treat anti-aging, hydrating and firming. 

The true fact

Although it is true when treating wrinkles, you have to treat not only the skin, but the underlying muscle layer and the loss of fat as well. Wrinkles is caused by aging damage to the deeper layers of the skin – the dermis. But I don’t understand how this Time Machine could actually stimulate the deeper layers that require the energy to pass through the epidermis (the upper layer)? Is there a scientific prove to support their claims, I doubt there is.

Unlike new generation of infrared light and radiofrequency machines like Titan and Thermage. The collagen in the dermis of the skin can be reached and treated by these machines.

My point of view

I wouldn’t buy it. I will save up the money and go for a good non-invasive treatment which are proven to reverse the signs of aging.

My alternative choice

To reverse signs of aging – Retin A 

Hydrating – exfoliating treatment (to remove dead skin cells)

Firming – Titan and Thermage

Collagen booster – vitamin C


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