Cleansing Facial? No Thanks For Me!


Many friends will always ask me the same question ‘Do you go to a facialist regularly for cleansing facials?’

NO OF COURSE! Then they ask again ‘But how do you achieve a radiance skin? Well I say ‘The open secret is to have a correct daily regimen and regular exfoliating which are easily achievable.’

To me, cleansing facial is really a waste of money and is a bull shit. Believe me, I may able to convince them to take up packages if I have a beauty spa.

Facialists steam your face and try to clean your pores by messing with them one by one. The chance of infection under these conditions is very high. This cleansing process doesn’t help to reduce the pore size at all. 

I will prefer to remove the whiteheads and blackheads either using AHA or microdermabrasion treatment. These 2 have proven to reduce my pores significantly. 

Marketing Tricks

Nowadays, many complicated multi-step facial procedures with fancy names are available at spas. They make you feel good and cared for, and there is a place for that. However, the results are minimal and entirely temporary. Other than cleansing facial, other most common treatments are skin rejuvenation, firming, acne, whitening, dark eye circles.

But sadly most of them are so superficial that they only make you feel good temporary but they do not have any long term benefits to the skin. I will prefer to buy products with proven ingredients and treat my skin daily then solely depend on the monthly rejuvenation. How do you expect the treatment works for you if you only expect to combat your skin problems only once a month.

Many times, if no result is shown and package is finishing, the beauty consultant will convince the consumer to sign up more treatments to get result. Don’t fool by them, if it really works, you will usually able to some some visible improvement after the second treatment. If not, don’t bother!

Based on my experience

In my opinion it is much more important to stimulate and protect my skin daily. If the daily regimen and products used are correct, I will able to see the result much faster and permanent than if I depend solely on monthly facial. 

A gentle note

Treat your skin the same way as your body. Will you prefer to take good care of your body than to visit the doctor regularly?


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