Shirleen’s Passion For Blogging Continues!


Lately, I have not been very active on my blog and have been neglecting my loyal readers for a while. And I believe I have lost some of them recently. My bad as I’ve been extremely busy juggling my day job, blogging and personal life at the same time.

Just to let you know I have recently accepted an overseas job offer and I will be relocating to Beijing very soon! However, I wouldn’t be able to attend any event in Singapore moving forward. But I will try my best to sneak back to SG as often as I can. My passion for blogging doesn’t stop here! Blogging is still part of my life and this passion will stay with me indefinitely…. I promise!

The good thing is I might be able to travel to US (for work) and probably Seoul or Japan (for leisure) pretty often. The distance between Beijing to Seoul and Japan are reasonably near. Instead of advertorial posts which I have been doing pretty often lately, if based in the foreign country I will get to do more reviews, share my favorite products and uncover new products from US, Seoul and Japan.

And I will like to introduce my co-blogger Carol! She loves beauty stuff and aesthetic treatments as much as I do! Please join me in welcoming her to WomenLoveBeauty! She will be attending future events on behalf of me when I’m not around. :D

Once I arrive at Beijing, I will probably be in low profile for the first few weeks and do bear with me for a while as I will need to settle down and set up the VPN as soon as I can. Don’t forget me please! I promise I will be back real soon! SEE YA! :D


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