5 Ways To Save On Beauty Products


I believe many of you are aware that beauty comes from within. But it also never hurts to look fresh, classy, and ready to take on the day: and this is where certain beauty products can help. However, the cost of products can quickly add up, so I’ve created this list of easy ways that may help to save on your beauty products.

1.     Make your own products with DIY recipes

From facial cleansers, body lotion, to lip balm – there are plenty of recipes out there to show you how to create your own beauty products. In fact, I have bought 2 books on homemade beauty early last year but I have yet to try any of the recipe.

2.     Go to the drugstore (like Watsons) for beauty products

Don’t be fooled by expensive brands: some drug-store products are just as (if not more) effective. Watson’s is a good place for this.

3.     Save up to 40% on beauty products when traveling

Perfumes & Cosmetics at Singapore Changi Airport offers up to 40% off downtown prices for cosmetic products. You can also save 7% GST when you shop at the airport too. In addition, many beauty brands offer great travel exclusive sets too.

4.    Sample before you buy

Many brands like Kiehl’s, Clarins and Sephora encourage the consumers to try before they buy. To help address your individual skin concerns, they also provide personalized skincare consultation and a few samples were be given to you upon the consultation.

5.     Save on beauty with digital coupons

Shopping online is increasingly becoming more popular and easier in Singapore.  If you are planning on buying products online (e.g. from Luxola, the biggest beauty products retailer in SEA), then check to see if there are online coupons available.


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