How Cosmetics Packaging Turn Me Off


It may be true that you don’t need to spend a lot just to buy an expensive skincare product with nice packaging. Because most of the time, we are paying for the cost of the packaging and marketing rather than the ingredients in it. 

But lately I have accoutered some irritating incidents with packagings of some non-expensive skincare products that really turn me off.


The first product 

When I use this product, some cream will appear on the tip at the bottom whenever I gently press out the required cream from the actual opening.

I didn’t notice there’s an opening gap, until I realized my palm or fingers are dirtied with cream. At first, I thought I must have pressed too much earlier, but after a few occurrances happened again, that’s when I start to find out where are the excess cream come from.  

Though the gap is quite small, abt 2-3mm, but it is big enough to let out the excess. 


Bad quality control check!



The second product

There’s another packaging that also annoys me at times. This design comes with a mini ‘cover’ to close the product.

So whenever I ‘close’ the product, the excess cream will fill out and I have to use a tissue to wipe off the excess.


Inapplicable design!


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