A Surprise Gift From BRAND’S To Beat The Haze & Maintain A Beautiful Skin


brand's bird's nest with rock sugar

Recently, I was pleased to receive a surprise parcel from BRAND’S and it contains a box of Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar. Each box contains 6 bottles (in 68ml) of Bird’s Nest.

The recent haze condition, highest 3-hour PSI reading at 401 (I think), has wreaked havoc on our body and pose serious health risk especially for those with lung disease or respiratory illness. Wearing N95 mask or stay indoor is an ideal option however we can’t avoid the haze completely as most of us will need to commute from home to work on the weekdays anyway.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicinal teachings, bird’s nest has been known to help cleanse the lungs, regulate the respiratory system and strengthen the immune system. In addition, bird’s nest has the ability to promote health and maintain a beautiful skin.

As the haze and even the pollution may have an impact on our respiratory and cardiovascular system that cause short term effects like throat irritation and breathlessness, consuming bird’s nest may help to eliminate the toxins from the haze and pollution. Bird’s nests contain glycoprotein, which help to enhance immunity and cleanse the lungs.

brand's bird's nest with rock sugar

BRAND’S Bird’s Nest is all-natural with no preservatives and/or artificial flavoring. It undergoes a stringent more than 140 quality control processes to ensure the consumer gets nothing less than the best in every bottle.

brand's bird's nest with rock sugar

Do you know BRAND’S was the first to introduce the concept of bottled bird’s nest in 1982, making it extremely convenient for consumers to enjoy the traditional Chinese delicacy anytime, anywhere. Wow!

brand's bird's nest with rock sugar

I’m pleased to know that BRAND’S ensures all bird’s nests it uses undergo intensive tests to ensure it is 100% genuine. BRAND’S chooses only the top-quality bird’s nest from the natural caves, and procures its bird’s nest only from accredited suppliers with sustainable harvesting practices.

So far, I’ve tried out a bottle of the BRAND’S Bird’s Nest and it tastes really nice! The sweetness is just right. I’ve taken it warm by steaming the bottle in boiling water for about 5 minutes. Many thanks to BRAND’S Singapore for the products! :D


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