[Sharing] Shiseido Launched New TSUBAKI 2013 – With New Formulation & Packaging


TSUBAKI, launched in 2006, has been leading the hair care market in Japan with a record total number of shipments of over 270 million units.

Shiseido TSUBAKI 2013

In 2013, Shiseido introduced the latest TSUBAKI 2013 that is enriched with new formulation and comes with a new packaging.

To get shiny and lustrous hair, Shiseido studied on the amount of melanin found in the black hair of Japanese women and realized that black hair contain more melanin than other shades. The new findings have shown that exposure to UV or heat causes hair damage and most importantly the loss of melanin within the hair fiber. This results the loss of melanin holes that leads to lost of shine and luster.

The new TSUBAKI 2013 is now enriched with Arginine, melanin hole repair ingredient, an essential natural amino acid that can be found in nuts, soybeans, brown rice, raisins and milk. Hair coated with melanin hole repair ingredient reflects light evenly from the inner fiber of hair. Arginine completely repairs melanin holes to allow light rays to penetrate the hair shaft and to be reflected beautifully, resulting in a lustrous, dullness-free shine. It is also said to help maintain a deep luster with saturated color and contrasting shine.

The new TSUBAKI is also formulated with Camellia oil to repair the cuticle. This new key ingredient smoothes and softens the hair fiber which allows beautiful light reflection with shininess. The new TSUBAKI also contains a UV protective ingredient to cut daily UV radiation, which causes hair melanin and protein to be lost and protect hair from UV damage.

Shiseido TSUBAKI 2013

The packaging of new TSUBAKI keeps the original shape and features a softer design. The camellia flowers express the soft and supple image of each three lines.

Shiseido TSUBAKI 2013

The 550ml bottle features a shrink-wrap outer package, which is able to be torn-off easily when customers start to use.

The new TSUBAKI comprises of 3 ranges with TSUBAKI HEAD SPA Scalp Care, TSUBAKI Damage Care and TSUBAKI Shining.

Shiseido TSUBAKI 2013

TSUBAKI HEAD SPA Scalp Care helps obtain lustrously resilient hair with volume from the roots. It contains Camellia Flower Essence, an anti-inflammatory and a hair moisturizing agent. Camellia Flower Essence helps prevent scalp inflammation which may cause newly grown hair to lack firmness and elasticity. It promotes scalp health for the growth of firm and supple hair. The range comprises of a Shampoo (S$19.90 for 550ml), Conditioner (S$19.90 for 550ml), Extra Cleansing (S$15.90 for 280ml) and Hair Mask (S$22.90 for 180g).

Shiseido TSUBAKI 2013

TSUBAKI Damage Care deeply repairs dry and brittle hair for smoothness from the roots to the ends. It contains Camellia Repair Butter to deeply repair and moisture damaged dry hair. The range comprises of a Shampoo (S$18.90 for 550ml and S$8.90 for 220ml), Conditioner (S$18.90 for 550ml and S$9.90 for 220ml), Damage Care Treatment (S$16.90 for 200ml) and Hair Mask (S$21.90 for 180g).

Shiseido TSUBAKI 2013

TSUBAKI Shining is blended with Camellia Leaf Essence that conditions damaged cuticles and creates shine and moisture. The Camellia Leaf appears glossy and moist because of the well-developed custicular on its surface. The range comprises of a Shampoo (S$17.90 for 550ml and S$8.90 for 220ml), Conditioner (S$17.90 for 550ml and S$8.90 for 220ml), Shining Treatment (S$15.90 for 200ml) and Shining Hair Mask (S$19.90 for 180g).

The new reformulated TSUBAKI 2013 full range will be available exclusively at Watsons from 4 July 2013.

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