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bys nail polish

Recently, I have attended a cozy event organized by Pacodis to preview their latest launch – BYS Nail Polish Collection. Designed and developed by Australia Melbourne, BYS Nail Polish is now exclusively available at Watsons Singapore from October 2012 onwards. It offers a wide range of fun and fashionable colors such as Basics, Colour Change, Neons, Mirror Finish and many more, at very affordable prices from S$6.90 to S$9.90 only.

BYS Nail Polish Collection actually offers more than 1000 nail colors and and is growing by the day. Pacodis is proud to launch selection ranges in Singapore.

Attended by about 10 bloggers, the private event was held at TARA apothecary which was founded by Pacodis, the same company that carries brands such as PUPA Body, PUPA Makeup, Mavala and Murad Skincare.

mavala nail polishes

You will be able to get these brands at all TARA apothecary Beauty Spas.

bys makeup

bys makeup

bys makeup

In addition to nail polishes, BYS also offers eye, face, lip makeup products which will likely be available in Singapore next year.

bys nail polishes

BYS, best known for its Nail Polish Collection, uses a French based formula that is quick drying, long wearing, chip resistant and free of formaldehyde. The range includes Basics, Colour Change, Neons and Mirror Finish.

The BASICS range, priced at S$6.90, showcases a variant of rainbow shades ranging from nude hues, passionate reds and oranges, happy pinks and purples to grungy blue tones.

bys colour change nail polish

Showcasing some of the colors under Colour Change Range (above). BYS Colour Change Nail Enamel, priced at S$9.90, changes with your temperature. If you are a cool cat one minute and hot under the collar the next, BYS Colour Change Nail Enamel will keep you fun and fashionable whatever your mood!

Other ranges of nail polishes I’ve also previewed include Chromes, Neons, Mirror Finish, UV, Leopard Print, Cracked Nail Polish, Glitters, Quake, Matte, Scented and many more, prices ranging from S$6.90 to S$9.90.

Neons range, priced at S$8.90, brightens us up with shockingly vivid colors! BYS see the neon trend reinvented, with sweet-candy brights replacing day-gio. These eye-popping shades certainly makes you stand out from the crowd.

Mirror Finish range, priced at S$8.90, gives a mirror effect that dazzle and delight with its molten liquid metal look.

We were having a great time trying out the colors, full of fun and laughter, I truly enjoyed the whole event!

Received a lovely heart-shaped box that contains 3 BYS nail polishes upon the event. Many thanks to Pacodis! :D Do check out the BYS Nail Polish Collection, now exclusively available at Watsons Singapore.


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