My SK-II’s 10-day STEMPOWER Challenge


As we know aging is inevitable and it is believed it starts as early as early 20s. I have to confess, I’m terribly afraid of getting old! (entering my mid 40s next year) Friends who know me well are aware that I almost go insane because of it…….. <pulling hair> Thanks to the new innovation in skincare in the recent years, aging can now be delayed or may even reverse.


Recently, I was privileged to be invited to take part in SK-II’s 10-day STEMPOWER Challenge. I was so excited about it that I accepted it without hesitation.

SK-II STEMPOWER, the latest anti-aging series from SK-II, boasts the power of Stem-Acanax — a proprietary new ingredient from SK-II derived from the rare Siberian Ginseng, that works in synergy with Pitera, SK-II’s miracle ingredient, to empower women to experience radical firmness in 10 days.

SK-II first launched the SK-II STEMPOWER at Changi Airport (Perfumes & Cosmetics) on 1st June 2012 and the full series at all SK-II counters in Singapore from 15th August 2012. The SK-II STEMPOWER series comprise of SK-II STEMPOWER (S$149.00 in 50g & S$219.00 in 80g), STEMPOWER Rich Cream (S$209 in 50g) and STEMPOWER Cream Compact Foundation (S$101.00).



Before I present my 10-day BEFORE and AFTER experiences on SK-II STEMPOWER, let me give you a brief insight on SK-II STEMPOWER and the importance of skin’s radical firmness.

SK-II deep research into epidermal root cells had led to the discovery that with age, the activity of epidermal root cells declines, causing loss of skin’s radical firmness. The loss of skin’s radical firmness is one of the root causes for the appearance of multiple skin aging signs such as wrinkles, sagging, loss of radiance, compromised texture, loss of skin elasticity, larger pores, loss of hydration and a sallow complexion.

The SK-II Stem-Acanax complex, a combination of Stem-Acanax and a high concentration of SK-II’s signature ingredient Pitera, help to stimulate epidermal root cell activity to promote the formation of lift-proteins which is critical in improving skin’s epidermal radical firmness.

Both moisturizers, SK-II STEMPOWER and STEMPOWER Rich Cream, are formulated with Stem-Acanax complex, that helps to address multiple skin signs of aging to see radical firmness in 10 days.

The enriched formula in SK-II STEMPOWER Rich Cream, which is enriched with a high concentration of the SK-II Stem-Acanax Complex and Pitera and has 49% more of skin conditioning ingredients, helps to deliver a higher hydration level and improves skin with multiple signs of skin aging by creating a higher skin barrier function.

During the 10-day STEMPOWER Challenge, I’ve used the SK-II STEMPOWER in the day and SK-II STEMPOWER Rich Cream at night.

SK-II STEMPOWER has a lighter texture which doesn’t leave any greasy residue on my skin upon application. SK-II STEMPOWER Rich Cream has a super rich texture which is extremely nourishing for my dehydrated skin. Though it’s pretty rich for some people, I actually love the texture very much especially I’m sleeping in an air-con room at night!


BEFORE the 10-day STEMPOWER Challenge

Prior to the Challenge, I was required to visit one of the SK-II beauty counter at a leading departmental store to have a personalized beauty counseling session with an SK-II Beauty Counselor to find out my very own Ageless Vector score with SK-II’s Magic Ring. I’ve visited the SK-II beauty counter at Metro Paragon.

sk-ii ageless vector

Spotted this interesting prop to demonstrate SK-II’s five critical dimensions of skin (spot control, radiance enhancement, texture refinement, firmness power and wrinkle resilience) that affect the vibrancy and clarify of skin. These five crucial signs of aging can be transformed to crystal clear skin with SK-II products.

Magic Ring, the newest skin diagnostic tool exclusively developed by SK-II’s Research & Development Innovation Centre in Kobe Japan, is used to measure individual’s Ageless Vector.

Above image : taken before challenge.

Ageless Vector, a first-ever measurement tool, is a new skin image analysis parameter which measures the angle of sagging or lack of firmness. By analyzing the length and directionality of fine lines and wrinkles from the upper to lower cheek – the two obvious ‘sagging’ points on the face – the Ageless Vector calculates the skin’s radical firmness, where the larger the angle of fine lines and wrinkles, the greater the decline in skin firmness.

My overall BEFORE challenge results were just satisfactory, scoring at :

Texture Refinement – 50%
Firmness Power – 59%
Wrinkle Resilience – 62%
Spot Control – 83%
Radiance Enhancement – 64%


Upon the beauty counseling session, I was presented with some trial sampling including cleanser, toner and Repair C to be used during the 10-day Challenge in addition to the SK-II STEMPOWER and STEMPOWER Rich Cream. This personalized anti-aging skincare regimen is designed and optimized to meet my skin’s aging needs.

My regimen : Cleanser > Toner > Facial Treatment Essence > Repair C > STEMPOWER (day) / STEMPOWER Rich Cream (night)


AFTER the 10-day STEMPOWER Challenge

Upon 10 days, I’ve visited the same SK-II beauty counter at Metro Paragon for a test session again to find out my Ageless Vector ‘AFTER’ score with SK-II’s Magic Ring.

There’s an improvement on my FIRMNESS POWER result. There’s a reduction of 4% (from 33% to 29%) as compared to my BEFORE result. The lowered angle indicates a better result!

Each degree of change indicates approximately one year’s loss in skin firmness which means a 10 degree improvement is equivalent to improving 10 years of visible firmness.

The WRINKLE RESILIENCE scores well too. I’m now 25% above average (from 12% previously) as compared to the women around my age.

However, there’s a slight drop of 4% on the TEXTURE REFINEMENT.

There’s a 3% improvement on SPOT CONTROL, scoring at 36% (previously at 33%) above average than women around my age.

There are two results on SPOT CONTROL, visible (above) and invisible (below).

Wow! The result shows that there are pretty much more ‘invisible’ spots as compared to the visible spots. Oh NO!!

My RADIANCE ENHANCEMENT scores well too! I’m 20% above average than women around my age.

After the 10-day Challenge, my final results are :

Texture Refinement – 46% (down from 50%)
Firmness Power – 72%
(UP from 59%)
Wrinkle Resilience – 75%
(UP from 62%)
Spot Control – 86%
(UP from 83%)
Radiance Enhancement – 70%
(UP from 64%)

TOTAL SCORE : 73% (UP from 60%)

With a complete SK-II regimen for both day and night, I’m very pleased to be able to see radical firmness in just 10 days. Upon the 10-day challenge, my skin does feel less oily and more hydrated. My foundation stays very well on skin and it doesn’t run at all!

Many thanks to SK-II Singapore for extending this challenge to me and the lovely STEMPOWER products. :D


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  1. Nadsya Matsu says:

    I tried the MagicRing too for the first time last March. Got 48%! Goodness

    • Shirleen says:

      Hi Nadsya,

      You may want to go back and retest again. Hormones changes during menstrual cycle, stress, lack of skin hydration or sleep may affect the result.

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