My 3rd Japan Trip – Beauty Products I’ve Bought & Found In Japan!

This is another long overdue post which I suppose to blog about it many months ago. Oh well I did it again! Due to blah blah blah……………. (excuses, excuses, excuses) I missed it completely. Well, it’s better late than never. <grinning>

Last year, as you may not be aware I’ve made my third trip to Japan. At Hokkaido Sapporo, I have came across a couple of beauty products which I will be sharing below and I thought may be of interest to you. Plus showcasing some of the beauty products I’ve bought during the trip too.

It’s gonna be a super long post with lots of pictures! :D

This is one of the drugstores at Sapporo I’ve visited.

I swear this DUP Eyelashes is so far the best fake eyelashes I’ve tried before. The prices are relatively high actually but I guess it’s worth it. Priced at (left to right) : ¥1260 = S$19.60 (excl tax) and ¥1050 = S$16.40 (excl tax).

I have been reusing this pair of eyelashes for almost 10 times and they’re still looking intact. Amazing!

These are the testers and what a brilliant idea for the consumers to “try out” the lashes!

Displaying a partial range of DUP Eyelashes.

There are so many choices of fake eyelashes to choose from!

Was running out of loose powder during the time and decided to buy these 2 powders. Priced at (left to right) : ¥1575 (inc tax) = S$24.50 and ¥1890 (inc tax) = S$29.40.

The Chacott Enriching Powder (right) is my second Chacott Loose Powder. I like its fine texture very much however I’ve picked the whole shade for my skin tone. Upon application, my skin appears one to two shades darker than my usual skin tone. Though not very obvious, I will still continue using it as I really love its super-fine non-drying powder very much.

I’ve yet to test the other ‘whitening’ Marshmallow Puff Powder on the left.

Comparing two ranges of Chacott powders.

Marshmallow Puff Powder comes in 5 different finishing – yellow, lilac, pink, green and blue. I have bought the green packing that has brightening benefit. I have yet to try it. ¥1,575 = S$23

Seriously, there is a wide selection of loose powders to choose from. I’ve actually spent more than an hour just to pick those two loose powders above.

Bought one of these Excel Clear Lucent powders during the second trip but only managed to test it after my third trip to Japan. One of the best loose powders I’ve tested so far! Will definitely stock this up when I visit Japan next round.

Spotted this ONLY MINERALS powder which is claimed to be No. 1 in Japan formulated with 100% minerals. The bundle set comes with a kabuki brush.

I came across this interesting Only Minerals Concealer Powder set (comes with a brush) that is believed to be formulated with skincare benefits, help conceal imperfections such as blemishes, pigment spots and scar marks.

Finally managed to spot the Chacott range of colors!

Tempted to buy this BB Powder which is pretty cheap. ¥980 = S$15.20

This Exbeaute Compact Foundation or Powder seems unbelievable! It is claimed to help conceal the enlarged pores beautifully.

Feel like getting this dainty Love Clover Blush that comes with a fluffy puff too. Priced at ¥1680 = S$26.20.

I couldn’t remember the reason of taking these pictures (taken these 3 images above so many months ago). Silly me! I reckon I wanna share the Bourjois Flower Perfection Collection with my readers as the range was newly launched at that time. This collection is not available in Singapore.

I realized Japan cosmetics brands love to design the cheek blush in either with a sponge or fluffy puff applicator. This Sofina AUBE Blush (top picture) is priced at ¥2058 = S$32.

Coffret D’or Smile Up Cheek from Kanebo comes with 4 beautiful colors (pink, peach, rose and orange) that blend well for a natural look. Priced at ¥2415 = S$37.60.

I do not really like this double eyelid stretch tape (¥1050 = S$16.40) and I find it super challenging to use it. Probably I’m not used to its stretchable material. I actually prefer the traditional non-stretchable version. After a few bad attempts, I’ve stopped using it. It is now chucked in one corner. Maybe it is more suitable for those without double eyelids.

Found some pretty nail stickers.

Bought this Shiseido W Melanofocus refill at ¥7378 = S$115. Though it’s very expensive but it’s very good!

Looking for a whitening product in Japan is so easy breezy. I came across this newly launched Suisai Whitening Essence from Kanebo. Priced at ¥4998 = S$77.90.

I would say this Sofina Beaute SPF50+ PA+++ is one of the best sunscreen I’ve tested before. It comes in 4 variations (couldn’t remember the differences between the 4). Didn’t realize I’ve bought this until I was writing this post. My goodness! Can’t remember the price too.

Meishoku Organic Rose Skin Conditioner is a face conditioner with rose essence which can also be used as a pre-face lotion. This Skin Conditioner is claimed to help tightens open pores, preventing makeup from crumbling, removing excess facial oil and preventing dry skin.

Here’s the Meishoku Organic Rose Skin Conditioner Gel.

Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Enzyme Cleansing Powder, comes in 32 cubes, is a cleansing powder that helps remove pore-clogging dead skin cells and excess sebum to prevent adult acne. Priced at ¥1470 = S$22.90.

Can’t read Japanese words, so tempted to know what is this product for. I think it contains chilli. Chilli for the face? Hmmm interesting!

Soup bar to cleanse away eye makeup? Wow!

Aqua Collagen Solution Marine Hydro Gel Eye Patch seems interesting though, tempted to buy actually.

Lyramca Roll-On Foundation, comes in 2 shades, is designed with a roll-on applicator for easy application.

Country Stream Natural Lip, made in Japan, is a lip serum that can be used as lip balm. Priced at ¥483 = S$7.50.

A range of Makemania cosmetics products.

This Acetino face and body beauty gadget looks interesting.

Showing randomly a range of hair products including hair sun protection, hair cologne and hair cleansing gel shampoo.

Bought this Knoll Nuance Arrange Treatment to create a straight-looking hair.

Cielo Hair Dye is the best diy hair dyes I’ve tested so far. I love it so much that I’ve have stocked up 10 boxes in the cupboard, including this 5 boxes I’ve bought during the latest trip. This Cielo Hair Dye is now available at Watsons.

These 2 pretty hairbands were bought in Tokyo, love them both!

That’s all for today and thanks for reading! See ya soon! :D


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8 Comments on "My 3rd Japan Trip – Beauty Products I’ve Bought & Found In Japan!"

  1. Linda says:

    my goodness!!! you’re making me scream inside… i wanna go shop in Japan too!!!! Great haul, babe!

  2. Claire says:

    Thanks for the post. The longer the post the better..haha. It’s like bringing us to one round of the store. Great for those who are planning to go or don’t have the chance to go.

  3. OMG! I actually feel like hopping onto the next available flight to Japan for my own shopping spree. A fantastic photoblog!!!

  4. Rebecca Goh says:

    Hey Shirleen. I am wondering how did you manage to read all those Japan products to see what they are or to know if it is suitable for your skin type seeing that they are all in Japanese?
    Will be heading to Hokkaido in coming May, currently doing “research” on what items to haul back :)

    • Shirleen says:

      Hi Rebecca,

      Haha, most of the stores recruited sales assistants from China who speak Jap very well. Sometimes you can’t tell if they are local or foreigner. Try speaking to them to see if they speak mandarin.

  5. seprienna says:

    hello Shirleen,
    just a quick question is it cheaper to buy kanebo product in changi airport or in Japan itself?
    I want to try the kanebo suisai beauty clear enzyme cleaning powder and wondering where to get it cheaply.

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