Simple DIY T-shirt Decoration


Since young, I always fond of doing handicraft works and I have done things like earrings, necklaces, carpet, knit wear, puzzle to name a few. Now, I’m here to share my simple DIY T-shirt decoration.

How I beautify a plain top

I picked up this plain-looking top as I love the color and the texture. At first glance, I knew immediately on what I want to do to it.

I went to Arab Street and bought a packet of crystals with rainbow color which costs $8.

First, I do a simple sketch on a piece of paper and transform the design using the crystals (about 2mm) on the shirt.

Then when I’m happy with the design, I gently placed a small towel on top of the crystals and iron for approximate 5 mins. Make sure to adjust the iron heat to medium and lift up gently every 30 seconds. (I don’t think you want to get the shirt burn!?)

And here you go….. so easy isn’t it?

Now do a test to see if the crystals drop when you turn the surface upside down. If no, it is done!

The crystals are available at Kin Lee & Co, 109 Arab Street. They come in varies sizes and colors. It is important to make sure you get the right crystals which are able to iron-on.


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