My Intimate Tea & Beauty Session With Michelle Phan


Do you love watching makeup and beauty tutorial on YouTube? If yes, you probably may know who Michelle Phan is!

Michelle Phan, one of YouTube’s top beauty gurus, has created over 200 beauty tutorials videos and has amazingly garnered over 580 millions views and over 2 millions YouTube subscribers to date.

Michelle Phan, 25 years old this year, is a Vietnamese-American make-up instructor who was hired by Lancome in 2010.

Snapped a photo of myself while waiting for Michelle. :-)

Last Saturday, I was glad to meet her in person during an intimate private tea and beauty chat session at Ion Sky Bar. Thanks to Lancome Singapore for organizing this exclusive cozy event, with about 15 guests attended it.

I was glad to sit somewhat right in front of her and I couldn’t stop myself admiring her makeup and her beautifully drawn thick eyeliner (with a ‘V’ or 2 strokes at the outer corner of the eyes). :-) And I also attracted by her charming and charismatic movement! She’s confident and fun-loving! Oh yes, did I mention I actually love her red hot lip color and her sexy full lip?

So you probably will ask, is she pretty in person? ABSOLUTELY YES! I’m actually quite surprised that she is pretty petite. She is mature in her thinking for her age at only 25.

She has a ready smile and is full of energy despite still suffering from a jet-lag (coffee is her savior) and has been busy (with photo taking session, making appearance and conducting workshops at numerous beauty counters @ Tangs, Sephora and Isetan) since she has arrived in Singapore barely 2 days ago. We were told that the response at Sephora Ion (just about 2 hours ago before we met) was unexpectedly overwhelming! It was so crowded that the queue actually extended right out to the building entrance where leads to MRT station. WOW!!

Michelle’s new favorite Lancome product is a new foundation called Teint Idole Ultra 24H that is currently only available in States. Unlike the Teint Miracle which gives a dewy finish, this new foundation offers a long-lasting comfort and matte finish which is ideal for her oily skin. It will be launched in Singapore next year in 2013.

Her all-time favorite Lancome products are makeup remover Bi-Facil Non Oily Instant Cleanser Sensitive Eyes (which is also one of my 10 most must-have products) and Lancome Mascara, as she believes that Lancome provides the best mascara in the market!

Michelle feels that dolling herself up with beautiful makeup is just like wearing heels, she feels confident and beautiful.

Her tip on how to let your eye makeup stay beautiful all day long indoor and outdoor is to opt for a matte finish eye shadow instead of shimmery.

Her advice about how to deal with negative comments is to ignore them! “You can’t please everyone, just focus on the ones who care about you.” said Michelle.

After a fun chatting with her and getting to know her better, I find that she’s motivating and inspirational. I really feel inspired after an hour session. I couldn’t help myself to like her even more! :-)

I’m repeating myself again, she’s very inspiring!!

Right after Singapore, she will be heading to Australia and Vietnam (her parents’ hometown). I really wish to have a chance to meet up with her again. Well hope this day will come. :-)

That’s all for today and thanks for reading. Are you a fan of Michelle Phan too? Do share with us on what do you like about her, love to hear from you too! :-)


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