My First Experience With Laneige Products At Laneige’s Makeup Atelier Workshop


Well this is a long overdue post but it’s better late than never. :-) Many many weeks ago, I was invited to a complimentary Laneige’s makeup atelier session titled ‘Beauty Secrets of a Korean Makeup Artist’ workshop. I decided to attend it as I’m rather keen to find out more about Laneige products.

Korean celebrity makeup artist, Mr. Romeo Eun, was invited to dish out makeup and skincare tips on how to sparkle with natural radiance, as well as makeup demonstrations.

The range of skincare products I’ve tested during the workshop are (clockwise from top left) : Lip & Eye Remover Waterproof, Deep Cleansing Oil Refresh, Power Essential Skin Refiner and Balancing Emulsion.

And follow with (clockwise from top left) : Water Bank Essence, Water Bank Eye Gel Cream, Water Bank Gel Cream and Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist.

Laneige’s Esteem Regimen Steps are – Eye > Soap > Toner > Emulsion > Essence > Moisturizer.

Korean celebrity makeup artist, Mr. Romeo Eun, demonstrated the correct way to use the Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist. Spray the mist onto your face in an upward angle and immediately sweep the water vapor in the air using a hand to allow the water vapor to sit on the face. Repeat the steps 2-3 times again. Lastly pad the wet face with a hand to allow a better penetration.

After applying all Laneige skincare products that are mentioned above, my skin felt smooth and soft. Fortunately, no irritation occur.

These are the 3 shades for the primer base. Apply purple shade primer for a brighter radiance skin, green primer helps reduce the redness on skin (especially great for rosacea) and beige shade primer gives a natural even-toned skin.

I’ve applied the beige shade primer on my overall face and added a tinge of purple shade primer on my cheekbone area.

There were 3 shades liquid foundations available at the workshop.

And 3 shades of finishing powder with SPF 25 PA++.

I’ve tested the eyeshadow palette on the extreme right.

So here’s my finished makeup look with Laneige products. I actually like it, do you? I didn’t get to snap any photos of the makeup progress cos I was trying to catch up with the rest actually hee hee…..

Are you currently using any of the Laneige products? Do you like it, do share.

That’s all for today, thanks for reading this short post! See ya! :-)


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