Lanc´me Launching The New ROUGE IN LOVE Lipstick, 3 Deluxe Size Lipsticks To Give Away!


Do you have this crazy obsession with lipstick? If yes, I bet you wouldn’t want to miss the latest lipstick launch by Lanc´me!

Many weeks back, I was privileged to be invited to preview Lanc´me’s latest and highly anticipated lipstick line – ROUGE IN LOVE. This biggest lip launch of the year was held at Hummerstons @ Robertson Walk.

I’m pleased to know that Emma Watson is the spokesperson of the latest lipstick launch ROUGE IN LOVE. Isn’t she looking gorgeous? No one embodies modern romanticism better; Emma Watson enchants us with her freshness, spontaneity and style, making her a perfect ambassadress for ROUGE IN LOVE.

ROUGE IN LOVE is available in 27 captivating colors that each has its own name and its own story too! WOW!!

ROUGE IN LOVE lipstick is retailing at S$40 each and it will be officially launched at all Lanc´me Beauty Counters on 1st June 2012.

Do continue reading to find out more about the exciting ROUGE IN LOVE mini contest!

ROUGE IN LOVE is inspired by three different moments during the day of a modern and stylist young woman.

Thus, the color palette is divided into three color universes, with 9 shades under each.

JOLIS MATINS – The dawn has broken. A light shining through the windows of her bedroom. She’s barely waking. She take a moment to gather herself. A scented bath, a love note written on the bathroom mirror, a touch of lipstick later and a beautiful day begins……

Above are the 9 pure and subtle shades under Jolis Matins. If you are a morning person like me, you probably will like these fresh, natural but yet sensual color shades that set off with a hint of tone-to-tone pearl particles. I’ve gotten a compliment ROUGE IN LOVE lipstick in shade 132M. Love it! :-)

As each lipstick has its own name and story, here are the names for the 4 lipsticks above. 144M (Coquine Mandarine), 243M (Belle Aurore), 337M (Rox Plumetis) and 230M (Jolis Matins).

BOUDOIR TIME – Special times with friends in the late afternoon. The time for catch ups and the sharing of secrets. In a cosy but chic and stylish lounge, surrounded by satin cushions, cupcakes and designer clothes.

Above are the 9 punchy shades under Boudoir Time that are electrified by intense pearl particles (I’ve repeated shade 343B twice). Here are the names for the 2 lipsticks above : 343B (Violette Coquette) and 270B (Beige Bonbonniere).

TONIGHT IS MY NIGHT – The magic of a night in Paris. The twinkling lights of the city, the buzz of the coolest clubs to be seen in where private concerts are playing. A night filled with promise, of a moment to be seized.

These are the 4 of the 9 seductive and bold shades under Tonight Is My Night. These intense deep shades are infused with golden pearl particles. If you like to have a sexy, full and kissable lip, then this color palette is definitely right for you. Oh kiss me baby! <Muack!>

Each shade comes with a QR code which you can scan and view the story.

The above image was taken from my iPhone. Here’s the story of the shade 210M.

Yanny, our beautiful Lanc´me‘s speaker, made a presentation to introduce us the new ROUGE IN LOVE.

3 models parading 3 moments of time – morning, afternoon and night.

During the event, I have so much fun with 3 other bloggers inside a photo booth. The props are definitely in good use.

ROUGE IN LOVE glides effortlessly over my lip and its soft light texture actually melts upon application. Its pearl particles gives a tinge of glossy effect on my lip. It is pretty moisturizing and long lasting too. Like its new compact modern packaging.

I’ve received a compliment lipstick in shade 132M upon the event. It was love at first sight!

Have you already blown away by all these irresistible colors? I have actually! I remembered while I was browsing through the wide range of shades, my first impression was “Ohh I like this, I like that too, ooh this is nice, I want this, ahh this is pretty too!” Oh my, I just can’t get enough of them!

With 27 enchanting colors, you will definitely be able to choose the right shade to suit your mood of the day and occasion. :-)

ROUGE IN LOVE lipstick, retailing at S$40, will be official launched at all Lanc´me Beauty Counters on 1st June 2012.

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Lanc´me 1st Lip Stopping ROUGE IN LOVE Film!

You will definitely love this Lanc´me first ROUGE IN LOVELove your lips! film! The music behind this ROUGE IN LOVE film is specially created for Lanc´me by New York based producer Adria Petty and sung by French Pop sensation Brigitte. Love the soundtrack (Oh la la) very much! Oh, isn’t it sexy? Millions of fans worldwide have actually watched it!


Be 1 of the 3 lucky readers to win a deluxe size ROUGE IN LOVE lipstick now!

So tempted to try out one of the irresistible ROUGE IN LOVE lipsticks too? Well, here’s your chance to win a deluxe size ROUGE IN LOVE lipstick by simply watch the ROUGE IN LOVE film above and answer this question :

“Who is the popular actress featured in the video?”

Send your answer to by latest 31st May 2012. The contest closes on 31st May 2012 SGT 11.59pm. 3 winners will be randomly picked by me and the result will be announced on 2 June 2012. Good luck! :-)


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