Beautiful Nail Colors – ShowTime & Delicious Color’s By Mavala Switzerland


Last month, I’ve received 2 surprise parcels from Switzerland and thanks to Lynn for all these lovely Mavala Switzerland products. I can’t express how excited I am each time I opened up the parcels.

Are you familiar with this brand Mavala Switzerland? If you are not, let me give you a brief introduction of the brand.

Mavala is the world leader in nail care and is the first to introduce the Scientifique Nail Hardener which remains one of their best selling products to date and has outlasted perhaps 100 copies. With a heritage spanning over 50 years, Mavala was created in 1958 by MAdelaine VAn LAndeghem and is now available globally in over 100 countries.

Mavala, a Swiss beauty brand, offers a complete range of products including nail, hand, feet, face and make-up, all created from rigorous research and manufactured in our Geneva factories to impeccable quality demands.

Mavala specialize in nail care and offers a complete nail care solution to suit individual needs. Mavala Minis, a popular dinky 5ml bottles of color, actually available in over 100 colors.


First Parcel – ShowTime by Mavala

S$5.30 each bottle

The first parcel I’ve received is the whole collection of ShowTime by Mavala (6 mini glitter nail polishes). Upon opening up the box, I couldn’t hold back my excitement and I yelled loudly “OMG OMG!!” It was love at first sight! Love them all!

I was told that this collection box is only given to bloggers and press hence you wouldn’t be able to purchase the same box at retail stores. But you can purchase the nail polishes individually at only S$5.30 each. ShowTime by Mavala is available at BHG Century Square, Metro Woodlands, Tara apothecary, Pink Beauty and leading perfumeries.

These mini 6 transparent ultra-glittering nail polishes that comes in a dinky 5ml bottle in a small amount, won’t dry out before you reach the bottom. This unique miniature idea also allows you to try out enough colors to see you through the seasonal trend.

The 6 lovely colors are (from left) Sparkling Violet, Sparkling Gold, Sparkling Blue, Sparkling Bronze, Sparkling Red and Sparkling Silver.

The brush provides enough dazzling glittery particles even with just one coat.

Here’s the Sparkling Silver 229…..

……and something gold for you, Sparkling Gold 227.

This Sparkling Blue 225 has a mix of blue, red and silver glitter particles.

Like something red? This Sparkling Red 226 is perfect for you.

If you love something gold, this golden reddish brown Sparkling Bronze 230 is an great alternative to Sparkling Gold.

Here’s the 6th color and it is also my favorite color among all – Sparkling Violet 228. It actually has multiple glittery colors in it.

The ultra-glittering nail polishes can be worn on their own or over other nail polishes.

Or you can also apply the glittery nail polishes only at the tip of the nails to create a different look.


Second Parcel – Delicious Color’s by Mavala

S$5.30 each bottle

In this Spring-Summer 2012, Mavala has introduced the Delicious Color’s collection that is filled with lovely soft, girly, pastel colors.

I extremely adore these lovely candy pastel colors, Mavala latest collection. These colors actually make me happy.

The delicious ‘yummy’ colors (from left) are Pistachio, Frozen Berry, Fresh Melon, Candy Floss, Blue Mint and Lemon Cream.

Introducing an icy candy blue shade – Blue Mint 181.

Love this color Pistachio 183 cos it reminds me of one of my favorite ice cream flavors Pistachio. Yummy!

This sweet vanilla yellow color, Lemon Cream 179, is pretty versatile. It actually matches most of my new Spring outfits.

Oh this fluffy girly pink Candy Floss 180 is so sweet!

This violet-red blossom shade Frozen Berry 184 is one of my favorite shades.

Here’s my happy color Fresh Melon 182, a light tangerine orange.

Here’s the combination of 4 tasty shades from Delicious Color’s.

Do you like any of the colors? Which is your favorite?



ShowTime & Delicious Color’s, in dinky 5ml bottle, is now retailing at only S$5.30 each. They are now available at BHG Century Square, Metro Woodlands, Tara apothecary, Pink Beauty and leading perfumeries.

The collection boxes (shown above), for both ShowTime & Delicious Color’s, are only given to bloggers and press hence you wouldn’t be able to purchase the same boxes at retail stores. But you will be able to purchase the nail polishes individually at only S$5.30 each.

For latest updates on Mavala products, you may visit their Facebook page at :

For my next Mavala post, I will be featuring Mavala Lipgloss which I have received together with Delicious Color’s on the second parcel.

That’s all for today and thanks for reading. Hope to see you again. ;-)


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