Participating In The Origins Project Mega-Bright Test Panel


Late last year in 2011, for the first time I was privileged to be invited to join the preview test panel for a new Origins revolutionary skin brightening serum that will be officially launched in February 2012.

Origins have once again collaborated with Dr. Andrew Weil, one of the world’s leading authorities on integrative health, to bring you this clinically proven treatment. This innovative botanical brightening serum is claimed to help even up skin tone, reduce dark spots and bring radiance to the skin.

In this Project Mega-Bright Test Panel, 10 lucky participants including myself have been selected to receive the serum in a trial-size bottle (without label). We are required to test the serum for continuous 28 days twice a day, morning and night. During the 28 days, it is recommended to refrain from having any cosmetic procedures done or from using any topical facial prescriptions in order to see a definite result.

I have been suffering from pigmentation problem on my face for the longest time. In addition to the stubborn age spots on the right cheekbone area; yellowish and uneven skin tone are also my concern too. Hence, brightening serum is one of my must-have serums I can’t leave without in my daily regimen.

My first impression with the revolutionary new skin-brightening serum was great and I extremely love the texture very much. I love its botanical scent too, very soothing and refreshing. Its very lightweight, non-oily and slightly silky texture absorbs onto the skin almost instantly. And it leaves no shine nor greasiness residue.

During the 28-day, we are required to keep an online journal of our experiences, results and feedback in a weekly basis. 2 to 3 of us may be selected to participate in a follow-up interview and photo session upon completion of the test panel.

After testing the serum for 28 days, there is a superficial improvement on the stubborn dark pigment spots on the right cheekbone area that is not very obvious at times. My skin seems to appear more evenly tone and less dull at times too. Although the results are not visibly obvious on the photos but I guess the serum does help to minimize or prevent new spots from forming.

I can’t wait for the launch of this new brightening serum in February 2012. I may be providing more details on this product soon. Stay tuned! ;-)


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2 Comments on "Participating In The Origins Project Mega-Bright Test Panel"

  1. Sharon says:

    Hi I just came across your article about participating in an Origins testing panel. Can you please let me know how you were choosen.

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I was being invited actually. ;-)

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