Join WomenLoveBeauty In Welcoming 2012! Happy New Year Everyone!


A big thank you to all my lovely loyal readers and friends of staying with me (WomenLoveBeauty) all these while. Without you I wouldn’t be here today and thank you so much for your continuous support. And a big welcome to those who are new here too!

In 2011, I realized I have been focusing a lot on whitening products. Some are complimentary products while others are bought for my own use. There are still couples of whitening products I’ve yet to try out, sitting in the drawer unopened. I feel like a guinea pig at times hee hee….. So in 2012, I hope to post some reviews on the whitening products I’ve tested so far.

In 2012, I will likely be focusing on skin firming or loss of elasticity and skin regeneration. I’m looking forward to try out new products that are formulated with DNA or stem cells technology. These products are claimed to reverse the effects of aging and regenerate aging tissues.

Unlike whitening products that are very popular in Japan or Korea, these cell regeneration products are very popular in the European market instead.

And now, let’s say goodbye to 2011 and welcome 2012! Wishing you all my lovely readers a wonderful year ahead and stay pretty always! ;-)


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