Vichy’s 80th Anniversary & Spa Water Workshop


Last week I was glad to attend the Vichy Spa Water Workshop to be re-introduced the goodness of Vichy Thermal Spa Water and to preview the latest Vichy products – Aqualia Thermal Aqua-Gel Moisturizer and Aqualia Thermal Mask.

Do you know that stress, pollution, climate variations and sun exposure can accelerate water evaporation on the skin’s surface? When it lacks water and minerals, skin renews itself less quickly, its structure becomes disorganized and allows more water to escape. At the surface, dehydration marks appear, skin becomes weakened, rough and sensitive too.

Inflammation such as stinging, itching and burning sensation will occur when skin becomes sensitive. So what can Vichy Thermal Spa Water do to help on these problems?


Vichy Thermal Spa Water

Vichy, the leading skincare brand in Europearn pharmacies, is known for its thermal spa water which is claimed to be more than just water. Originated from a spring in the town of Vichy in France, Vichy Thermal Spa Water is 100% natural and is rich in 15 rare minerals from an incredible journey in the heart of magmatic rocks. It is considered “living” water as it cannot be reproduced industrially and is therefore, an active ingredient that is genuinely pure and natural. Its exceptional richness allows soothing, fortifying and regenerating for a healthy-looking skin.

Soothing : Anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant

Fortifying : Strengthens and protects tissue against aging

Regenerating : Stimulates cell renewal

Its 100% natural properties is claimed to effectively soothe sensitive skin and reinforce skin’s natural defense systems. Researches have also shown that Vichy Thermal Spa Water has the highest ability to protect skin against external aggressors.

Do you know?

All Vichy products are formulated with Vichy Thermal Spa Water (water from Lucas Spring), which is particularly tailored to the needs of sensitive skin.


Thermal Spa Water Spray – 100% PURE Vichy Thermal Spa Water

Vichy Thermal Spa Water in a spray format offers all the therapeutic properties of thermal water with increased effectiveness thanks to its spraying of micro-droplets. The energizing mechanical action of the spray gives the skin a micro massage and thus optimizes the very benefits of Vichy Thermal Spa Water.

It is claimed that daily usage of Vichy Thermal Spa Water helps to soothe the skin and reinforces its natural defense systems. Skin is therefore more supple and resistant, all congestion is relieved.

Usage Benefits :

  • Soothes and strengthens the skin
  • Improves skin’s natural defence
  • Removes cleanser or soap residue
  • Tones, softens and smoothes the skin
  • Sets makeup, removes excess oil during day
  • Improves skincare efficacy

You can use Vichy Thermal Spa Water Spray day and evening or for various reasons as above image. Such as to soothe skin in harsh cold weather, sunburns, dehydrated skin, tight skin during traveling or after laser/chemical peel/microdermabrasion.

You can actually spray the Thermal Spa Water on a paper mask to soothe your skin too.

Due to my sensitive skin and stress, I actually encountered minor irritation on my cheek area during the event. I therefore did a live demo by spraying my face with Vichy Thermal Spa Water Spray. The irritation actually subsided an hour later. ;-)


Vichy’s 80th anniversary

To celebrate Vichy’s 80th anniversary this year in 2011, Vichy has introduced 2 limited edition Vichy Thermal Spa Water Spray in pink or blue bottle. The blue bottle is available in 50ml only.

There are 2000 twin pack sets are up for grab, that come in 2 sizes – 150ml and 50ml – with 1000 units each. The (50ml x 2) twin pack is packed in 2 different color bottles (blue & pink) whilst the (150ml x 2) twin pack is packed in 2 pink bottles instead.

The 150ml twin pack is now selling at S$14.90 (62% OFF) UP$39.80!!! And the 50ml twin pack is now selling at S$11.90 (40% OFF) UP$19.80!!! While stocks last!!!

In fact immediately after the event, a few of us (bloggers) couldn’t wait any longer and headed straight to Watsons Ngee Ann City to grab this irresistible Vichy offer!


After the workshop, each blogger was presented with a goodie bag that consists of the new Aqualia Thermal Aqual-Gel Moisturizer (full size), a 50ml Vichy Thermal Spa Water Spray, Aqualia Thermal Mask (full size) and a trial size Normaderm Anti-Imperfection+Rejuvenating Care Night Cream.

Gotten a chance to try the Vichy Pastilles Mints which is made in the city of Vichy since the 1800s. This octagon-shaped menthol candy, one the of well-known French mints, actually has the minerals of Thermal Spa Water. Unfortunately it is not available in Singapore.


Since you have learned the goodness of Vichy Thermal Spa Water, let me continuously introduce you 2 newest Vichy products :

Aqualia Thermal Aqual-Gel Moisturizer – S$48 / 50ml

Aqualia Thermal Aqual-Gel Moisturizer, designed for sensitive skin, is formulated with an unique synergy between Vichy Thermal Spa Water and Aquabioryl that provide an immediate soothing sensation and long-lasting comfort.

So what is Aquabioryl? It is claimed as a new generation ultra-comfort hydrating ingredient that instantly diffuses a hydrating sensation to each and every layer of the epidermis, skin is intensely hydrated and deeply soothed.

This oil- and paraben-free moisturizer also contains hyaluronic acid that penetrates into the skin and locks water in the skin from the harmful effects of external factors.

It ultra lightweight crystalline gel texture feels cooling on the skin.

Aqualia Thermal Aqual-Gel Moisturizer (50ml) is priced at S$48.00.


Aqualia Thermal Mask – S$39.90 / 50ml

Aqualia Thermal Mask, a new paraben-free formula, contains almost similar ingredients (Vichy Thermal Spa Water, Aquabioryl and Hyaluronic Acid) as Aqualia Thermal Aqual-Gel Moisturizer. It also contains Shea Butter that intensely moisturizes, soothes and protect the skin. It is naturally rich in vitamin E to protect the skin against aggressions and provide comfort to the skin.

Apply a generous layer of this creamy mask on a clean face, avoiding eye areas for 10 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water. Skin is claimed to immediately appear refreshed, refined, hydrated and plumper.



Vichy products including Thermal Spa Water Spray, Aqualia Thermal Mask and Aqualia Thermal Aqual-Gel Moisturizer are available at Vichy counters in selected Guardian, Watsons, Unity pharmacies and major hospitals.


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  1. Yijing says:

    Oh my, i didn’t know you were sitting behind me hahaha. I went to get two sets of the LE thermal water spray :P !

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Yijing,

    A small world. ;-)

  3. Dee says:

    Im currently using the Aqua-Gel as a night moisturizer in replacement of Dr Wu (quite pricey in SG) and i’m loving the refreshing texture plus soft skin in the morning!
    Will you be reviewing the Mask? Sheet ones are a tad cumbersome.. :/

    <3 Dee

  4. Shirleen says:

    Hi Dee,

    No, I won’t. ;-)

  5. AJ@Citra Spa says:

    Yay! I super like your experience on Vichy’s 80th Anniversary & Spa Water Workshop. It was really nice. :)

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