Beauty Scene Investigation – Unveil The Massbrands Products Winners


Two weeks ago, I’ve attended an interesting and creative event named “Beauty Scene Investigation” by a well-known global company from Japan that owns several prestige and massbrands cosmetics brands in Singapore. The mission of the day was to identify who are the ultimate “beauty products” suvivors for a murder case.

Wanna make a guess on the name of the major cosmetics company I’m referring to? Well, the answer is SHISEIDO.

Do continue reading to search for clues at the crime scene, to uncover the identities of the true-blue survivors and most importantly to find out on why or how these survivors managed to escape from being KILLED!! Hahahahaha…………are you ready gals, lets go!

Before proceeding to the crime scene, we were briefly brief on the murder case with the help from this investigation board.

So here we were at the murder scene with police tapes all over the place.

Everyone was looking for clues at the murder scene.

There are 6 types of crime scenes and each crime scene is targeted to different range of products. A doll was killed at crime scene 1 @ “Hair Care Street”. Crime scene 2 is the “Facial Cleanser Ave” and the crime scene 3 is the “Base Boulevard” where you can find a chopped off finger on a compact foundation.

The other 3 crime scenes are the “Eyeliner Close” @ crime scene 4, “Mascara Lane” @ crime scene 5 and the “Eyeshadow Road” @ crime scene 6.

In the end, these unfortunate victims (beauty products) couldn’t survive and have eventually been killed due to bad quality, poor ingredients and out-dated formulation. So who has actually escaped from the evil clutches of the serial killer and win the competition?

Well let me unveil the mystery and disclose the identities of the 9 ultimate survivors! These survivors are proud to be the winners at the Watsons HWB (Health Wellness & Beauty) Awards ’11. They have been awarded for their quality and innovation, and are a reflection of the popular taste and consumers’ changing preferences and lifestyle.

Below are the 9 ultimate survivors!

Survivor 1
No. 1 Selling Foundation : Za Skin Beauty 2-Way Foundation

Survivor 2
No.1 Selling Whitening Foundation : Za True White Plus 2-Way Foundation

Survivor 3
No. 1 Selling Concealer : Za Concealer Perfection

Survivor 4
No. 1 Selling Eyebrow Pencil : Za Everbrow

Survivor 5
Best Selling Eyeliner : Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner

Survivor 6
Best Selling Lengthening Mascara : Majolica Majorca Lash Beautifying Mascara Frame Plus

Survivor 7
Best Selling Quad Eyeshadow : Majolica Majorca Jewelling Eyes (come in sparkling 12 palettes)

Survivor 8
Best Selling Whitening Cleaner : Aqualabel White Clear Foam

Survivor 9
Best Damage Care Range : Tsubaki Damage Care Range


In celebration of their wins, Shiseido presents you with some exciting promotions on these 9 products!

$2 off Za Skin Beauty Packset (free decoration sticker + free class of your choice)

$2 off Za True White Plus Foundation Refill

$3 off Za Concealer Perfection

$3 off Za Everbrow

$5 off Majolica Majorca Lash Beautifying Mascara Frame Plus

$5 off Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner

$5 off Majolica Majorca Jewelling Eye Range

The promotion will start on 28th July till 24th August 2011, exclusively at Watsons.


Thanks to their skin-loving characteristics, these 9 survivors have managed to escape from the serial killer. They are all happily gathered and placed at a safe haven.

I was glad to have met all the 9 survivors at a cosy corner @ Shiseido Singapore office.

After meeting up with the 9 survivors, we were led to a table that was filled with a variety of decoration stickers and 4 Za True White Plus 2-Way foundation cases that were beautifully decorated with colorful stickers.

We were asked to pick our favorite sticker and I have selected the pastel lilac and pink colored decorated sticker for my complimentary Za True White Plus case. Do you like it?

Showcasing other bloggers’ cases with mine too. Which is your favorite?

After the Za case decoration, we proceeded to Empire State restaurant located at Iluma for our dinner.

I have gotten to enjoy a free makeover from Za and Majolica Majorca during our dinner at Empire State restaurant.

Pretty pretty colors!

I actually like my new makeover look and I’ve gotten to learn some makeup tips during the makeover.

If you are interested for a makeover too, here’s a great chance for you. For the coming month of August, you will enjoy a free makeover from Za and Majolica Majorca plus treats when you dine at Empire State.

I truly enjoyed the event and I’m pleased to receive 8 winning products after the event.

Well, that’s all for today and thanks for reading. Hope to see you soon. ;-)


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