Japan Trip Diary (Part 6) – Interesting Beauty Products I’ve Found In Sapporo Japan


Hooray! I finally able to complete this finale diary post on my not-so-recent Japan trip in April this year! Extremely delighted!

However since the trip was more than 8 months ago and due to my poor memory hee hee… (age is catching up on me hiaz), I actually couldn’t remember everything.

My bad for sitting on this post for so long….<grin> But not to worry, I will try my best to recollect and share with you (as much as possible) on what are the interesting beauty products I’ve found in Sapporo Japan!

As mentioned before on my earlier diary posts, shopping for cosmetic products in Japan is really a joy! Seriously, the selection are super humongous! How can we get enough of them? The picture above only shows a small section of a beauty drugstore in Sapporo.

This beauty drugstore near Sapporo train station is very creative! For example the picture above : the top tier is displayed with a row of lipsticks in a sealed glass panel, respective testers on the second tier and a stack of purchase tags in the pigeon holes on the lower tier. Love the purchase tag idea! See more examples below.

The product number is actually printed on the side of the purchase tag. As all purchase tags are code generated, consumers can just simply pay and collect the items at the counters.

These cleverly designed product displays will definitely save huge retail spaces. The compact purchase tags will definitely make the shoppers happy as they do not have to carry their wanted items around.

Are you tempted by all the lovely colors?

You see, the purchase tags are stacked in tiny pigeon holes. What a clever way to save space.

Magical sparkling color powders for nails.

Tiny flowers in the polishes, aren’t they lovely? Can’t remember the price though.

I took a picture of this Maybelline cosmetic stand cos I was admiring the design and how the products are beautifully displayed in such a compact space. Sadly, the stands of the same brand found locally are not that well designed.

Lovely black and white 2-way-cake diamond cases from Coffret D’or by Kanebo. Unfortunately, Coffret D’or will be pulled from all Kanebo counters in Singapore end this year.

I was looking for a good loose powder and this brand caught my attention. This makeup brand EXCEL seems convincing and I was tempted to buy one after seeing the 3 big characters “第一位” (means #1) with a big crown on the top panel.

Excel loose powder comes in 2 shades – CP1 (for brighter skin tone) and CP3 (for subtle natural skin tone).

This Excel Clear Lucent Powder, produced by Noevir, comes in 2 sizes that priced at 2205Yen (S$36.60) and 998Yen (S$16.60).

I eventually bought the smaller size Excel Clear Lucent Powder in shade CP1 (for brighter skin tone) and it took me more than 10 minutes before deciding the shade. I was torn between the 2 shades. Yet to try it though. <grin>

Cielo Hair Color is considered the best DIY hair dye I’ve tested so far! And unfortunately Cielo, by Hoyu Japan, is not available in Singapore. The one in orange packaging is Cielo’s first launched hair color product. Their latest hair coloring product is the one in yellow.

This new foamy moisturizing hair color, very similar to Liese Bubble Hair Color, is so easy to use. Each box comes with a pair of hand glove. Cielo Hair Color provides a vibrant, rich and healthy color without making my hair feeling dry or entangled unlike Liese Bubble Hair Color that makes my hair feeling super dry and the color appears light and fading. Liese Bubble Hair Color is the worst ever hair color I’ve tested so far!

Do you believe I have actually bought 13 boxes of Cielo hair dyes? Well, what to do, being born with a bad gene premature graying, hiaz! I actually have to dye my roots in every 3-4 weeks. With these hair dyes, I can now save more and dye my hair anytime at the comfort of my home. Each bottle can use up to 3-4 times on greying roots only. I actually bought 4 different shades in dark colors. If I’m not wrong, each box costs about 900Yen which is S$15.

Wanted to test an eyelash treatment gel for the longest time and came across this brand Collistar DX Long Rich Treatment, priced at 1050Yen (S$17) and decided to give it a try. Don’t ask me why, I have yet to try this product cos I have accidentally tucked it away in one corner and I have totally forgotten about it. Hope to try this product soon. <grin>

Avance Liquid Eyeliner is the best liquid eyeliner I’ve tested so far! I first discovered this liquid liner a few years back when I was in Tokyo. With this liner, I can easily achieve a super fine line, love it to the max! Fortunately, it is now available in Singapore.

Spotted this CHACOTT For Professionals Enriching Powder HD at one of the small beauty drugstores near Sapporo Train Station. Its product name tempted me too much and as usual I couldn’t resist it and ended up buying one bottle. I’m presently using it, I like its non-drying matte super fine texture but I do not like the shimmery and white powdery finish that appears too white on my face though. I guess I have chosen the wrong color and it is more suitable to be used at the cheek bone area only.

Love Clover seems to carry many interesting cosmetic products but unfortunately the full product range is not available in Singapore yet.

This Love Clover Marshmallow Fit Plant Serum Essence Foundation seems interesting though. This foundation contains 50% skincare serum and is formulated with potent antioxidants. Its rich marshmallow texture is claimed to provide a long-lasting hydration and effectively conceal the pores for an even radiant skin tone.

Here’s what’s next, I’m going to share what are the cosmetic products I have bought in Sapporo…..

This Spring Power Eyelash Curler is super gentle on my lashes without crimping or pulling my lashes. But it doesn’t able to curl my lashes that well though, my lashes still look straight after usage.

I personally love using creamy blushers actually and when I saw these 2 shades of Cezanne Lasting Cheeks, pinkish tone (on the left) and peachy tone (on the right), I instantly fall in love with them. I decided to buy both colors cos I couldn’t decide on which color to choose. I doubt this brand is available in Singapore right? Like the texture actually.

I have bought 2 sets of Shiseido Integrate Mascara Base and Top Coat as these mascaras are not available in Singapore. At beauty drugstores, each Base and Top Coat will cost you 1000Yen (S$16.60), but if you buy it at the exclusive Shiseido shop it will only cost you 900Yen (S$15). I will use the Mascara Base before applying my usual black mascara and follow with the Top Coat. I like the Top Coat pretty much cos it does help to protect my mascara from smudging. Doesn’t really like the Base though cos it tends to make lashes stick to each other.


That’s all for my Japan Trip Diary! Thanks for reading and I hope you like this super long finale post! Have you seen anything you’re interested in?

Wishing all my lovely readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :-)


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3 Comments on "Japan Trip Diary (Part 6) – Interesting Beauty Products I’ve Found In Sapporo Japan"

  1. Yong Choy peng says:

    Hi I just. Sme back from a short trip from Singapore and field hair colour is now sold in guardian at sg21.90 each. Just bought a bottle to try. Hope it’s lasting. This product is it a available in malaysia

  2. nessa says:

    I miss Coffret D’or in Singapore. their liquid foundation and powder are really good for me, blen really well and look natural. Any idea where I can get it now?

    • Shirleen says:

      Hi Nessa,

      I have no idea where to get it in Singapore now, you probably have to get it in Japan as of now. Hope it will come back to SG again soon.

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