Spa Esprit @ Beauty Emporium “Power Of Scent” Essential Oils Workshop


Two Saturdays ago, Pearlin our darling Social Media Connector, has extended an interesting and fun Spa Esprit “Power Of Scent” Essential Oils Workshop that was held at Beauty Emporium @ 8D Dempsey Road.

There are more than 20 bloggers attended this Spa Esprit’s Essential Oils Workshop.


Power Of Scent Workshop

During the workshop, we got to learn on how to integrate essential oils into our daily life and how to customise our own range of products by infusing the finest therapeutic grade essential oil blends into our base products.

You can blend your own shower gel, body scrub, massage oil, shampoo or moisturizer.

This body scrub base is used to customise your own custom-blended body scrub.

An intensive range of finest therapeutic grade essential oils are used for custom-blended products at Spa Esprit.


Spa Esprit @ Beauty Emporium

Spa Esprit @ Beauty Emporium is a Singapore’s unique homegrown lifestyle beauty spa brand under The Spa Esprit Group (SEG). Spa Esprit Group is established in 1996 with spa esprit, it has since evolved into ten distinctive brands: Browhaus, Mask, Strip, Qi Mantra, Beauty Emporium (Beauty) and House, Barracks, Camp, Skinny Pizza and Tippling Club (F&B).

Spa Esprit showcasing a range of custom blended aromatherapy products.

This long basin table looks across an enchanting greenery.

Let’s go shopping at Spa Esprit with these mini trolleys.


doTERRA Essential Oils

Spa Esprit carries a new standard of professional therapeutic grade essential oils – doTERRA, a Latin derivative meaning “Gift of the Earth”. doTERRA provides a high quality of essential oils, more pure and more potent than any other oil available on the market today.


What is an essential oil?

Essential oil is a natural aromatic compounds that found in plants and it is usually steam distilled or cold pressed extraction from plants. It is claimed to be 50 to 70% more powerful than herbs and it is safe to be used without side effects.

Prior to the workshop, I only have a little knowledge on essential oils. And I’m glad to learn a lot about essential oils and custom blending after attended this fun and educational workshop.


Do You Know?

These are some of the interesting facts about essential oils I’ve learned during the workshop :

- One drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea! Peppermint is great for indigestion and cooling. It helps to relieve headaches, calm upset stomach and increases energy.

- Essential oils can penetrate cells to kill viruses and bacteria! But antibiotics can’t as it cannot penetrate cell membrane.

- Look for better grade essential oils such as Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade or Therapeutic (Health Benefit) grade. Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade is 100% natural, no artificial ingredients, fragrances, or fillers. It is certified safe to be free of pesticides and other chemical residues. Synthetic grade is for perfume or industrial used.


Making My Very Own Custom-Blended Shower Gel

I was extremely excited when it comes to customise my very own shower gel. For the longest time, I always want to customise my personalized body products and finally this workshop gave me a chance to do so. Thanks Pearlin and Spa Esprit!

Each of us were given an oil blend chart that comprises of different groups of scent : herbs, trees, spices, resins, exotics, flowers and citrus.

We are required to pick 3 different essential oils for the base, middle and top notes. The top note is the first aroma that usually lasts for only a few seconds before it dissipate. When the top notes evaporate in the air, the oil enters its middle stage in which the body is most developed and balanced. The base note will become more noticeable when the middle note progresses.

Plentiful essential oil strips were provided during the workshop. We are required to use this to mix 3 different types of essential oils with different notes before even pouring the actual oils onto the base mixture.

Each of us were given a 500ml base mixture of shower gel.

Everybody was having fun during the workshop.

So I have finally completed my custom-blend. Using dōTERRA essential oils, my shower gel consists of Ylang Ylang (30 drops) as top note, lavender (30 drops) as middle note and wild orange (about 15 drops) as base note. I really love the scent! ;-)

Finally my very own 2 bottles of “limited edition” or “exclusive” shower gels. Each container can contain 250ml of shower gel. The feeling is quite fulfilling and these custom-blend shower gels are definitely great as a gift! Gonna give one to my hubby! I truly enjoyed this workshop, I may likely go back again to custom blend other products as a gift soon! ;-)


Wanna make your own shower gel, body scrub or body cream too?

At Spa Esprit, you can customized your own bath and body products. Prices start from S$35 (for a bottle) depending on the blend of essential oils you choose. The base mixture will be provided by Spa Espirit and all you need to do is to blend in the essential oils.

Spa Esprit @ Beauty Emporium is located at 8D Dempsey Road and is open daily from 10am to 10pm.

Find out more about the “Power of Scent” at :

or Facebook Page :


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