My Japan Holiday Diary (Part 4) – Sapporo, My Shopping Paradise!


As promised, I’m back again to continue my diary on my recent unforgettable Japan trip from 15th to 25th April 2011. And this round, I’m going to blog about SHOPPING SHOPPING SHOPPING!!

After traveling to Hakodate, Noboribetsu and Otaru for the past 5 days, we have finally reached our fourth and final destination in Japan - Sapporo.

Sapporo is in fact my most favorite shopping destination so far. This round we have planned to stay at Sapporo city for 4 nights.

Due to the cold weather, the streets look deserted as most people prefer to walk at the underground that is accessible to most buildings.

So here I am at Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido and Japan’s fifth largest city, woohoo my beloved shopping paradise! If you wanna me to compare Sapporo with Tokyo, I will definitely prefer Sapporo.

Although Tokyo is the most happening and busiest city in Japan, why I still prefer Sapporo is because it is less crowded, the price (for the same thing) costs much lesser, easy accessibility, the people are friendlier and walk slower. Walk slower? Hee hee I actually mean the people in Tokyo walk faster and seem to always be in a hurry. I didn’t really enjoy my stay in the fast paced city life of Tokyo during my previous trip in 2008. I feel less stressfull and more comfortable shopping in Sapporo instead.

Here’s the crowd at Sapporo Subway. Can you imagine it will be even more crowded in Tokyo? The hotel that we were staying is located directly above this subway station and it’s 5-minute walk to Sapporo railway station. Convenient right?!

Okie enough of the comparison. So now, let me give you a short tour around Sapporo.

Although Sapporo is filled with many big departmental stores such as Daimaru, Parco and Tokyu but I still prefer to shop at those small local high-street fashion stores located around subway underground and shopping malls.

I couldn’t remember how many rounds have I been walking through this underground (image above) which link from Odori Subway to Susukino Subway. Hee hee………….. can’t get enough of it!

Many shopping malls and department stores are actually accessible from the underground and there are more than 200 fashion stores and eateries at the underground shopping mall alone. The escalator (image above) is linked from the underground to basement 2 at one of the many shopping malls.

You are able to find a large variety of high-street fashion at underground shopping malls, department stores and local shops.

Bought these 2 pairs of shoes at one of the shoe shops at underground. Brown leather shoes with flower @ 2300 Yen (S$36) and ash white leather shoes @ 5000 Yen (S$76.50). Both pairs are super super comfortable! Designed with soft paddings at the base. Love them to the MAX!!

Wanna buy a pair of suede boots but I was torn between these 2 colors. I eventually go for the dark brown shade @ 5000 Yen (S$76.50). Nice?

Here is my huge recycled shopping bag, it’s so useful that I always carry it around. Instead of carrying multiple shopping bags, I will dump all my new purchases in this bag.

I have bought this blouse @ 2500 Yen (S$38.25) at one of the high-street fashion boutiques located at one of the shopping malls. This bohemian design is very popular in Japan during my visit. I can find similar designs everywhere in Sapporo.

Showcasing some of the pieces I’ve bought at my favorite fashion boutiques near Sapporo Subway Station.

Striped blouse @ 2400 Yen (S$36.72), leopard print scarf @ 1500 Yen (S$22.95) and white top @ 1900 Yen (S$29). Super reasonable prices with good quality that are made in Japan!

This duo (new arrival design) is slightly more expensive – orange inner top @ 2300 Yen (S$35) and light cream top @ 3900 (S$59.67).

Blue jean skirts @ 3900 (S$59.67).

Here we are at Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade.

Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade is considered the largest and oldest shopping mall in Sapporo which stretch from West 1 block to West 7 block. There are about 200 stores that consist of clothing, eateries, fruits, souvenirs, pet shops, pharmacies and many more.

I have spotted this Shiseido store at Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade. The prices for all Shiseido products at here are slightly lower than anywhere else because they have waived off the tax charge.

If you are lucky enough, you will be able to grab some great bargains at this 3-storey second-hand store at Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade. Managed to grab 3 pieces of nice trendy tops here (that look almost new) at marked down prices. ;-)

Gotten this black polka dot blouse @ 900 Yen (S$13.77) at this second hand shop. Looks almost brand new.

And this white blouse @ 1300 Yen (S$19.90)

Are you a vintage and leather fan? This “Real Monkey” store @ Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade is a place for you.

So here we are at the large Uniqlo stores located at Esta Building. Managed to find some interesting T-shirts here, like this T-shirt with a character from the famous cartoon “One Piece” impersonating John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. My hubby loves this design and he has bought one.

Is that Beatles or One Piece?

I have bought 3 T-shirts and my hubby has bought 6.

If you going to Sapporo, don’t forget to visit Chitose Factory Outlet “Rera” near Minami-Chitose Train Station.

Rera, Sapporo’s famous Factory Outlet, offers up to 75% discounts on branded products such as shoes, bags, high-street fashion, children apparels, jewellery, watches and many more.

You are able to find international brands such as Gap, Coach, Hush Puppies and Osh-Kosh as well as local designers brands at Rera Factory Outlet.

The price for this pair of Merrell shoes has been slashed 76% off and it’s almost 10,000 Yen cheaper than its original price now! Wow!

Rera Factory Outlet is damn big! You probably need a day to complete the whole place. I have only managed to cover half of the area more than 5 hours. I reckon there are more than 100 stores at Rera Factory Outlet. The whole area is probably double of Vivo City’s! Take a close look on the map, there’s an area called “Dog Run” specially cater for dogs’ owners!

There’s a playground and art & craft section for the kids too.

I have bought quite a bit of stuff at Rera Factory Outlet. Here are some of the shoes I’ve bought. Both espadrilles wedges cost at 2500 Yen (S$38.25) from Gap stores.

Other Gap shoes are this white espadrilles wedges cost at 2500 Yen (S$38.25) and silver flats at 1500 Yen (S$22.95).


Woof! What a long post! Okie that’s all for today and thanks for reading my shopping diary in Sapporo. For the next post, I will be blogging about makeup and skincare products in Japan. It’s gonna be an interesting post too. Sayonara for now and see ya soon! ;-)


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  1. Sarah says:

    Wow! Thank you so much!:D Had trouble searching for great places to shop but to no avail-couldn’t find any that catches my attention in Sapporo until now:D Great review write up and it’s the total Sinagporean style of shopping that I’m looking for!;)

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  3. sannyho says:

    can i know where is it in the first photo?i mean whats the name of the street on the firrst pocture? thankyou

    • Shirleen says:

      Hi Sanny,

      It’s been a while and I’m afraid I can’t remember. If I’m not wrong, it should be somewhere near Odori subway station (underground shopping area).

  4. sannyho says:

    *first picture

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