My Japan Holiday Diary (Part 2) – Hakodate, A Seafood Paradise!


Last week, I’ve published a post on “My Japan Holiday Diary (Part 1) : Hakodate, A Quiet & Beautiful Town!” and I’m here again to continue sharing with you my unforgettable holiday journey and this round, I’m going to talk about food, lots of fresh seafood of course!

Many friends have asked if it is safe to consume seafood in Japan at this period of time due to the recent radiation crisis? But frankly, we are not afraid at all! We were there for a few days only and the amount of seafood we took will unlikely to cause life threatening unless we are there for a year or more.

Both my hubby and I extremely enjoy eating and our main agenda in Japan is to eat, eat and eat! We are born to EAT anyway! ;-)

My hubby and I are so crazy about Japanese food and our favorite mouthwatering food is sashimi! And that is why Hakodate has been chosen as one of our must-visit destinations because we wanted to eat lots of seafood at the famous Hakodate Morning Market.

After arriving at Hakodate at around 8am, we decided to leave our luggages with the hotel reception (as it was still early to check in) before proceeding to the Morning Market which opens from 5am till noon. Morning Market is about 10 minutes walk away from the hotel.

Morning Market is pretty big which spans about four city blocks.

Crabs are very popular in the whole of Hokkaido and that includes Hakodate. These baked crabs are really tasty! Yummy!

Almost all the stores at Morning Market sell crabs. If you are traveling to Hokkaido, you definitely have to try the crabs. The crabs sold in Hokkaido are considered the best in Japan.

This isn’t the biggest size crab I’ve ever seen. The crab that this guy was holding is considered an average size crab found in Hokkaido.

These crabs which are already cooked can cost around S$70 to S$90.

The scallops are pretty cheap and priced at only S$17 for 5 pieces. We have bought 4 pieces from here, two to be baked and two to be eaten raw with wasabi.

Awaiting our food to be served at one of the stores. Looking tired after a morning flight! I didn’t put on any makeup except lipstick.

Finally, our first meal in Hakodate! We have ordered two baked scallops and two fresh scallops to be eaten raw. Yummy!

Other than crabs, Hokkaido is also popular with its fresh shellfish such as clams, mussels, oysters, scallops and many more…..

These live oysters are super fresh and yummy even without Tabasco sauce and lemon juice at all. I miss it so much now!

These sea urchins (uni) are so fresh! Cost at only 500Yen (S$8)! You probably have to pay more than double for the same amount in Singapore.

Salmon eggs (ikura) are very popular in Hakodate too. My hubby loves them!

In the market area, you can find many small restaurants (as per image above) that are offering fresh seafood breakfasts such as domburi.

Can’t really find small fishes in the market though. Almost all the fishes are real big.

Finally settled for our early lunch at one of the small restaurant at Morning Market on Day 1.

In fact, there are many eateries at this cozy town. We are pampered with choices.

It was a waste that we couldn’t try out the food and beer at this super big 2-storey Hakodate Beer Restaurant. It was closed due to the Tsunami.

The streets are filled with plentiful, mostly small restaurants like this.

Spotted this mini van at the Morning Market. It looks like a toy to me.

Here we are again at the Morning Market on Day 2.

Here’re our breakfasts for day 2. I actually feel awkward to take rice in the early morning but my hubby loves it so much.

In fact the whole of Morning Market was affected by tsunami. When the sudden waves hit the area on 11th March, the water level rose suddenly to where my hip is (insert image). The whole sitting area where my hubby sat was completely destroyed and the wall in front of him has collapsed.

After speedy renovation on the damaged areas, the whole stretch of restaurants managed to reopen for business at the same time 2 weeks after the tsunami. I really admired the Japanese, they are very helpful and united whenever crisis hits them.

Hakodate, Hokkaido’s third largest city, is located at the island’s southern tip. Although it is almost facing the same direction as Sendai but thankfully it was not hit hard by the tsunami. The supermarket (insert image) which is located just in front of the sea was also affected by the tsunami too but it has seen opened.

We just love Japanese food especially sushi! Can we have more orders please!

We are back again to the Morning Market on day 3. We came here in the morning before proceeding to Noboribetsu in the afternoon. We just can’t get enough of this place. We have bought a packet of strawberries and they are really sweet.

Spotted this flower shop at Morning Market. The flower selections seem huge.

This machine produces crispy sliced cuttlefish which is super tasty. I can actually finish a big package within half an hour.

Cuttlefish is the seasonal seafood at Hokkaido in the early part of the year. It’s something we’re not gonna to miss.

So here’s the cuttlefish we saw earlier. It’s super fresh and tasty!

After our yummy breakfast at Morning Market, we then proceeded our journey to our second destination @ Noboribetsu for the famous natural hot spring rejuvenation. We were actually very reluctant to leave this lovely town, we just love this place so much! We actually swore to come back again real soon. Goodbye to Hakodate as of now but we hope to see you pretty soon.

Well that’s all for Hakodate and I’ll be posting my experience at Noboribetsu and Otaru on my next post. Stay tuned. ;-)


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