I’m Now In Japan!


Well, here’s an update and it’s going to be a very brief post. This was my first experience writing a short post on a plane. Listening to New Age and viewing sun set on the horizon…… it was indeed a nice experience.

Everyone around me was asking the same question on why I have decided to head down to Japan even though I knew very well the situation in Japan is still quite chaotic now. It has been more than a month now and my hubby and I are not too worried as we are not going anywhere near the affected area such as Tokyo or Fukushima. We will be spending our 11 days 9 nights in Hokkaido which is northern island in Japan.

This is our second and free-an-easy trip to Japan and we will be exploring Hakodate, Noritebetsu, Otaru and Sapporo. Can’t wait for a quiet and relaxing holiday. See you soon.


Our flight was pleasant and fun, thanks to this adorable Japanese girl.

The flight was barely half full.


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