Exclusive Luncheon Session With Maggie & Annie From Benefit


Last Saturday, I was privileged to be invited for an exclusive luncheon session with Maggie and Annie, Makeup Trend Artists from Benefit.

Maggie and Annie Ford Danielson are the daughters of co-founder Jean Ford and nieces of Jane Ford. This private event was held at Mezza 9, Washi Lounge @ Grand Hyatt Singapore.


About Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics was founded by Ford twins Jean and Jane Ford back in 1976. After achieving success as models and makeup artists, they were inspired to open a small unique beauty boutique in San Francisco with a whimsical candy store atmosphere. ”Who says makeup has to be serious to be good?” they said. To deliver beauty fixes to gals with their wackiness and know-how, Benefit has now successfully grown into a fun global brand at over 2000 counters in more than 30 countries.

The Ford twins have naturally extended their beauty legacy to include Maggie and Annie Ford Danielson (Jean’s daughters). Since young, this second generation sisters enjoy wielding mascara wands and lipstick bullets, and they credit their artistic talents to a lifetime of tinkering with powder and paint. They have grown up watching their mom and aunt mixed colors on the kitchen table to create products such as Benetint, Dr. feelgood and Eye Bright.

“What two can do, four can do better!” – Jean & Jane Ford

Maggie and Annie now travel the world, working hands-on with customers and sharing their inside vibe on beauty. For this trip, Maggie and Annie have travelled to Korea and Malaysia, and Singapore is their third stop. After Singapore, they have proceeded to their fourth and last stop in Australia.

Maggie (in beige), the elder sister, is based in New York whilst Annie (in black), the younger one is based in San Francisco.

Eight beauty bloggers (including Joyce on the left pic & Jade on the right pic) and a representative from CozyCot have attended this up close and personal session with Maggie and Annie.

Both Annie (left) and Maggie (right) are so tall and gorgeous, I look like a dwarf to them.

In this video, Maggie and Annie shared their thoughts on Benefit for Asian women, top selling Benefit products, BB cream and many more…………..

Although Benefit does not believe in spending money on advertising and yet it has managed to successfully expanded globally through other forms of awareness. Maggie and Annie agreed that although cosmetics is their main focus point but they feel that skincare plays an important role for Benefit too.

Customers come to Benefit not just for makeup but for experience too. They want to have fun, feel good and live looking good. Benefit, a fun global brand, wants to provide these customers with everything, not just cosmetics but skincare too. “We want them to stay! We want them to use our eye cream. We want to give them the skincare in the Benefit way and that is what customers are asking for for a long time.” - said Annie.

I truly enjoyed this short luncheon session with Maggie and Annie. It was a great opportunity to have known them better and I hope I will have a chance to meet up with them again. ;-)



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