My Verdict On 10-Day Weight-Loss Challenge With AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto


Hooray! I’m so delighted to have finally completed the 10-day weight-loss challenge with AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto. Many thanks to AFC Japan for extending this challenge to me.


10-day Weight-Loss Challenge

For this 10-day challenge, I was required to replace my heaviest meal (usually dinner) with one pouch/flavour of AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto for 10 days consecutively. And for the rest of the meals, I will eat as per normal.

Before I actually embark on this first dietary challenge, I always has this perception that weight-loss battle can be tough. I was skeptical if I would drop out halfway during the course. Well, to my surprise, this weight-loss program is actually quite easy breezy. There is no starving or exercise needed.


AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto

AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto (S$36), a low-calorie nutritious meal replacement, controls calorie intake by reducing food portions while keeping us satiated. With an average of 150kcal only per pouch, it actually provides sufficient sense of fullness, thanks to the secret ingredient Konjac. Each pack of Risotto is mixed with full grain white rice and low-calorie Konjac that is made from Japanese Konnyaku potato which has a similar texture to rice.

Previously, I have actually done a review on AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto and have completed a box of AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto. In the span of one week, I have actually lost 1kg. That was really unexpected!

So for this 10-day challenge, I was given 2 boxes of AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto and each box contains 5 pouches (in 250g), one with each delicious flavour. Therefore there are total of 10 pouches to be completed.

AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto comes in five delicious flavours :

Tomato with Basil @152kcal – it contains chucks of carrot and celery in tomato sauce. Taste like pasta with a hint of basil.

Mediterranean Seafood @117kcal – it contains small bites of Japanese scallop and Japanese littleneck clam. Taste a little like clam chowder.

Curry Stew @173kcal – it contains small bites of chicken and I actually adore this non-spicy Japanese curry taste. It has high vegetable content.

Cream of Mushroom @171kcal – it contains small bites of mushrooms and potatoes with a light creamy sauce.

Assorted Cheese @173kcal – High cheesy taste as it makes from four cheese (Parmesan, Cheddar, Gouda, Gorgonzola).


Verdict on the 10-day Weight Loss Challenge

Overeating and inactive lifestyle habits are the common cause of my weight gain. When I consume more calories than what my body can use up, my body will store the excess calories as fat. So in order to have a successful weight loss, I will need to cut down on my overall calories intake. As I grow older now (slow metabolism rate), I find it even harder to lose weight. I believe I’m not the only one right?!. Does that happen to you too?

The great thing about AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto (a low-calorie nutritious meal replacement) is that it helps to control my calorie intake by reducing food portions while feeling fullness. That is why I was recommended to replace my heaviest meal which is usually dinner with one pouch/flavour of AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto for 10 days.

Read my previous post on the introduction of AFC Chef’s Diest Risotto.

Although each pouch contains an average of ONLY 150kcal, I do feel fullness and all thanks to the secret ingredient Konjac. You may ask what so unique about it? Well, Konjac, an excellent soluble fiber content, is made from Japanese Konnyaku potato which has a similar texture to rice. It has the ability to sustain fullness and promotes bowel movement. Each pack of Risotto is mixed with full grain white rice and low-calorie Konjac.

In fact, this nutritious meal replacement also contains other goodness such as 1,000mg micro-peptide collagen, fortified with iron and high in fiber. So I emerge with a shapelier figure and more radiant skin! I actually kill two birds with one stone!

For the past 10 days, I did not have to worry about eating the same food everyday. There are five delicious flavours for me to choose from – Tomato with Basil, Mediterranean Seafood, Curry Stew, Cream of Mushroom and Assorted Cheese. At times, I couldn’t even decide on the flavour for the day….hee hee……

So let me do some calculations here! For example, if I replace my heaviest meal (which is dinner) with AFC Chef’s Diest Risotto per day, so a dinner meal such as nasi lemak rice which is about 800kcal and a pack of AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto an average of 150kcal, I can actually save up to 650kcal per meal! And 650kcal is actually equivalent to 3.3 hours of walking! Yes that’s a lot! So you probably will wonder how much calories I can save after taking AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto for 10 days eventually?! By right, I should have saved about 6500kcal for 10 days. But I have something to confess, during the course I have indulged myself with chocolates and cakes occasionally! And can I really lose weight even with this sinful confession?

YES, I do! Even with those ‘little’ sinful habits hee hee……., I’ve managed to lose weight! So based on my previous weight @ 51.5kg (before I start on the challenge), I’ve managed to lose 2kg (YES 2KG!) to now 49.5kg! And my BMI has reduced to 19.3kg/m2. I’m very pleased with the result!

I’m glad I have managed to complete the full course! Never knew weight loss can be this easy! I have done myself proud. ;-)


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  1. Anne Tan says:

    Hi,how come after taking cho beauty for 10 days, my motions came out to be a long lumpy thingy. I was so frighten,thought it was worms. But its was a long dark brown thingy. Yucks.

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Anne,

    Oh my, it sounds weird. Did you manage to lose weight?

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