Lancome NEW Maqui Miracle Compact Foundation & Ombre Absolue Impact 3D Palette


Two weeks ago, I was cordially invited to preview Lancome latest compact foundation - Maqui Miracle Natural Brightening Creator Compact Foundation SPF 35 / PA +++. This new 12-hour lasting Maqui Miracle Compact will be officially launched on 1st March 2011.

The event was held at Cafe Fables / Bar Stories at Haji Lane. This second level cozy cafe was chosen for its natural sunlight that shines into the small hall. As light plays an important role on how our skin appears – Aura of Skin – therefore the natural light will allow us to pick the right shade for our skin tone.

During the event, we were also delighted to preview Lancome’s four latest eye colors from Ombre Absolue Impact 3D Palette, Blanc Expert Melanolyser Whiteness Activating Spot Eraser, two new lip colors from both L’absolu Creme de Brillance and L’absolu Rouge.


Maqui Miracle Natural Brightening Creator Compact Foundation SPF 35 / PA +++ – S$65

Case – S$27

After its recent launch of Teint Miracle Liquid Foundation (S$65) and Teint Miracle Perfecting Corrector Pen (S$56) in October 2010, Lancome once again proudly presents its innovative Miracle extension – Maqui Miracle Compact Foundation.

Click here to read my review on Teint Miracle.

The Maqui Miracle Natural Brightening Creator Compact Foundation (S$65) and the case (S$27) are sold separately.

Using similar technology as Teint Miracle, Maqui Miracle recreates the true inner lights of a perfect skin.

Research has demonstrated that light is not only reflected on the surface. It is also naturally re-emitted from deep within the skin. It is believed that 5% is reflected but 95% penetrates skin (epidermis and dermis) and which 55% is absorbed and 40% is re-emitted at the surface.

Surface Radiance + Inner Light = AURA of SKIN

Are you aware that natural radiance is unique to each individual because every skin comes with their own AURA and quality of skin (eg : excessive melanin) will affect the AURA too.

Do you know melanin will cause skin to look beige? When light penetrates skin, melanin absorbs the bluish light and light turns more beige-ochre. Similarly as one ages, there is more melanin that eats away more of the blue light, therefore the skin will appear more beige than before too.

Likewise for haemoglobin, when light penetrates skin, it will transforms into a pinkish radiance because haemoglobin absorb yellow, green and blue lights. The more irregular the skin, the more intense the pink color. As one ages, micro-circulation slows down and pink loses its intensity.

Are you already bored with all these skin technology terms? Just bare with me a little while and I will be done pretty soon. ;-)

Maqui Miracle Compact comes in 8 Asian-specific shades. It comprises of cool, neutral or warm color harmony.

Maqui Miracle Compact provides three breakthough discoveries to recreate your inner light radiance and a natural, shine-free and brightening translucent finish :

Brightness For All Day Long

Lancome has decoded skin’s inner light and recreates it with three light and pigments.

  • Light System contributes to the diffusion of light to reveal the vibrant translucency of a fresh pure complexion.
  • Optic Pink Pigment (Berry Pink) generates a pinkish light that corrects dullness to allow a natural healthy looking glow by diminishing yellowness. Skin will appear more transparent, luminous and vividness.
  • Optic Blue Pigment (Radiance Blue) generates a bluish light that neutralizes yellow tones and reinforces the appearance of complexion freshness and purity. It helps to achieve a radiance and crystalline clear skin tone.
Long-Lasting (12-Hour) Sweat & Sebum Proof

Are you having problem with your foundation such as the color turns darker, yellowish or comes out due to pigments that are affected by sebum? Now you can worry no more! Maqui Miracle Compact is recreated with a 12H Long Lasting + Shine Resist. It is made possible with the help of :

  • Hybrid Bowl Filler absorbs large amount of sebum.
  • Hydrophobic powder has a high resistance to color change.

With these innovative agents, sebum and sweat are absorbed and yellow dullness is gone. And you can now says HI! to 12 hours non fading translucent finish.

Poreless Smooth, Even Finish

Maqui Miracle Compact contains Soft Powder Complex that helps to eliminate the look of enlarged pores and therefore skin becomes smoother and even.

Miracle Protection

Maqui Miracle Compact contains highest SPF 35/PA+++ ever in a compact. This mineral-based formula is suitable for all skin type including sensitive skin.

This exclusive dual-side sponge provides an ideal coverage. The porous side of the sponge helps to deposit the product and the smooth side to shade off well the product.

I’m glad I have chosen O-02 (neutral tone) as my shade. It’s a perfect shade for my skin tone! The shade is so natural and the texture is so lightweight and fine that I couldn’t even tell which are the areas I have applied on.

Maqui Miracle Compact provides a great natural coverage without making me look too “makeup”. I like the lightweight fine texture and the pores seem more refined. My skin doesn’t turn darker nor yellowish after few hours of application. My skin appears much brighter, softer-looking and smoother. It’s so lightweight that is as though I’m not wearing anything at all. I love the high sun protection at 35/PA+++.


Blanc Expert Melanolyser Whiteness Activating Spot Eraser

NEW Blanc Expert Melanolyser Whiteness Activating Spot Eraser, claimed as the best-selling whitening spot eraser and the 1st ever laser-like whitening treatment, has just completed their soft launch from 10 Feb to 16 Feb at Tangs Orchard and Tangs VivoCity.

It is claimed to prevent pigmentation production at its source but to also remove the existing melanin in our skin. It stimulates skin’s own “melanin grain eaters” in skin cells, to dissolve melanin just like laser treatments, brightening the skin surface.

It is claimed to see result after 4 weeks, even the most stubborn spots will visibly diminish. I was presented with a small sampling (5ml) and I hope to see some results soon.


Ombre Absolue Impact 3D – S$90

This new all-in-one palette, Ombre Absolue Impact 3D, comes with ultra-smooth and creamy powder combined with sparkles to create a range of makeup looks with intense luminosity. There are four combination eye colors to choose from.

I have chosen C10 Reve Du Jardin (Green palette) as my complimentary palette. In fact, it’s quite easy to apply colors with this five-shade palette. Using the S-way application method and simply applies my eyelid from shade 1 to 5, forming an S-shape – (1) highlighting shade (lightest tone), (2) Middle shade, (3) Dark shade, (4) Top coat and (5) Liner shade.

I have created my look using the S-way application and layering shades one by one to add depth to eyelids.


L’absolu Rouge (S$44) comes in 2 new shades.

L’absolu Creme de Brillance (S$40) also comes in 2 new shades and I have a hard time picking my favorite color actually.

Eventually, I have picked shade 380 for the L’absolu Rouge and 120 for the L’absolu Cream.


So here’s my final look with Maqui Miracle Compact in shade O-02, Ombre Absolue Impact 3D Palette in C10 Reve Du Jardin (Green palette), a tinge of blusher, mascara and L’absolu Creme de Brillance in shade 120.


For those who would like to find out more about Maqui Miracle before official launch on 1st March, there are 4 Hows:

1. A visit down to any Lancome Beauty Counter islandwide where one could get a 2-min Aura Bright flash foundation touch-up and shade matching of Maqui Miracle as of 17 Feb.

2. Check out the Lancome booklet in the March issue of Cleo, Singapore Women’s Weekly, Harper’s Bazaar for more details which will be available at the newsstands as of 17 Feb.

3. Lancome website, will feature Maqui Miracle as of 17 Feb. Participants can get their complimentary Maqui Miracle trial size compact foundation by registering on the website and participating in the “My Miracle Foundation” online poll. Limited while stocks last.

4. Shout-outs on Lancome Facebook as of 21st Feb where they wll run weekly contests.


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