Embark On A 10-Day Weight-Loss Challenge With AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto


Three weeks ago, you probably have read my review on AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto, a low-calorie nutritious meal replacement. Click here to read my full review on AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto.

In the span of one week, I have completed a box of AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto (S$36) that consists of 5 flavours in it. I have actually lost 1kg – from 52kg to 51kg! In fact, this is something I have never expected and I was quite surprised with the result!

And now after all those non-stop snacking and indulging in sumptuous feasts during Chinese New Year, I have put on a little weight to 51.5kg. Well, I’m not worried at all as I’m going to embark on a weight-loss challenge and say goodbye to those extra weights again!

Thank you AFC Japan for extending this challenge to me. ;-)


10-Day Weight-Loss Challenge

In fact this is my first dietary challenge and I’m very excited about it. In this 10-day challenge, I’m going to replace my heaviest meal (usually dinner) with one pack/flavour of AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto for 10 days consecutively. And for the rest of my meals, I will eat as per normal.

As each box of AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto (S$36) contains 5 pouches (in 250g), one with each delicious flavour, I will therefore need to complete two boxes of Risotto.

Here are the summary of each flavours :

Tomato with Basil - it contains chucks of carrot and celery in tomato sauce. Taste like pasta with a hint of basil.

Mediterranean Seafood - it contains small bites of Japanese scallop and Japanese littleneck clam. Taste a little like clam chowder.

Curry Stew - it contains small bites of chicken and I actually adore this non-spicy Japanese curry taste. It has high vegetable content.

Cream of Mushroom - it contains small bites of mushrooms and potatoes with a light creamy sauce.

Assorted Cheese - High cheesy taste as it makes from four cheese (Parmesan, Cheddar, Gouda, Gorgonzola).


How AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto Can Help To Lose Weight

Most of the time, when we consume more calories than what our body can use up, the body stores the excess calories as fat. So in order to have a successful weight loss, it is best when there is a reduction in calories consumed and also an increase in physical activity too.

AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto, a low-calorie nutrient-dense meal replacement, controls calorie intake by reducing food portions while keeping us satiated. With an average of 150kcal only per pouch, it actually provides sufficient sense of fullness, thanks to the secret ingredient Konjac. Each pack of Risotto is mixed with full grain white rice and low-calorie Konjac that is made from Japanese Konnyaku potato which has a similar texture to rice.

Therefore for a long-term weight reduction, it is advisable to replace the heaviest meal of the day with AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto.


Can I Lose More Weight in 10 Days?

Well, based on my previous successful weight loss with Risotto, which I’ve managed to lost 1kg after completed 5 pouches within a week and now for this 10-day challenge, I’m wondering if I can lose more weight than before? How much will I lose from my present weight at 51.5kg? Will I successfully complete the course?

I’m very determined to lose more weight as I would like to prove to myself and everyone of us that I can make it. YES!!

Excited to know the result? Therefore do stay tuned for my upcoming result post after my 10-day challenge. I can’t wait to see the result too. See you soon! ;-)


To know more about AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto, click here.

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