AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto – A Low-Calorie Nutritious & Delicious Meal Replacement


A few days ago, I have received an interesting and nutritious product from AFC Japan. An excellent product for lazy people like me. I want to lose those few kilos and due to my hectic workload, it gives me no time to exercise. And now this product comes in handy and I may able to achieve my goal from it.

Are you trying to lose those weight but to no avail too? Or are you always feeling hungry and looking for food most of the time? Worry no more! Now there is something for you and it can be consumed without feeling any guilt.


Introducing AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto

AFC Japan has recently launched the NEW Gourmet Meal Replacement Program that comprises delicious low-calorie meals while meeting your nutritional and weight management needs.

AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto is a low-calorie meal replacement that is nutritious and delicious while imparting a sense of fullness. It makes dieting easier, by just replacing the heaviest meal of the day with one pack of AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto.


About AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto

It is an authentic Italian-style Japanese meal replacement, prepared by renowned by Chef Nishiwaki Ichiro from Japan. Together with the AFC Japan’s Nutrition and Dietetics Department, only the finest ingredients are used in the production of AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto.


Each box of AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto (S$30.28 before GST) contains 5 pouches (in 250g), one with each delicious flavour. From left : Cream of Mushroom, Tomato with Basil, Seafood, Assorted Cheese and Curry Stew.


Do you know you can save up to 650kcal per meal if you replace your usual lunch/dinner about 800kcal (for nasi lemak rice) to AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto that is approximately 150kcal only?

And 650kcal is actually equivalent to 3.3 hours of walking!

152kcal for Tomato with Basil,  117kcal for Seafood, 171kcal for Cream of Mushroom, 173kcal for Curry Stew and Assorted Cheese. AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto has a shorter expiry date because it is freshly imported from Japan and there are no preservatives at all.


So What Is The Secret?

The secret ingredient is the answer! AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto is a mix of full grained white rice and low-calorie Konjac, made from Japanese Konnyaku Potato, which has a similar texture to rice. The high fiber content provides sustained fullness for a delightful meal.

Characteristics of Konjac

  • Astonishingly low-calorie base
  • Excellent soluble fibre content for sustained fullness and promotes bowel movement
  • Prolong gastric emptying time
  • Increases satiety
  • Reduces body weight
  • Decreases ingestion of foods that increase cholesterol and glucose concentrations and reduces the postprandial rise in plasma glucose

Health & Beauty Benefits

AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto also contains other beneficial nutrients that are great for the skin and also for the body too.

  • 1,000mg micro collagen peptides – to restore skin firmness and reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Fortified with Iron – for essential body functions and performance. Encourages stronger nail and healthy hair growth
  • High in fibre – to increase satiety and promote bowel movement.


Tomato with Basil – Chucks of carrot and celery, Tangy taste, with a hint of Basil.

Mediterranean Seafood – Filled with scallops and clams, taste like clam chowder.

Curry Stew – Rich Japanese curry taste, high vegetable content.

Cream of Mushroom – Chockfull of mushrooms, light creamy sauce

Assorted Cheese – Made from four cheese (Parmesan, Cheddar, Gouda, Gorgonzola), creamy sauce.


On the side panel, it features the nutrition information of each pouch/serving/flavour and also the reheating instructions.


After taking AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto for 4 weeks, these 2 Japanese models have managed to lose 5.5kg! Wooh! Amazing!


Tempting isn’t it? Oh I can’t wait to try out the products and I’m going to start with Tomato with Basil.

I will be providing a full review on my favourite flavour soon, do stay tuned. ;-)


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  1. Victoria says:

    for me… i use slim gel & essential oils ( to slim…and ate food that have lesser oil or no oil. The results can be seen here:

    Just to share with everyone… hehe… Cos I don’t believe in taking diet supplements and starving yourself. But i think the above meal is alright since they are food and not diet supplements…. At least they encourage people to take normal meals instead of skipping. So… I think I may give this a try with my slim gels…hehe…

    But I don’t think the collagen will help to reduce wrinkles… as in yes… collagen helps make our skin more firm but from recent news… a research was found that the collagen products ingest most of the time may not go to the skin because the acid in our stomachs would have digested it. (sorry… a bit out of the track here…)

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