Dr. Brandith Irwin – Womenlovebeauty First Guest Blogger!


Womenlovebeauty is honored to introduce its first guest blogger – Dr. Brandith Irwin.

Dr. Irwin practices medical and cosmetic dermatology at the clinic she founded in 1999, Madison Skin & Laser Center in Seattle. She is regarded as one of the most skilled cosmetic dermatologists in Seattle, and is an expert injector of Botox and fillers. She has worked with lasers and laser technology since its introduction to cosmetic dermatology in the 1990s. In fact, she has named as one of Seattle’s best dermatologists based on a poll of 2,500-area doctors.

Skin Care and Beauty Advocate

Dr. Brandith Irwin is one of the few independent voices in the medical world today who can help consumers make educated decisions…” - Paula Begoun [best-selling author of Don't Go To the Cosmetics Counter Without Me]


You have a question about beauty? Dr Irwin will love to hear from you!

You can now get to ask beauty questions about skin care, new treatments, new beauty technology or skin care products and Dr. Irwin will be glad to personally answer those questions for you. This service is absolutely free-of-charge!

Dr Irwin is one of the few prominent cosmetic dermatologists who does not represent any skin care product lines, cosmetic companies, or device manufacturers. She has no financial ties to any of those companies, and she gives unbiased information and opinions.

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* We do reserve the right to determine whether a question is relevant or not, and whether it would be beneficial to other readers. Those questions which are most relevant and have broadest application to our readers will be answered first. We also reserve the right to publish your question on Womenlovebeauty.com.

Learn great beauty tips from Dr Irwin!

Let Dr Irwin guide you the medically proven techniques to achieve a youthful-looking skin. You will get to learn on how to turn back the clock naturally without going under the knife, the easy ways to correct sun damaging skin, improve the appearance and texture of your skin and what are the non-invasvie treatments that can reverse signs of aging.

You will also get to find out from Dr Irwin the skin care products that are best for your skin.

Womenlovebeauty welcomes Dr Irwin on board!


Message from Dr. Brandith Irwin

Hello WomenLoveBeauty readers! For this first blog, I want to take the time to introduce myself. I am a board-certified dermatologist with a private practice in Seattle, Washington. I have been a guest expert on The Oprah Winfrey Show as well as written a book called The Surgery Free Makeover: All You Need to Know for Great Skin and a Younger Face. I also have my own website www.Skintour.com.

I truly feel that skin care consumers need an advocate. I want to give people really accurate, trustworthy, and expert information on skincare and anti-aging. I want to share my medical knowledge of skincare and cosmetic dermatology and my experience with many patients, treatments and technologies. The internet has some wonderful qualities, but many people have told me that they don’t know what information they can trust. You can be assured that all of the information I provide is 100% unbiased. I have no financial ties to any cosmetic company, and there is no trade group or company behind my content, it all comes directly from me.

I am very much looking forward to answering your questions and writing new blogs with relevant skincare and cosmetic information and advice.

Talk to you again soon!
Dr Irwin


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