Clarins White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched Extension Launch – Whitening Repairing Night Cream, Brightening Exfoliator & Brightening Peel


Last Thursday, I was cordially invited to preview new additions from Clarins White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched at Institut Clarins @ Wheelock.


There are 3 new additions to the whitening family and they are Whitening Night Cream, Renewing Gentle Exfoliator and Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel.

The full range of White Plus HP series.


The event started with an interesting quiz game that required bloggers to guess what are the Clarins products that contain in the beauty concoctions.

Guess what does this beauty concoction “Instant Smoothen” contain?

Well, it contains White Plus Gentle Brightening Exfoliator and Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel.

We were required to place our bet (using flowers) beside the products that we think is the right answer.

These are the prizes I have received from the mini game.


To launch the extensions of White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched, Clarins cleverly decorated the whole room @ Institut Clarins with pots of flowers and fruits that can be found in the whitening range.

Love the natural ambiance of a garden.


Clarins White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched

Clarins White Plus HP skin care range was launched in 2010. The whitening range uses natural botanical extracts to help women achieve a radiance and brighter complexion. And now for the first time, it has used Sea Lily Extract, an exceptional plant active ingredient that is capable of controlling the extension of melanocyte dendrites.

The Brightening Powers Of Two White Flowers

Two new high performance ingredients, Sea Lily Extract and Daisy Extract, provide a dual action against the direct and indirect causes of skin hyperpigmentation.

  • Direct pigmentation is linked to daytime UV rays. The production of melanin it triggers during the day, continues at night.
  • Indirect pigmentation linked to numerous daytime stress factors. By weakening the skin, they speed up melanin synthesis.

Sea Lily Extract

Sea Lily Extract, a brightening active ingredient, has demonstrated the ability to control the extension of dendrites, the “arms” of melanocytes which deliver melanin to cells in the epidermis. Clarins is proud to be the first to introduce this high performance ingredient into skin care products.

White Lily is used at the event to symbolise the actual Sea Lily as the actual flower cannot be obtained in Singapore.

The trainer demonstrated, using her hand, on what does dendrite (the “arms” of melanocytes) look like. The palm represents melanocytes and the fingers represents dendrite.

Sea Lily Extract has the ability to control the extension of dendrites, the “arms” of melanocytes which deliver melanin to cells in the epidermis.

Other lookalike flower was used to symbolise Daisy Extract.

Daisy Extract

This soothing, anti-free radical polyphenols, white daisy extract, is an anti-stress ingredient that calms and soothes the skin, to leave it soft, fresh and bright again in the morning. It is also claimed to control the stress factors which continually speed up melanin synthesis at night.


With these high performance active ingredients, Clarins is proud to introduce the new extension range of White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched with 3 new additions to the whitening family.

Whitening Repairing Night Cream – S$110

The first night cream with white flower extracts which controls hyperpigmentation due to daytime UV rays, and also stress accumulated from morning to night.

As the production of melanin that triggers during the day, continues at night and in addition due to the numerous daytime stress factors that weaken the skin and thereby speed up melanin synthesis, Whitening Repairing Night Cream is claimed to control hyperpigmentation from both factors.

Whitening Repairing Night Cream combines effectiveness and total comfort on application. Its refreshing feel brings an instant soothing sensation while its incredibly fine, melting texture leaves skin silky-soft.


Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel – S$65

With its unique fresh, gentle feel, this exfoliating lotion is simply applied using a cotton pad. Its formula based on very gentle fruit acids, obtained from tamarind fruit, breaks the intercellular links that still join partially separated surface cells and so encourages their natural elimination. There is no need to rub. Simply apply with a cotton pad to remove all that dulls the skin.

It also encourage cell renewal, revive skin radiance and tightens skin texture.


Gentle Brightening Exfoliator – S$60

Gentle Brightening Exfoliator contains 2 types of perfectly spherical microbeads and brightening ingredients that leave skin perfectly clear and the complexion bright and even.

Both types of microbeads (exfoliating & refining) act in synergy to ensure very gentle exfoliation by lifting off dead cells, deep cleanse pores, refine skin texture and revive complexion radiance.

It contains Strawberry Extract that encourages biological exfoliation, Grapefruit Extract that tightens pores and Raspberry Extract that brightens the complexion.


My Skintime 30 with White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched

After the brief introduction of the new extension range, the bloggers were offered to test the full range of White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched products either on Skintime 30 (on the face) or Skintime 15 (on the hand). I decided to go for Skintime 30 and each of us (6 bloggers) has been assigned with a beauty specialist. My second time for Skintime 30 actually.

At the start, my beauty specialist poured a little of treatment Invigorating Fragrance on my palm and hers to ‘cleanse’ our hands before we began the session.

The beauty specialist pressed 2 cotton pads that were soaked with Instant Eye Make-up Remover and covered each soaked pad on each of my eyes. By gently pressing on the eye areas for about 10-20 seconds will help to melt the makeup and thereby allow easy removal of the makeup later.

Pearl-to-Cream Brightening Cleanser, a foaming cream, was used to help cleansed off all traces of makeup.

Indulging a mini facial at Institut Clarins.

After full cleansing was done, the beauty specialist started with the first new product – White Plus HP Gentle Brightening Exfoliator. It contains refining and exfoliating microbeads and my skin is super cleansed after using it.

And the next new product is White Plus HP Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel. It is applied with a cotton pad on the face, avoiding the eye contour. Using natural ingredients such as Tamarind Extract Fruit Acids, White Nettle Extract and Mimosa Tenuiflora, this brightening peel lotion effortlessly helps to eliminate impurities and dead cells and help skin naturally exfoliate over the following days.

Wooh! Super shiny, cleansed and smooth skin. Love the result!

Sophia and myself were enjoying the 8-minute mask session……..

…..with Intensive Clear Mask.

The beauty specialist helped to cleanse off the mask using a cold towel.

Next the beauty specialist applied Whitening Pure Aqua-Lotion on my face using a cotton pad. This oil-free lotion soothes the skin, revives its brightness and restores a luminous skin.

Defining Eye Lift was pumped on the base of my palm and I gently rubbed it with both palms before gently pressing them on my eye areas.

Next I applied my face with my favourite facelifting product, Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-drain Serum, using Auto Lifting® method. This lifting serum will need to be first applied before any other serum.

The next serum is Intensive Whitening Smoothing Serum. It helps to even the complexion and gives skin exceptional brightness. I was taught the correct way to apply this serum.

It was a day event hence instead of trying out the new Whitening Repairing Night Cream, I was suggested to use the Whitening Moisture Day Emulsion with SPF 20 PA++. This oil-free emulsion feels light on my skin.

So here was my final look after Skintime 30, without makeup except lipgloss.


White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched Trial Samples

Be the first to experience the new innovative White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched Skin Care Range. Visit any Clarins counter and receive a complimentary trial supply* of White Plus HP Intensive Whitening Smoothing Serum and Whitening Repairing Night Cream now!

* Terms and conditions apply.

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Ask for a Complmentary Clarins SkinTime 30 or SkinTime 15

Here’s your chance to experience this FREE-OF-CHARGE signature Clarins SkinTime 30. All you need is 30 minutes of your time. You will receive a free supply of samples customized to your skin after the session. You are not obligated to buy any product on the spot and you can think about it and buy the product that you like in the later part. It is advisable to test the products on your face during the SkinTime 30 in order to see a better result. You can opt for Skintime 15 if you are rushing for time. The products will be tested on the hand instead.


That’s all for today, thanks for reading this super long post. There will be more reports and review on White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched range of products coming your way. Stay tuned. ;-)


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