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A short recap….. many many months ago, I have made a visit to Clariancy Aesthetic Clinic to indulge on an unforgettable luxurious Spa Jet Capsule Treatment. Clariancy Aesthetic Clinic, the latest MediSpa in town, is located in the heart of the prestigious Raffles Hotel.

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After the treatment, one of the directors gladly introduced a range of aesthetic skin care devices under brands such as Kariosjepe, BBS Care and Mimian. These cost effective home use aesthetic skin care devices are specially created to suit different consumers’ needs.


Bling Bling Mini (Acne Savior) - S$85

This Bling Bling Mini by Kariosjepe from Korea, is developed for acne skin problem, effectively clears 90% of newly formed acne within 24 hours.

No replacement tips or batteries is required. This small compact portable acne device has a semi-permanent tip which does not require replacements and be charged using a USB cable with quick charging time of 45 minutes. Now you can carry it wherever you go. It is as light as a lipstick though.

It works by utilising both bio ceramic far-infrared and 420nm blue light to bring about destruction of acnes. This safe and painless treatment is very suitable for newly formed acne.

The area treated is gently heated to 46.5 to 49.5 degrees celsius over 2 and a half minutes. Simultaneously the treatment tip emits blue light over the treatment area. The combination of these two technologies lead to effective clearing of acne, while at the same time, leaving the surrounding skin intact.


Genie 2900 – S$150

This Aladdin Genie by BBS Care from Korea, using + and – ion, comes with a magic stick that provides vibration massaging for effective permeation of chemicals into skin.

It not only helps a better penetration of serum/nutrients into the skin but it also helps to extract impurities from the skin too.

It helps to manage problem areas such as wrinkles around neck, eye rims, mouth and body with different headpieces.

This innovative long massage stick, made of 24K gold plating, enables quick and easy usage. It utilizes iontophoresis and vibratory massage for skin rejuvenation and maintenance.

This BBS Care device comes with nontoxic silicone module for effective nutrition of skin. It will reduce risk of skin hypersensitivity reactions and metal allergies.


BBS2 6000A – S$299

This BBS2 6000A elegant design portable device by BBS Care, effectively manages both outer and inner skin using far-infrared function. This compound skin massager is exclusively developed for the face.

It uses a rechargeable battery which is semi-permanent and it can be conducted without attachment to a power supply.

Built-in with Auto/Manual function, it has 4 modes to choose from – M1 for deep cleansing, M2 for massaging, M3 to increase better penetration of serums and M4 for lifting. It also helps to stimulate collagen, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, facial slimming and tightening, reduce dark eye circles and eye bags too.

The far-infrared rays will always emit when the device is switched on. LED indicator enables users to check the battery status. Automatic stop function is implemented in the device for safety.

Using ion sensor, BBS2 6000A works only when ion chips come into contact with the skin.


BBS 5000P PRO –  S$199

This BBS Care – BBS 5000P PRO utilizes vibration, iontophoresis, far-infrared rays and ultrasonic waves to provide a better penetration of serum, massaging, whitening, stimulate collagen, wrinkle care, break down fat cells and lifting.

It can be used for both face and body. The ultrasonic output is determined by the different skin types (oily, normal, dry, sensitive) and different modes (massaging, whitening, wrinkle care and lifting) so as to aid efficient skin care management by either targeting muscle or fat.

You can choose to do the step by step function (4 modes) at one go or select individual mode for specific area or concern.

Skin cells turnover rates are accelerated by the vibration of 1 million times per second. So you can manage hydration, elasticity, cleanness and wrinkles of the skin.

In fact, I was pleased to receive a complimentary set of BBS 5000P PRO from Clariancy’s Directors. I have to confess that this is my MUST-HAVE procedure for night regime. I can’t leave without it now. I will be doing a review and video on this product pretty soon. Do stay tuned.


BBS 5000C COOL – S$199


BBS 5000C COOL (on the left) is a cool lifting massager that utilizes cool massages to massage the pores of the skin. This lifting care is able to contract the pores, and make the skin clean and elastic. It also helps to maintain moisture in the skin, thus making the skin supple and radiant. For enhanced benefits, it is recommended to be used after BBS 5000P PRO for pore sizes contraction and lifting.

BBS SKIN 20 SONIC BODY (on the right) utilizes ultrasonic waves and vibration for body slimming and contouring cells are broken up and removed from the body via the lymphatic drainage or urinary system. The 24K pure-gold plating head reduces the risk of skin hypersensitivity and metal allergies when skin is contact with it.

Both devices are products of BBS Care from Korea.



This Mimian Sonic brush utilises sonic technology at a rate of 350 cycles per second to clean, soften and smooth your skin. These strong and soft acoustic vibrations remove keratin, sebum and dirt hidden in the pores.

It removes 6x more makeup than manual cleansing. It exfoliates the clogged pores and thereby helps a better penetration of skin nutrients into the skin. It also provides vitality and elasticity to the skin with its massaging effect.


Clariancy Concept Store

Stay tuned for Clariancy’s first concept store at Jurong Point by end December 2010. And more stores will be coming up next year in 2011 at Orchard, Tampines, VivoCity and many more.


For more information of the products, please visit the website at :

Or visit the BBS Care Facebook Page at :

For enquiry, please email to :


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8 Comments on "Clariancy Home Use Aesthetic Skin Care Devices"

  1. SY says:

    which is the must have? too many…

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi SY,

    It will depend on what’s your skin concern. For all rounder, I will go for BBS2 6000A. :-)

  3. Sy says:

    Seems good. Any idea how good it is on the eye area

  4. Shirleen says:

    Hi SY,

    Not too sure, never try this product before.

  5. apple says:


    where to buy BBS2 6000A?

  6. Shirleen says:

    Hi Apple,

    You can purchase it at any of the Clariancy outlets at :

    Raffles Hotel Arcade #02-15/16 Tel 63382619
    Tampines One #B1-21 Tel 67821181
    Jurong Point 2 #03-49/50 Tel 67952108
    Junction 8 Shopping Centre #03-02B Tel 62536638
    Parkway Parade #B1-102 Tel 63486798
    Mandarin Gallery #03-27 Tel 62355211

  7. Shivan says:

    Hi..can I know the price is all the same where u was post in the website?and all outlet?

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