Watsons’ Get-To-Know-You Media Tea At Heart Bistro


Two weeks ago, I was privileged to be invited to Watsons‘ Get-To-Know-You Media Tea at Heart Bistro @ Palais Renaissance. About 10 guests including editors from Her World Magazine, Shape Magazine & 2 beauty bloggers (including myself) have attended this Watsons private event.

This is my first Watsons invite and thanks to Serena and Jolene from Huntington Communications for extending this special invitation to me.

The agenda for this event is to get to know more about DHC Skincare, the Japan’s #1 direct mail-order skincare brand and its upcoming plans for year 2011. In addition, to find out more about Watsons Brands that also include Pure Beauty, Avalon Organics & Watsons House Brand.

Each guest is served with this yummy palette of sandwiches, mini quiche and cakes.

Interesting “HEART” shaped tea cup.


About Watsons Personal Care Stores

Watsons, Asia’s #1 Health and Beauty Retailer with over 8,900 stores in 34 markets worldwide, first made its foray into the Singapore market in April 1988 with the opening of a 4,000sq ft store at Marina Square. The Watsons brand has since expanded rapidly throughout the years and has evolved itself in line with the proposition to help customers have fun “Looking Good, Feeling Great”.

In 2003, Watsons introduced pharmacy services to its customers with the opening of its first pharmacy counter at Ngee Ann City. The retailer now has 23 pharmacy counters located within the key stores and its continuing expanding its pharmacy services.

Watsons, owned by renowned Hong Kong-based conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa Limited, has also introduced a new, bright and contemporary feel to its stores, and is providing unique programs of personalized advice and counseling in beauty and health care. Watson’s Singapore now has 105 stores with the latest store additions at Esplanade Xchange and Marina Bay Financial Centre.


Watsons House Brand

Watsons House Brand provide comprehensive ranges of hair, body and face care products at an affordable prices. You can save up to 25% than other leading brands.

Uncompromising in delivery consistent standardized products, all of Watsons products are randomly tested and inspected on every shipment to regulate quality.

Under the Watsons house brand, customers are able to find 10 distinct personal care categories that cater to any occasion or mood. From ‘Body & Bath’ to ‘Medical & Clinical’ to ‘Ladies’ Personal’, there is always something for everyone.

Packed with over 400 items under the Watsons house brand, with a good range of 75% products focused on beauty that include a wide range of masks, Olive and Lavender bath ranges and even an extensive array of foot care products.


Watsons House Brand Bird’s Nest Mask is one of the bestseller beauty products at Watsons.


DHC Skincare

DHC, the #1 direct mail skincare company in Japan, has a legacy of 29 years in Japan creating high-quality products based on the natural benefits of olive oil to provide products to creative healthier, beautiful and radiant skin. All DHC products are colouring and fragrance FREE.

DHC Olive Essentials Set, its signature range, contains DHC’s premium virgin olive oil that is not only rich in vitamins and antioxidants, but also effectively neutralizes free radicals that damage healthy skin. The range contains four core products that balance skin moisture and form a barrier to protect skin from irritants. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is one of the best seller products under DHC, gently protects skin while dissolving make-up and unclogs pores to reveal radiant skin.


DHC Acerola Brightening Series consists of Acerola Concentrate, Lotion and Gel. Its key ingredient, exotic acerola ruby-red fruit stars from Caribbean, adds firmness to the skin and prevents harmful free radicals from causing uneven skin tone and wrinkles, ensuring healthier and firmer skin.


DHC Camu Camu Whitening Series contains Camu Camu fruit extract, that is rich in vitamin C, is invaluable to DHC as the key healing ingredient for the whitening series.


DHC Salicylic range includes Acne Wash, Acne Toner, Face Milk and Spot Therapy. Its main ingredient salicylic acid prevents and protects skin against acne without irritation to the skin.


DHC Acne Series compliment well when use with the DHC Salicylic Skincare Range. This acne range contains olive leaf extract, artichoke extract and other botanical ingredients that help protect skin from harmful UV rays which will aggravate acne, while effectively concealing acne scars and skin discoloration.


Received a lovely set of DHC Sube Sube Trial Kit that comprises of Deep Cleansing Oil, Mild Soap, Mild Lotion and Olive Virgin Oil.

sssshhhhhh………first news….DHC will be launching its range of makeup collection in 2011…………


DHC Health

DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 Drink, blended with white grape flavour, contains 7000mg of fish collagen which helps the body replenish and maintain a healthy collagen level for beauty firm skin. One of the bestseller products under DHC.


DHC Mukunon, contains angelica ingredient, is created for individuals who are prone to swollen feet and legs. This delicious-tasting nutritional drink contains natural herbal extracts to help promote blood circulation and reduce retention for slimmer calves and revitalised optimal health.


Avalon Organics

Avalon Organics, an American organic skincare brand that is designed for sensitive skin, has at least 70% organic content in each product. The company uses only certified organic herbs, organic essential oils and organic plant oils in their products. To ensure ingredient purity, their ingredients are classified under three main categories of organic herbal extracts, organic essential oils and organic vegetable oils.

Received this Avalon Organics Lavender Hand Soap. Love the lavender scent, very soothing!

Avalon Organics is free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, sulphate cleansers and harsh preservatives.

Avalon Organics range of products include skincare, haircare and bodycare.

Avalon Organics’ signature ‘Green Bottle’ collection delivers natural benefits of organic essential oils such as Lavender, Lemon, Rosemary and Peppermint.


Pure Beauty

International beauty brand , Pure Beauty, is the first exclusive brand launched by Watsons. Specifically developed to cater to the needs of Asian consumers, Pure Beauty combines the best in innovative research and nutrient-rich natural ingredients such as white rose and pomegranate to create luxurious yet affordable products.

Pure Beauty uses breakthrough technology from countries such as Switzerland and Korea to provide consumers with more beauty products that fit their various needs.

Pure Beauty’s signature range Super Brightening Series (including this Super Brightening Multi Cleanser) uses Swiss-made formulations such as the Advanced Whitening Complex (AWC) with a unique White Flower Complex to stop the formation of pigmentation to attain brighter, clearer and flawless skin.

Received this Super Brightening Starter Pack that comprises of Multi Cleanser, Toner and Essence. Plus Home Spa Energising Shower Gel and Body Lotion.


Pure Beauty Bon Voyage, a travel-friendly skincare series that comes in 6 variations, uses the patented Sepilift® Lipo-Amino Acid and Hydralp to equip consumers with the perfect skincare kits to maintain gorgeous glowing skin during and after travel.


This recently launched Pure Beauty Makeup Remover Range was specially developed to provide consumers with items that not only removes makeup but also softens and moisturises the skin.


Hey readers, what do you usually buy at Watsons? Have you tried any product mentioned above? Do share. ;-)

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6 Comments on "Watsons’ Get-To-Know-You Media Tea At Heart Bistro"

  1. Charlotte says:

    Very interesting entry :) <3

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Charlotte,

    I’m glad you like it. ;-)

  3. gulsen says:

    I’ve been googling pure beauty products, I am on roaccutane and my eye area got so dry that I had to buy a nice eye cream, ı tested the black pearl-pure beauty line’s eye cream, I don’t care about the antiaging but it was so smooth, mouisturizing and not oily after so I purchased.So pleased with it, I cannot comment on the antiaging properties of that since I am only 22 :) But the formula is very very lightweight and I am in love :) Now I am very impressed and trying to get to know this brand, I am after this whitening line now, for my scars and uneven skin tone.Nice review:) Loves from Turkey :)

  4. Shirleen says:

    Hi Gulsen,

    Yes the Black Pearl Pure Beauty range is pretty good. These anti-aging products are extremely suitable for younger consumers who want to prevent aging at an early age.

  5. Calz says:

    very awesome pageee !! now i know which to specially look out for . im a watsons member !!
    bdw , Does the DHC mukunon drink also help in losing weight or slimming down on the thighs ?
    thanks in advance !!!

  6. Shirleen says:

    Hi Calz,

    DHC Mukunon helps to promote blood circulation and is created for individuals who are prone to swollen feet and legs due to excessive sitting. It reduces retention for slimmer calves but I don’t think it can help on losing weight though.

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