Our 2-Week Journey On Vichy Normaderm Zero Imperfection Challenge


After 2-week of tough journey on Stage 2 Vichy Normaderm Zero Imperfection Challenge, Jennifer (my Vichy Challenger) and I are glad to have finally come close to the end of this 2-week journey.

Jennifer, my nominated Vichy Challenger, has skin imperfection such as redness, acne, oiliness and enlarged pores on her skin. Before the Stage 2 started, she has gone through a skin analysis and a personalized range of Vichy products was customized to her skin needs by the dermatologist after the test.

Jennifer is then required to upload 3 photos/videos with a short diary entry on Vichy Singapore Fanpage to share her progress, confidence, compliments using the set of customized Vichy products every 3 days for 2 weeks starting from 8 November 2010. The last day for voting is 24 November 2010.

Click here to read her 2-week skin progress on Vichy Singapore Facebook page.


Enlarged Pores Are Gone!

After using the full set of customized Vichy products for only 2 days, the first result that Jennifer has noticed is the improvement on her enlarged pores. The pore sizes has reduced in sizes and the result is immediate! And after 13 days, her enlarged pores are almost completely gone! That is amazing!

Jennifer has done a video on her most favourite Vichy “Pore-Removal” product and click here to find out what is the Vichy product that has magically eliminated the enlarged pores. :-)


After using the full set of Vichy products for 14 days, Jennifer’s skin has improved tremendously. In fact, due to my heavy workload, I didn’t have a chance to meet Jennifer and the last catchup was during the skin analysis session at Guardian Tanglin Mall more than 2 weeks ago.

For the final entry, we decided to meet up to produce a video on her skin progress and improvements. After meeting her, I was very surprised to see the differences between before and after using Vichy products.

Click here to view this interesting video of us (me interviewing her and QCing her skin condition). Please excuse my bad pronunciation on the video, especially word like “Oiliness”, I kept saying “Orliness”, so embarrassing hee hee………..

Here’s what my fan has commented on this latest video @ YouTube site : HI shirleen i love your videos and learn lots from u thank you so much hope u will post more videos of U!! u look great i loves your sexy face and your skin u are pretty too :0) more videos pls! but dont just show off your faceshow off your body too shirleenho :0)


A Final Skin Check

This Saturday, Jennifer will need to go down to Guardian Tanglin Mall for a final Skin Check without makeup in order to check her actual skin condition. Cross our fingers and toes hee hee…….


VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Your Last Chance To Vote By Today!

There are 5 challengers including Jennifer in this final Stage 2. Only one challenger will be selected to be the winner to win an iPad. As the number of votes take up 30% of the total score. Support us by casting more votes for her.

Please help to vote on all 15 images/videos. The last date for voting is 24 Nov (TODAY!!). To vote, you will need to click on individual image/video and click on the ‘vote’ green button. The fastest way to vote for all 15 images/videos is to use your computer mouse and RIGHT click on each picture to create a new tab. After when 15 new individual tabs are created, you can now vote on all at one go at one time………..


Be The Lucky Voter To Win a $300 Vichy Hamper!

Please “Like” Vichy Facebook Fanpage (if you haven’t) before you start voting, in order for them to contact you if you are the winner for the $300 Vichy hamper. Good Luck!


The result for the winner challenger will be announced on 1st December 2010. All the best to you Jennifer! Jia You!! ;-)


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