To be true, at one time or another, I really wish I could stop the clock and erase the signs of aging I have developed over the years.

As I have aged gracefully to my 40s in August 08, I knew very well that aging is inevitable. Though many friends and colleagues will think I’m still in my early 30s, to upkeep my youthful skin doesn’t come easy and cheap. I’m tireless reading books on skin aging, trying and testing numerous skincare products and non-invasive treatments, searching continuously for the correct and suitable procedures to help make me feel and look younger.

To have good-looking skin, it is therefore more complicated now than it was back when there were only day versus night creams to choose from. I have frequently been asked by my peers for advise on products, recommend treatments and especially to share my beauty secrets on how I maintain and achieve my radiant skin.

To understand better how to combat the signs of aging, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the aging process, the healthy lifestyle, your skin type and the range of proven skincare products and treatments available in the market that can literally help to erase years off your face and body.

Let’s womenlovebeauty, a one-stop beauty portal for every women, unveil the beauty secrets to feel and look ten years younger.

The truth is, we all want to feel beautiful.

Cheers, Shirleen