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I have recently indulged on a rejuvenating treatment at Rapellez Beauty Spa. I was very honored to be able to experience one of their most expensive treatments - Nano Power Cell Revival.

In order to meet consumer needs, Rapellez Beauty Spa has extended their operating hours till 10pm unlike most beauty spas which usually close for business between 8 to 9pm. This is definitely beneficial for working women who knock off late after 7pm. I reckon Rapellez is the only beauty spa that operates till so late. Their business hours are : 11am to 10pm on weekdays, 10am to 8pm on Saturdays and closed on Sundays.

I actually like the chic and serene Victorian styled atmosphere at Rapellez. I feel extremely relaxed and calm at this huge waiting room which is decorated with a nice chandelier and a big screen TV mounted on the wall.

A cozy dressing table and lockers on the left.

A deluxe hot bath room.


About Rapellez Beauty Spa

Rapellez Beauty Spa is a beauty spa who has been around for 9 years now. The quintessence of Rapellez is echoed by the chic and serene Victorian styled atmosphere which takes pride in promoting the essential and delightful quietude, away from the bustling city. Each large embroidery-printed curtain at the outlets leads to several private havens of prolific grandeur. Blended with serenity and healing assets, Rapellez uses the finest quality of products from France and aims to provide optimum service for all who make that choice to patronize the products and services.


About Nano Power Cell Revival

The Nano Power Cell Revival is a 3 in 1 combination of bio light therapy, electroporation and nano technology. The benefits of each of these are as follows:

  1. The Bio Light Therapy promotes cell renewal, stimulates mitochondria to increase Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP or cell energy) and aids in increasing collagen production.
  2. The Electroporation releases special electric impulses that act on the cell membranes which increases the permeability of the skin. In addition to this, this part of the treatment also prolongs the absorption time frame.
  3. The Nano Technology is able to split molecules in a ratio of 1:1000 to provide the best absorption for the skin cells. This technology is able to raise the absorption level by up to 80% and it passes through the epidermal barrier, soaking into the cell membranes of the skin which ultimately aids in synthesizing the skin cells.

The Nano Power Cell Revival facial is suitable for all skin types including sensitive, acne and pigmented skins. This treatment is however NOT recommended for those who are pregnant. In summary, this facial is good for continuous rejuvenation and reflects radiance and clarity of the skin.



Before the actual facial treatment began, I was given a soothing back, shoulder and neck massage. In fact, this short back massage is included on all Rapellez treatments.

Nano Power Cell Revival treatment began with an aroma scent inhaling & exhaling process and follow with a gentle cleansing. The treatment also includes a gentle aromatic scrubbing, eye brow tweeting and pores extraction.

And the next step is my most favorite procedure which is the lymphatic massage. Prior to the massage, the therapist prepped my skin with toner to help soothe the skin.

With a few drops of lemongrass on her palms, she gently pressed my skin in a circular motion and this “dry” lymphatic massage is slow but calm. Although the technique seems pretty simple but to my surprise it is super super rejuvenating! I really enjoyed it so much that I get this goose bumps sensation on my arms and my whole body felt super relaxed. It was heaven to me! Oh please don’t don’t…………STOP!! I really love this lymphatic massage and the lemongrass scent a lot!

This lymphatic massage helps to open up those lymph nodes, remove waste, increase absorption of nutrients into skin cells and enhance the effectiveness from Nano later.

Similarly to some premium treatments, I was required to hold a small metal rod for this nano session. The machine can be a little noisy and hence a pair of earplugs was provided to help block the noise. Well I find the noise level is quite bearable actually.

This nano process uses a combination of bio light therapy, electroporation and nano technology to help promote cell renewal and increase collagen production. The Electroporation releases special electric impulses that act on the cell membranes which increases the permeability of the skin. In addition to this, this part of the treatment also prolongs the absorption time frame.

Although my skin felt cold in contact with the gadget but somehow my face felt this warm sensation.

My face turned slightly red after the treatment and it is due to blood circulation which is normal. My pores are slightly refined, fine lines on forehead have superficially reduced, nasolabiol folds and marionette lines are less obvious and my face is slightly firmer too.

All-in-all, Nano Power Cell RevivalI is quite rejuvenating. I actually enjoyed the whole treatment especially the lymphatic massage.



Will I try it again? Maybe!


Special Promotion For First Trial!

Rapellez is extending a special promotion on Nano Power Cell Revival to all womenlovebeauty readers. You can now indulge on Nano Power Cell Revival (Usual Price @$590.00) at only $68 (subject to prevailing GST). Valid for first trial only. It is definitely a great buy!

You can also opt to experience other Rapellez popular signature treatments (which original prices range between $190 to $390) at only $58. This price is valid for first trial too.


  • White Wine Cell Rebirth Facial
  • Red Wine Enzyme Eye Facial
  • Champagne Regrowth Facial


  • Radio Frequency Red Wine Slimming
  • Body Transformation Programme


  • Red Wine Spa Massage
  • Total Desert Essential Oil Massage
  • Total Warm Essential Oil Massage

A Customized Treatment Especially For You

To ensure there is no forms of pushy sales are done to my readers at, I will highly recommend you to send an email to for an appointment for a consultation or to experience a signature treatment.

If you know your skin type, you may consider email to to explain your skin type together with your queries, full names and contact numbers, and a signature treatment will be recommended that is most suitable for you. Please also provide the date and time of the appointment you prefer and you will receive a confirmation email when your appointment is booked.


Terms & Conditions

  1. Promotion is valid up to 30 June 2011.
  2. Redeemable at Rapellez Liat Towers, Rapellez Upper Thomson and Rapellez Tampines outlets by appointment only.
  3. Valid for first time Rapellez customers, aged 21 years and above.
  4. Limited to one treatment per customer only.
  5. Original NRIC and appointment confirmation email must be presented on date of appointment.
  6. Offer not valid with other in-house promotions, discounts or specials.
  7. Price quoted subject to the prevailing GST.
  8. The management of Rapellez Pte Ltd reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions without prior notice.


Rapellez Locators

Orchard Road - 541 Orchard Road, #18-03/04, Liat Towers, Singapore 238881

Tampines - 300 Tampines Avenue 5, #05-06, Tampines Junction, Singapore 529653

City Hall — No. 1 Coleman Street, #03-09, The Adelphi, Singapore 179803 (above promotion is not available here)

Upper Thomson — 200 Upper Thomson Road, #01-08, Thomson Imperial Court, Singapore 574424


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